25 Rides Justin Bieber Has In His Personal Collection

We can safely say that Justin Bieber has had a lot going on in his life in the past few years; his controversial split with Selena Gomez, his refreshing marriage with Hailey Baldwin, and numerous run-ins with other interesting events. Nobody knows what would have happened to the extremely famous A-List celebrity from Canada if Usher never found out about JB’s talent that fateful night. Turn on the news or scroll through social media and we are bound to come across something about Justin Bieber before long.

Justin has owned more than his fair share of interesting vehicles throughout his fruitful career in the music industry. His personal collection is nowhere near the level of sophistication of avid celebrity car collectors; however, he can afford to have a more refined taste in automobiles. Not to throw shade at the record-breaking singer or anything but he can be a tad bit reckless in how he conducts himself.

We really can’t blame him though, since he was in the spotlight at a very young age and that kind of unwarranted attention can do bad things for the psyche of an impressionable teen. With that said, I think he has had some instances where he showed the world his better side. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend.

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25 Porsche 997 Turbo

via brixton forged

Ask legit car enthusiasts what car is the most exciting one to drive and there is a big chance that a lot of them will say the Porsche 911; add a turbocharger into the mix and everything changes from a mere smile-inducing driving experience to an absolute face-melting delight.

This one is definitely one of the smarter picks in cars for Justin, and it is a choice that would grant him the respect of ardent car fans. One can never go wrong with a tried and true Porsche.

24 Project Khan Range Rover Evoque

via autocar

One of the biggest celebrity relationships was that of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez; given both of their statuses as ultra-famous singers that have a massive following, the public eye was trained on them like a hawk seeking its prey. The populace was quick to be informed that JB bought a Project Khan Range Rover to impress his then-girlfriend with his seemingly bespoke taste in automobiles.

This concept is catching on quite well and Project Khan is projected to be a prominent specialist in luxury vehicle modifications.

23 Campagna T-Rex 14R

via celebrity cars blog

Rob Dyrdek, a renowned skateboarder based in California, was more than acquainted with Justin Bieber. He even went so far as to gift the famous singer a Campagna T-Rex 14R which was valued at about $52,000, including the cost of the customization.

Justin eventually sold the eye-catching vehicle for a good cause and donated every single dollar of the sale to the Rob Dyrdek Foundation. Even though the Campagna only reaped around $35,000 (about 67% of the original cost), it was still a nice gesture for The Biebz, who doesn’t get on the news for things like this often.

22 Ducati 848 Evo

via reddit

Being young, dumb, and not broke, Justin was bound to come across the joys of riding a crotch rocket. Although maybe 90% of riders recommend getting a small displacement bike before even thinking about riding anything above 600 ccs, Biebz ain’t got any time for that!

With that said, we are glad he hasn’t gotten himself into a motorcycle crash because that would definitely hurt... a lot. We recommend that he go through rider training and seminars to up his motorcycle riding skills, but we doubt he’ll even consider that prospect.

21 Smart For Two

via British GQ

What rhymes with Smart Car? Definitely not “Swag Car”, but Justin begs to differ. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were seen in his Swag Car quite a few times while out and about. Electric vehicles seem to have hit a soft spot in JB’s taste for cars and this may very well be Selena’s influence.

Of course, the Swag Car is in mostly jet black and is fitted with sick rims; whoever said that electric vehicles can’t be cool definitely did not know what they were talking about at all.

20 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

via zimbio

There is a trend among celebrities of cruising around in big vans, such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (and adding a few more amenities to make their lives on the road easier). Of course, anybody in their right mind would never drive a supercar on a daily basis and even clunky SUV’s don’t have nearly enough utility to be a home on wheels, so this purchase does make quite a lot of sense.

It is known that Justin’s Sprinter has undergone a lot of modifications through West Coast Customs; this is not the only car in his collection that has received the West Coast Customs treatment.

19 Lamborghini Aventador

via Twitter

Only two years have passed since Justin was behind the wheel of his first Lambo and he already bought the latest and greatest production Lamborghini in the market at that time.

All of the Aventador’s V12 goodness was purchased by JB at the ripe age of 18; we’re not sure what his mother’s say was in this purchase but hey, The Biebz is gonna do what The Biebz wants to do. It is probably safe to say that Justin Bieber is a fan of The Raging Bull.

