Volkswagen Wants The Atlas Cross Sport's Headlights To Be Real

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport has some interesting headlights, and it turns out, the manufacturer is a big fan of the design.

Volkswagen Wants The Atlas Cross Sport's Headlights To Be Real

Volkswagen wants their crazy concept car headlights to actually see production.

If you’ve been paying attention to the recent unveilings at the New York Auto Show, then you’ve certainly seen your fair share of flashy headlights. It’s a common trope among concept cars to cover them in all manner of flashing LEDs and various other glowing accouterments to make the car seem like it’s from the future.

Volkswagen is no exception. Both the Tanoak Pickup concept and the Atlas Cross Sport concept debuted with headlights and tail lights that stretched the entire width of the vehicle. They seem just the thing concept cars are supposed to have and nobody expects them to show up in a production version of either truck.

But according to VW’s head of design, Klaus Bischoff, they very well might.

“I want them to go into production,” Bischoff told VW Vortex at the New York Auto Show. “It is possible within US regulation.”


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Just because something is within regulation doesn’t mean it’s technically possible. However, Bischoff also confirmed that the lights could be made at Volkswagen's Chattanooga Tennessee assembly plant. The issue, he says, actually comes down to price.

Fancy headlights light those shown in New York aren’t nearly as cheap as simple LED bulbs found in most modern cars, and having them find their way to production would surely raise the final sticker price of both the SUV and pickup truck.

“The decision is still being made,” he said.

Along with the Tanoak Pickup concept, Volkswagen unveiled the Atlas Cross Sport, a new version of the Atlas SUV. The Cross Sport model is smaller and lower than the original, with an emphasis towards the crossover end of the crossover-SUV spectrum.

The Atlas Cross Sport is a near-production concept and will come with two choices of the hybrid engine: a plug-in electric and conventional hybrid. The plug-in version gets 355 hp and a 26-mile all-electric range that should be far enough for most day-to-day commuting. The conventional hybrid just gets 310 ho and the knowledge that you’re not doing all you could be to save the planet.


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