See The New Ford GT Mk II Up Close And Personal In Video Tour

Ford GT Mk II

Want to see what the new Ford GT Mk II looks like up close? Here are a few videos that will put you as close as Ford will let us.

Earlier this week, Ford unveiled the new GT Mk II, a track-only version of their wildly popular GT supercar. Without having to worry about pesky things like road laws or race rules, the Mk II is able to pull out all the stops and focus on being the purest, most elemental expression of the GT.

Much of the Mk II's technology was pioneered by Ford's racing teams in Le Mans, but rather than limit power as required under the GT race program, Ford says that the 3.5-L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine now puts down 700 horsepower.

An enormous dual-element rear wing combines with other fixed aero elements along the body to produce 400 lbs more downforce than the regular GT, while the former adjustable ride height suspension has been tossed for proper 5-way adjustable DSSV shocks from Multimatic. This saves the car 200 lbs and allows it to pull 2Gs on the skid pad.

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There’s also just a lot more going on for the Mk II than the normal GT. A video from Ford Performance shows it running around during testing and showcases much of the car's new features, including a redesigned hood and fender vents over the front wheels. Tiny fixed canards at the front combined with the larger front splitter keep the nose steady, while the back is dominated by a huge carbon fiber diffuser.

And of course, the new roof scoop gives the Mk II total race cred.

Carfection managed to catch up to the Mk II at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and was able to show us the car’s interior with tons of exposed carbon fiber, Sparco racing seats, racing-style steering wheel, and MoTeC data acquisition system. They also showed us the new mechanical door handles that replace the electric ones for even more weight savings.

In addition, Carfection mentioned that the Mk II might be closer to 735 horsepower, putting it in McLaren 720S and Lamborghini SVJ territory.

We’ll see more of the Ford GT Mk II at Goodwood as it competes against other supercars.

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