The 10 Fastest Cars In Video Game History

Video games have the freedom to create some of the wildest and fastest vehicles ever imagined.

Since their inception, video games have been a way to live out players' dreams and fantasies. However, not many genres of video games have been as persistent in this goal as the racing game genre. Racing games give anybody with a video game console the opportunity to drive the best sports cars in the world, or even fantasy cars from an optimistic, far off future. Not only do these games let players drive amazing cars, but they are a wealth of information, teaching players about the different elements of cars and how to improve them. Here, we have compiled video games' fastest cars ever, whether they be real sports cars or fantastic space racers.

10 Wipeout 2048: Pir-hana Speed

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In the age of Tesla sending a Roadster into space, the idea of a sporty spacecraft is becoming more and more tangible. This is the reality of Wipeout 2048, a futuristic racing game where the player controls anti-gravity vehicles zooming around curvy, space-age tracks.

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Out of all the futuristic vehicles in this game, none are nearly as quick as the Pir-hana Speed. The Pir-hana is one of the only vehicles in the game to have a perfect speed rating, and this can clearly be felt controlling it. It's sleek, aerodynamic body flies through the air at blistering speeds, which no car on Earth (yet, at least) can match.

9 Team Sonic Racing: Sonic's Speed Star

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Sega's iconic mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, is built around one concept: speed. Sonic's forte is running at the speed of sound, getting his name from the phenomena of the sonic boom, a loud sound that erupts when the sound barrier is broken. However, in Team Sonic Racing, Sega has taken the blue blur off his feet and put him in a car.

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Sonic's car, the Speed Star, may not be able to break the sound barrier but is quite the peppy track car. Loosely based on an amalgamation of cars, primarily the Chevy Camaro, the Speed Star is the perfect fit for Sonic, putting speed and control above everything else.

8 F-Zero GX: Blue Falcon

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F-Zero is Nintendo's futuristic, high octane racer that the company has seemingly forgotten over the last two decades. The last game to be released in the series, F-Zero GX, was in 2003, leaving millions of F-Zero fans craving a new addition to the racing franchise. F-Zero is quite a wild ride, with the player controlling rocket-propelled flying sports cars, careening around death-defying loops and massive jumps.

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Out of all the vehicles in this game, few hold up to the Blue Falcon, driven by F-Zero's bounty hunting protagonist: Captain Falcon. The Blue Falcon is sleek, futuristic, but most importantly, extremely fast. If only the gameplay of F-Zero was not complete fantasy, for if it were real the streets would be flooded with Blue Falcons zipping around.

7 Driver: San Francisco: McLaren F1

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The name McLaren holds a lot of weight in the automotive community. The brand is known for one thing: supercars with sexy, timeless designs. The F1, one of McLaren's 1990s supercars, has mind-blowing stats, with a breathtaking top speed of 240.1 miles per hour. Like most of McLaren's cars, the F1 is very difficult to find, not mentioning the astounding price of one.

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However, one can live out their dreams of driving this amazing piece of technology in Driver: San Francisco. The game, released in late 2011, has an extensive list of cars available to drive, yet the McLaren F1 beats them all in speed.

6 Forza Horizon 4: Bugatti Veyron

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As many in the automotive world already know, the Bugatti Veyron is one of the fastest production cars on the market today. The Veyron was meant to be raced, pulling its very name from the classic Grand Prix racer Pierre Veyron. With this in mind, it is no surprise that the Veyron has also become one of the fastest cars in video games, especially with its appearance in Forza Horizon 4 for the Xbox One and Windows PCs. In the game, the Veyron has an almost perfect speed score, staying true to the reality of the car. The Veyron is a pipe dream car for many, with the car being difficult to find and at extremely high prices. So at least Forza Horizon 4 gives players the opportunity to drive this car, even if it is merely a simulation.

5 Burnout 3: Takedown: Dominator Sports

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The Burnout series, unlike many racing game franchises, does not actually license out real cars for the game. Instead, the game series creates their own cars, usually throwing multiple types and makes of cars together to make wholly unique racers. However, the fastest of these original cars in the whole series can be found in Burnout 3: Takedown, with the high-performance Dominator Sports. According to the Burnout fandom wiki, the Dominator Sports is a mixture of elements from the Honda Prelude, and the Nissan GTR R35 and Honda NSX-R GT. The Dominator Sports, like its inspiration, packs quite a punch and drives just like the sports cars that inspired its design.

4 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Standard Kart

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With almost 30 years of success, Nintendo's Mario Kart series has entertained multiple generations of gamers. There is even a strong argument to be made that the Mario Kart series has influenced some to build their own super quick go-karts. The series has only gotten better and faster as time has gone on, and this can very clearly be seen in the newest edition to the series: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. In this game, speeds are higher than ever, with the overall best (and fastest) kart in the game actually being the vanilla standard kart. This kart, often associated with Mario himself, is extremely simple in design and purpose. The kart is no thrills, only having what it needs to control as best as possible at the highest speeds possible.

3 Need For Speed Payback: Koenigsegg's Regera

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The Regera, due to its limited numbers, can be very difficult to actually find, let alone drive, so Need For Speed Payback stands as a perfect stand in. In the newest edition of the long-running Need For Speed series, the Regera is free to be driven, being –– for most people –– the closest thing to actually driving this Swedish beast.

2 Gran Turismo Sport: Dodge SRT Tomahawk

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The Dodge SRT Tomahawk is an interesting case study of fictional cars in video games. While many games will just make new cars themselves, Gran Turismo is unique in that the game series has worked with actual car manufactures to create their fictional roster of cars. The SRT Tomahawk was initially designed by Fiat Chrysler, becoming available in Gran Turismo 6. However, now that Dodge again has the rights to the SRT make, the fictitious car has been rebranded in the newest game in the series, Gran Turismo Sport. Like the real SRT, the Tomahawk is made for high-performance racing, with the car having full specs even though never actually being produced. Reading these specs displays a car which screams down the digital track just like real sportscars do.

1 F1 2019: Ferrari F2007

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The F1 series is the most accurate Formula One branded game to date, with F1 2019 reflecting all the cars and drivers of this year's races, paying attention to all the small details of the event. However, the game also includes a back catalog of the greatest F1 cars to ever grace the track. One of the quickest cars included is the 2007 Ferrari F2007. The car, a hot red beauty, stands as one of the absolute fastest cars in the F1 series, still competing valiantly 12 years after its creation. Being an F1 car and a Ferrari, makes driving the F2007 basically impossible, with F1 2019 as one of the only possible ways to control this car in any capacity.

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