18 MV Agusta F3 “Bat Bike”

via motociclismo

A year after Justin subsequently got a cool electric vehicle, he got an MV Agusta F3 that his father gave. Now, we’re not fans of spoiled brats being ungrateful for expensive birthday presents, but for Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday, he was kind of acting like one.

Jeremy Bieber customized the already radical Agusta F3 to match his son’s “Bat Mobile” and dubbed the all-black motorcycle “Bat Bike” to match Justin’s blacked out Cadillac CTV-S Coupe. We can see a video of the Bat Bike’s unveiling on YouTube along with Justin’s rather passive response.

17 Fisker Karma

via motor1

We all know how awesome JB’s 16th birthday was, especially the birthday presents. Well, guess what? The presents he received for his 18th birthday were even more out of this world! His manager unveiled his gift for Justin live on Ellen DeGeneres’ show and it blew everyone away.

The Fisker that time would give even Tesla a run for their money, even more so when Mr. Bieber wrapped the car with shiny chrome. It is a shame that a friend of his would end up crashing the Fisker after a few months, though.

16 Rolls Royce Dawn Drophead Coupe

via chicago auto show

In one of Justin Bieber’s IG posts, there is a photo of the Baby singer riding up to a private jet in his half a million dollar Rolls Royce. Only the ultra-rich and wealthy, people in the higher echelon of society would even dare invest in an Automobile as pricey as a Rolls Royce.

There is even a photo floating around of Bieber striking a conversation through the back of his Rolls Royce’s open rear window with legendary talk show host Larry King, on the side of the road.

15 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

via rssportscars

What do regular people get for a 16th birthday present? A cool hat? A brand new Apple MacBook, maybe? For The Biebz, he was gifted a neat Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder by none other than the acclaimed music producer and songwriter, P Diddy. He promised Justin that he would give him a Lambo when he turned 16 and Diddy delivered without question.

That is one of the perks of having rich and famous people as friends, you get cool stuff on birthdays. The then-16-year-old loved the Gallardo so much that he rented one out when he was on a trip to Miami a few years later.

14 Ferrari 458 Italia

via the drive

Obviously, it is common knowledge that Ferraris cost an astonishing amount of money, and most people would not even dare to alter anything to keep the value of the supercar as much as possible. Our friend Justin Bieber begs to differ though and chose to modify his 458 Italia, from the color to a wide body kit and lots of other stuff, too.

Justin Bieber's Ferrari was put up for auction right around January of 2017.

13 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe “Bat Mobile”

via top speed

Anyone who says that they don’t want a Bat Mobile is just straight up lying. However, we don’t think Justin Bieber’s CTS-V constitutes as a Bat Mobile, but we wouldn’t challenge it. By itself, the CTS-V coupe already has a respectable spec sheet.

Another West Coast Customs project, this Cadillac is dressed in a menacing matte black, aggressive black body kits, big black rims, deep black window tint and… black tires. We apologize, we didn’t know that DeLorean doors were still even a thing. What year is it, Marty?

12 Audi R8

via dailystar uk

Many people consider the Audi R8 as their Halo car because of its simplicity and revolutionary exterior design cues. Given that this piece of engineering marvel is worth a considerable amount of dough, not many people will, unfortunately, achieve their dreams of owning one.

However, Justin Bieber nonchalantly wrapped his R8 in a cheetah print much to the dismay of purists, but we are not here to judge, so let him do whatever he wants with his car. Here’s to hoping he’ll bring back its original look.

11 Range Rover Sport SVR

via TMZ

If Range Rover would ever have their own version of Lamborghini’s Urus, then the Sport SVR would be the exact model we would imagine it would look like. Judging by the name, you would be correct to assume that this particular Range Rover is not something your typical 50-year-old dentist would be riding in.

The Sport SVR is astonishingly fast for an SUV and would rival some purebred sports cars. Although this Ranger Rover is not as cool as the Project Khan, we’d consider this a win for Justin Bieber’s vehicle acquisitions.

10 Maybach S600

via the news wheel

Given JB’s more than fortunate financial status, it is absolutely unsurprising that he would buy himself a luxurious Mercedes-Benz – nay, an even more luxurious Mercedes, a Maybach S600.

The S600 is like a better version of an S-Class with a $200,000 price tag. With that amount of cash on a car, the A/C unit better be able to cure lung cancer. There are other choices for a modified Mercedes-Benz, like Brabus, but there is something subtle about Maybach that gives the car a different vibe and makes Mercedes owners feel like peasants.

