New Video Gets Up Close And Personal With Koenigsegg's 1,600 HP Jesko Hypercar


Brooks from DragTimes gives us a first-hand look at the new Koenigsegg Jesko’s interior.

We’re all very excited to see the new Koenigsegg Jesko in action. Mostly because this car gets 1,600 hp when fed E85 racing fuel and is expected to shatter than 300 mph barrier when it eventually makes a top-speed test run. It’s hard not to get excited about what might be the fastest production car ever made.

But there’s more to the Jesko than mere top speed. There’s also an art to building a Koenigsegg, and that art is on full display in DragTime’s latest video.

Brooks was invited down to Koenigsegg’s Florida dealership to take a look at Jesko #1, the first of 125 Jeskos to be built. Although he didn’t actually get to drive around in it (one suspects this car is more of a production test mule than a final production model), he was able to step inside with a video camera and fiddle with all the Jesko’s various bits. And boy howdy, there are a lot of bits to fiddle with.

Completely dominating the center stack is a 12-inch touchscreen that’s used to control basically anything the car does outside of actual steering and throttle. The touchscreen can be used to change music tracks, open the doors, close the windows, or cause the clamshell body to start opening so that mechanics can get at the Jesko’s 5.0-L twin-turbo V8 engine.

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Mounted to the steering wheel is a smaller screen that replaces the instrument cluster. The screen actually moves with the steering wheel, but the information it displays remains level no matter how far the wheel turns. There are also smaller touchscreens replacing the normal volume and cruise control buttons on the steering wheel.

We’re not sure when Koenigsegg declared war on buttons, but it is definitely in full swing on the Jesko.

Another thing we noticed is that the Jesko basically has zero storage space. What would have been a front trunk is occupied by a massive hole directing air over the windshield, while the rear compartment is occupied by a massive engine. There’s a little space behind the seats (provided the driver and passenger are both not particularly tall) and there are a pair of cupholders in the middle. Everything else will have to be carried in your lap. The Jesko is most certainly not a car to bring on a golf trip.

It’ll also be a long time before we see one roll off the production line. Koenigsegg will start making the Jesko at the end of 2020, and the first one is slated to be delivered in early 2023.

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