10 Most Iconic Volkswagen Beetle Models Of All Time

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most instantly-recognisable and beloved cars ever made. Here are some of the most iconic models.

The Volkswagen Beetle is, without doubt, one of the most iconic cars to have ever been created. As one of the oldest nameplates around, there has been plenty of different models of the car throughout time. While not all of them have been perfect or popular, the Beetle remains a classic car that enthusiasts love to this day.

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Within this list, we will be looking back at the different models of the Volkswagen Beetle, ranking the 10 most iconic in history.

10 The Convertible Returns

The original Volkswagen convertible was a classic car that won over audiences and was incredibly iconic, but in 2013 Volkswagen brought the model back with a modern twist.

The drop-top Beetle made its return  with a new body style. With any of the three engines available, the vehicle had a real modern twist that helped make it feel far more powerful than usual. Even though this is one of the more modern models of the Beetle, it still managed to become iconic, quickly rising in popularity while being a throwback to the original version.

9 The Original

Whilst Volkswagen might have created countless different models of the Volkswagen Beetle, the success of the entire car all boils down to its original, which happened to stay in production in Mexico until 2003.

This car was so popular because it was so simple to maintain. People felt relaxed while driving it and because of that, word of mouth spread and the car became what it is today.

8 Baja Beetle

It might seem like a ridiculous idea that a Volkswagen Beetle could be a major racing car, but during the 1970s, the vehicle became a popular choice of vehicle for rally racing. To meet this demand, the "Baja Beetle" style developed.

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The car was just the ordinary Beetle but modified into a style that fits rally racing. Even though it was only iconic in the racing world, the "Baja Beetle" styling has remained popular with racers to this day, with people modifying the car still.

7 The Super Beetle

The clue is in the name when it comes to the changes Volkswagen made in regards to the Super Beetle. The company decided to beef up the car a little more and make it a much bigger vehicle.

At the time, the Super Beetle was the biggest and fastest version of the car in history. While it was visually not as appealing as the smaller versions, it still sold well. With a larger front trunk (thanks to a strut-type suspension) and the ports for computer analysis fitted halfway through the model year, the model is one that is still fondly regarded.

6 The Convertible

Even though the car wasn't quite as popular as a standard Volkswagen Beetle, the company opted to slightly enhance things when they created the convertible version in the 1960s.

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The car was incredibly unique and actually helped spawn the convertible revolution that would follow later. While many have done it better than the Beetle since, this is still a brilliant car. The model enticed people who were deterred by the lack of convertible top on the vehicle originally; the fact it performed as well as it did certainly helped.

5 Herbie The Love Bug

Whilst the Bug itself is an incredibly iconic version of the Volkswagen Beetle that we will cover in more detail later on in this list, Herbie The Love Bug certainly warrants an entry all on its own.

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When it comes to cars in movies you will struggle to find a more iconic vehicle than Herbie, who just so happens to be a Volkswagen Beetle. The classic 1968 film featured the Beetle as the main character and helped make this car incredibly popular. The Walt Disney company chose the car knowing just how popular it was amongst the general public.

4 New Beetle

In the late 1990s, the Volkswagen Beetle came back in a big way with the New Beetle. It went perfectly with the retro craze amongst car shoppers at that time.

The Volkswagen Beetle concept has people incredibly excited and when the brand new, sleeker version arrived in garages, it became an instant sensation that sold incredibly well. The New Beetle had plenty of modern touches, with a 7.3 second zero to 60 time which was incredibly impressive for the brand.

3 Turbo S

Earlier in the list, we mentioned the classic Baja Beetle, which was tweaked and created to perform well at high speeds in order to win rally races. Clearly, Volkswagen saw this and reacted, creating the Turbo S.

This 1.8T engine provided the Beetle with some legitimate sporting credibility for the first time. It allowed the car to move with some real pace along the streets, unlike any version that had come before it. With a modern appearance and a 0-60 of just 6.7 seconds, the car was incredibly impressive, hitting a top speed of 131 mph.

2 A Modern Look

While sometimes people do not like change, or seeing a classic car be modernised, the 'Beetle', as it was named in 2012, was incredibly popular and provided brand new life to the classic vehicle.

The outdated underpinning was gone, with the designers opting for a more old-school design. The shape looked much more like the original version of the car, which had a nostalgic feel to it. It also performed well too, with dual-clutch automatic transmissions and a 2.0 litre TDI.

1 The Bug

Earlier in the article, we mentioned that we would return to the Bug, and here it is, with this version of the Volkswagen Beetle easily being the most iconic and classic look of the famous car.

This was the Volkswagen that really took the Beetle to new heights. It still remains one of the most popular cars in the history of Volkswagen, if not motoring in general. Volkswagen may have drastically improved the car since then, but this still remains the firm favorite and is certainly an incredibly iconic vehicle.

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