Volkswagen's New Concept Is A Strange Self Driving Sedan

Volkswagen's new concept car is a strange looking self-driving sedan that's set to make its debut at Geneva.

Volkswagen's New Concept Is A Strange Self Driving Sedan

Volkswagen just released teaser images for a new concept car that features autonomous driving.

Actually, it than just features autonomous driving—it’s the only way the car runs.

As part of the I.D. line of concept cars, Volkswagen is all about adding self-driving or autonomous options to their hypothetical future vehicles. There’s the cheap (er) I.D hatchback that was designed to be the "everyperson EV," then there’s the Crozz EV crossover, and finally, the Microbus inspired I.D Buzz. All of them have steering wheels if you’re too nervous to relinquish the driving experience, and all of them have a steering wheel that neatly folds away for the adventurous (or lazy).

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But here’s the thing: all of those still had steering wheels. They were still cars as we have come to expect them. VolksWagen’s latest concept doesn’t have that.

The I.D. Vizzion is Volkswagen’s first fully autonomous luxury sedan. Evidently, Volkswagen’s idea of luxury is having a silicone chauffeur drive you around. Which, honestly, sounds pretty cool.


We haven’t got much detail on the concept car. Volkswagen released several renderings, that look inspired by a ‘80s supercar poster, but from what we can see there’s basically four seats, a knob for the front and rear passenger row, and that’s it.

Volkswagen says that the passengers interact with the car via voice commands and gestures. One supposed that they’ll need to plug in their destination via their phones, or otherwise be at the mercy of whatever “grocery store” the car thinks is the best one to go to.

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Here’s the few numbers we got. The Vizzion is nearly 17 feet long (5.11 meters) and powered by two electric motors that combine pump out 301 hp. Range is 413 miles, or roughly 100 more than the Crozz, and because of its similar dual-motor layout it’s also all-wheel drive.

A car that long without a steering column to get in the way is likely to be cavernous on the inside. We’ll have to wait till next month to find out when the Vizzion makes her debut in Geneva.


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