9 Lincoln Continental

via celebrity cars blog

An old Lincoln Continental is not something an average, spirited, early twenties celebrity would be commonly seen in by a long stretch. A couple of business collaborators of the famous singer presented JB with a Lincoln Continental for his 21st birthday, and he spent a good chunk of his special night driving along Sunset Strip.

Although the Lincoln is not even remotely in the same bracket as Justin’s other past birthday presents, John and Sammy Shahidi were right on the button with their gift choice given the fact that Mr. Bieber enjoyed the car immensely.

8 Can-Am Spyder Motorbike

via blog ya vijana

This particular vehicle likely leaves a bad taste in Justin Bieber’s mouth, as he was filmed riding it on a sidewalk narrowly missing multiple pedestrians, including an elderly woman minding her own business.

Celebrities now can never be too careful on how they behave in public but this stunt was uncalled for, to say the least. To put some salt on the wound, he was already on probation after egging his neighbor’s house; it turns out JB isn’t the best neighbor, after all.

7 Cadillac Escalade

via cars techie

Fitted with all sorts of goods for the entertainment of anyone fortunate enough to find themselves inside of this seemingly mundane Caddie, Justin Bieber’s heavily modified Cadillac Escalade would put Pimp My Ride to shame.

Cloud-like recliners for the passenger seats, a flat-screen TV, control panels for different kinds of entertainment, plump surfaces in the interior, absolutely nothing was spared for the singer’s Escalade. One would not be wrong to call this SUV a mobile-man-cave, courtesy of West Coast Customs.

6 Lamborghini Huracan

via youtube

Bieber broke the news to his fans and followers about his Lamborghini Huracan purchase by posting a photo of him with the supercar and a private jet in the background. Ah, the rich and famous never cease to amaze us with their flexing on social media.

One would need a lovely $240,000 for a Lamborghini Huracan and that is still without added options. We just hope Justin can handle the car’s power and not crash it. The Huracan does cost more than a down payment for a humble house in the suburbs, after all.

5 Ferrari F430

via Cell Code

Among Justin Bieber’s already Ferrari-saturated garage, there is one more we have yet to talk about, and that is his matte black Ferrari F430. This model was the Prancing Horse’s bread and butter a few years back, the predecessor for the best-selling 458.

It is unfortunate that JB’s F430 was apparently involved in an accident with a measly Honda. We sure do hope that the Honda driver has good insurance, though, because wouldn’t want them to be paying for repairs on a Ferrari out of their own pockets.

4 Rolls Royce Ghost

via paulmillerrollsroyce

The record-breaking pop star apparently has two Rolls Royce cars under his belt, and here we are struggling to even put up a 401K. His Coupe was wrapped in dazzling chrome while this one is more on the low-key side of things, though we don’t think a Rolls Royce Ghost would be considered as anything remotely subtle.

Let’s leave it to the people who have deep pockets to flex and just follow their social media accounts to be envious in the privacy of our own homes, shall we?

3 Lamborghini Gallardo

via motor1

Now, JB does not exactly own this particular Gallardo, but he rented it while he was in Miami doing whatever Justin does in Miami. He apparently had too much fun with the car though, as he was pulled over by the boys in blue for drag racing in a residential neighborhood in Miami (of all places).

Not exactly what you would want for the 20-year-old singer’s record, but this would certainly not be the last of his questionable decisions.

2 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

via cars-u

The recognizable G-Wagon has become more of a status symbol nowadays. It still deeply holds its military design characteristics that immensely affluent people just love. Countless celebrities have a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon in their garages, and Justin Bieber is no different, unable to resist the robust charms of the boxy SUV.

Gas mileage is terrible, but we are sure a mega-famous pop star can afford barrels of fuel for a car. It appears that JB is not immune to the 'holiday spirit' since he wrapped his G-Wagon in a Christmas-y look.

1 Custom H2 Hummer

via cartopiaconfigurator

Those pesky Paparazzi! Can’t Justin Bieber take a break from the spotlight? JB apparently hit a photographer on his way out of The City Church in Beverly Hills. To our surprise, the famous pop star handled the situation extremely well, choosing to remain calm, speak with the person he accidentally hit and be cooperative with authorities.

Well, he did just get out of church, which might have been a reason for this respectable behavior. Anyway, all was well and the photographer was brought to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

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