Vilner Revamps Old Ford Mustang Convertibles With New Cabins

Bulgarian garage Vilner has built two custom Ford Mustang GT convertibles with an ultra-luxurious interior.

Vilner Revamps Old Ford Mustang Convertibles With New Cabins

These custom 2015 Ford Mustang GT convertibles have been given a revamped interior that’s the very definition of luxury.

We have the fine folks over at Motor1 to thank for pointing us to an otherwise unheard of (at least to us) Bulgarian garage that specializes in making car interiors just a little bit more special. And by a little more, we mean a lot more thanks to a judicious use of leather and Alcantara.

Their latest project is a pair of 2015 Ford Mustang GT convertibles. Under the hood is the same 5.0-L V8 engine they were born with producing 418 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque routed to a 6-speed automatic transmission (Ford’s incredible 10-speed automatic wasn’t born until the 2018 model year). So nothing much done in terms of power or performance.

But on the inside, these Mustangs are almost entirely different from when the rolled off the assembly line. Each has been given beautiful custom interiors covered in hand-stitched leather and Alcantara that would make even a BMW blush.

Vilner Revamps Old Ford Mustang Convertibles With New Cabins

Starting with the solid blue car, which is a tiny bit more reserved of the pair, we find that the interior has been almost entirely replaced. Sure, the buttons, infotainment screen, wheel, and vents are all as we remember them, but every surface has either been given black leather or Alcantara to catapult this GT to a new height of luxury.


The top of the dashboard has been covered in black leather while white stitching and blue Alcantara accents match the outer body color. The rearview too has been wrapped in blue Alcantara, making it almost look like a novelty item. Black Alcantara completes the look by covering the center armrest and glove compartment.

via Vilner

Vilner’s second, white-striped convertible GT opts for a contrasting black, red, and white color scheme. Red leather accents replace the blue on both seats, doors, and dashboard. Black Alcantara can be found in the same spots as the other car, along with the same white stitching, but this time there are white strips going up and down the seats, center armrest, and even the steering wheel.

Also, the rearview is less blue and fuzzy than the previous car.

Pricing wasn’t given for either of these beauties, but this much hand-made upholstery certainly doesn’t come cheap.


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