10 Amazing Vehicles Turned Into Tiny Homes

If tiny home life appeals to you, we have rounded up 10 of the most amazing vehicles that have been transformed, rebuilt and converted into tiny homes

In recent years, tiny homes have become all the rage. There are shows about them on TV, there are articles like this one that feature them, and there are even people we know personally who have downsized, packed their bags and turned to houses on wheels! While living in such a confined space may not be for everyone, we have to admit that the idea of rolling across the country sounds fun, and we would have everything we need, right there, in our unique abode.

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If tiny home life appeals to you, we have rounded up 10 of the most amazing vehicles that have been transformed, rebuilt and converted into real-life homes. See them all here!

10. This Truck Turned Into A House

One quick glance, and it could be believed that this is some sort of weird dump truck. In reality, though, this is a funky tiny house! A stepladder guides guests to a colorful door, planter boxes of flowers hang on the windows, and a second story means that there is some real, usable space inside this thing. There is probably a loft above the cab of the vehicle, and the open portion in the middle makes for a fun rooftop, where the owners probably listen to music, gaze up at the stars and plan for their next big adventure.

9. This Custom-Built Camper Van

This adventurous couple customized a camper van and have hit the road! There is a designated place to sleep, a designated place to eat and a designated place from which to drive, and inviting touches like garlands really make this feel like a true house. Oh, and their pups seem to enjoy it, too, so it is clearly a winner! Yes, this 1984 VW vehicle is now a drool-worthy home on wheels, and we would love to pack up and head out in it - just like this couple from Texas did!

8. This Adorable Airbnb In A Caboose

How cute is this little guy right here?! For just $88, guests can travel to East Cook, Minnesota, and they can stay in the Little Lost Caboose, which has been converted into an Airbnb rental. It is in the forest, it offers views of Lake Superior, and it takes camping to a whole new level. With a queen-sized bed and a fold-out couch, there is enough room for four people to stay here, and that sounds like the perfect vacation to us. Plus, how many people can say they have slept in a train caboose?

7. This Bus Turned Into A Home

Another unique guest house is in Hay-on-Wye, Wales, and this one is a converted bus called the Majestic. Here, four to eight people can enjoy a kitchen that has a gas stove and a fridge, solar panels that power the lights and electrical sockets and a small deck outside. Now, the Majestic does not have plumbing, but that’s okay; since it sits out by itself, on a peaceful patch of land, there will be privacy when using the wooden bathhouse! This would be a good way to test out a tiny, moving house before buying one - and a good way to remind us all to be grateful for indoor plumbing.

6. The Coolest School Bus Around

School buses may bring up painful memories for some of us, but not this one. It is painted white. It has some modern accessories on it. And it is a real home! As we can see, solar panels power this quirky house, and the inside looks like it was never even lined with seats; this place looks like it has always provided warmth, comfort, and shelter for whatever fun family lives here. They can drive their abode wherever they please, or they can keep it parked and then just hop on those cool bikes we spy on the front there.

5. The Comfiest Bus Around

A family of three in Key Peninsula, Washington, lives here, and boy, are we jealous. While tiny homes have become all the rage, some are baffled by the idea: Live in something that small? Get rid of half of my possessions? Sleep in something that rolls? Well, toss those doubts aside while gazing at this comfy bus; it looks like it was made for a princess! This white paint, the decorations and the pillows and blankets that are seen on every surface help soften up the place. And if got a chance to enter this bus house, we would never want to leave.

4. And The Quaintest School Bus Around

“Quaint” probably is not a word that comes to mind when thinking of a big yellow school bus, full of energetic children. However, when one is made over into a home, things change. Without even seeing the inside of this rolling house, we know it is amazing. Just like with other houses, curb appeal is important when it comes to repurposed vehicles like this one. Shingles were added to the side for a cottage feel. Planter boxes were added to spruce the place up. And stairs lead up to a cute door that is swung open, ready for its guests to climb aboard and head out!

3. An Airplane That’s Lived In For Half Of The Year

Since 1999, a man in Portland (Oregon) named Bruce Campbell has spent half of the year each year living in a unique place. Yes, he spent over $200,000 to transform a Boeing 727 jet into a functioning home! There is a sink to wash his hands and to supply water, there is a futon to sleep on, and there is even a washing machine, so that he can do laundry and not ever have to leave this little oasis. Imagine getting to just disappear and being able to check out, all while staying here...Sweet.

2. And An Airplane Fit For A King/Queen

Who would believe us if we said this was a photo of an airplane? Well, it is! The airplane suite of this special home is lined with Costa Rican teak paneling, which gives it a rustic vibe. There are two bedrooms like this one, which definitely look more inviting than the seats normally seen on a plane! Oh, and the front of this vehicle overlooks the ocean, meaning the homeowner can enjoy a breathtaking view, without ever leaving the ground or leaving home. Now, excuse us, please - We are off to see how much old airplanes and vintage Volkswagen vans cost…

1. A Home In A Toyota Prius

And last but not least, we have a refurbished vehicle that proves a big point: If anyone out there is wanting a tiny house on wheels, it is possible, no matter what kind of car is currently owned! An Australian landscaper named James Lawler had a Toyota Prius...and now, he has a motorhome. He simply added a tiny house (one that has a loft-style bed AND a chimney!) onto the back, where the hatchback was - and he did it using just $113 worth of recycled materials. If there is a will, there is a way!

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