10 Reasons Volkswagen Drivers Are Obsessed With Their Cars

Volkswagen drivers seem to be in love with their cars. Well, they have good reason. From affordability to reliability, we tell you why VW cars rock.

The German car company called Volkswagen is beloved by those who have purchased one of their many vehicles. Many of us are left questioning why their fan base is so huge with such stiff competition. It's obvious that Volkswagen drivers are obsessed with their cars, but we still want to know the reasoning behind it.

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We have compiled a list of reasons why Volkswagen owners love their vehicles and rave about them to their friends. Owners' passion is unheard of, but these explanations might help clear things up for those of us who have a hard time understanding their fervor. Keep reading to learn about the ten reasons Volkswagen drivers are obsessed with their cars.

10 They Are Efficient

Volkswagens are known to be one of the more fuel-efficient vehicles on the market. It obviously depends on what type of VW vehicle you are looking to buy, but their SportWagen has a combined 32 mpg rating and the Jetta bumps that number up to 34.

They even have an all-electric e-Golf which is entirely efficient as it does not employ the use of gas whatsoever. You can get a combined 119 miles per charge on your electric Volkswagen, which most people would take over overpaying for gas any day. The car you drive might have a great fuel economy, but there is also a good chance the Volkswagen has you beat.

9 The Engines Are Amazing

Volkswagen might not always be dependable, but they do have amazing engines beneath their hoods. The 2019 Arteon has a 268-hp turbocharged engine that was made to race on a professional track. Drivers love the performance aspect and how they handle sharp turns with ease.

There are several different modes available depending on your driving style, or your mood a particular afternoon. This company makes plenty of racecars for a reason, and it's also why their all-electric racecar is breaking records on the track.

8 Their Low Price Tags

This brand might come from overseas but compared to American cars, it is relatively affordable. It might not be the cheapest car on the market, but with base models coming in around $20,000, it is right in the ballpark of affordability for people from every class.

The customers who buy these cars have a little extra cash in their wallet, and when you combine the low price with the great fuel economy, you can see why they went with this purchase. You might not be sold on the idea of saving money, but Volkswagen owners are definitely obsessed with it.

7 They Are Reliable When Taken Care of

There are those who say that Volkswagens are not reliable vehicles, but any owner will tell you otherwise. It is a fact of life that every car has to have maintenance performed every few years or so, but the problems only occur when these issues are left to fester.

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The problems caused by neglect can make the car inoperable, but those who understand the needs of their vehicle make them last for years to come. A new set of brakes or a mandated oil change might not seem like much, but to a dedicated Volkswagen owner it is everything.

6 The Sleek Design Draws a Crowd

These cars, if anything, are nice to look at and draw the eyes of a crowd. They are produced in fun colors like "Deep Black Pearl Metallic" or "Tornado Red", which are fan favorites among those who appreciate unique car colors.

The lines in the exterior and overall design of the cars themselves are utterly unique and give off an air of sophistication. You might feel average now, but the moment you sit behind the steering wheel, you will feel like you just won a million bucks.

5 Celebrities Drive Them

We want what the celebrities have, and many of them have Volkswagens. A few of the more notable celebs include Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lawrence, who prefer Volkswagens to other more luxurious vehicles. You might catch Chris Pratt or Hugh Jackman taking a spin around town in one of their very own VW babies.

The idea of driving the same car as one of these superstars may seem laughable, but it gives owners of these vehicles another point to brag about when asked why they are so obsessed with their German car.

4 They Make Iconic Vehicles

A major seller back in the hippie era of the seventies was the Volkswagen Type 2 Transporter. It had several nicknames assigned to it over the course of its production and it was even built like an off-roading vehicle with portal axles. These are just some of the things that made this brand so iconic.

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The same could be said for the VW Beetle with its unique design and recognizable features. This car was made in so many different ways, and although we are sad to hear of its retirement this year, it will forever go down in history as one of America's most iconic cars.

3 It Feels Expensive

These cars may be affordable, but that doesn't mean they are barred from looking expensive. The two-toned vinyl leather seats give it a sophisticated feel that most affordable cars fail to achieve. It has touchscreen navigation, a digital display, and you will be surrounded by the phenomenal sounds from BeatsAudio speakers.

Most cars in this price range have an almost plasticky feel to them on the interior, but Volkswagen strives to be different in their design. It may not be considered a luxury vehicle, but many of their obsessed drivers beg to differ.

2 They Are Well-Rounded

These vehicles may not be the best at anything, but they don't have any major downsides either. Volkswagen's vehicles are built to be well-rounded so they're something everyone can enjoy. They might be more expensive to repair, but when you take into account the fantastic comfort, performance, and design, you are truly getting a deal.

There are those who will argue and say that other companies do it better, but there is only one Volkswagen who has their own way of doing things. The company itself is also very supportive of its customers, which is another gold star in our books.

1 They Have a Solid Build

Volkswagens are known to be steady on the road for a reason, and it all comes down to its sturdy base. They create vehicles that are built to last in terms of their body structure, and this fact holds true time and time again.

They have stuck with the relatively same structure throughout the years and it has continued to work for them. Some say it should be upgraded, but anyone who is obsessed with their Volkswagen will scoff at the notion.

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