Volkswagen I.D. R Sets Yet Another Record, This Time At Heaven's Gate In China

Volkswagen I.D R Sets Yet Another Record, This Time At Heaven's Gate In China

Volkswagen’s I.D. R is still setting records, now at China’s Tianmen Mountain course, also known as Heaven’s Gate.

There seems to be very little that Volkswagen's LMP-inspired I.D. R electric racer can't do. After debuting at Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in 2018, the car shattered the course record to become the first vehicle to climb the Colorado mountain in under 8 minutes. The following year, VW again broke a record at Germany's Nurburgring, becoming the fastest electric vehicle to lap The Green Hell with a final time of 6:05.336 minutes.

A this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, the I.D. R again shattered the course record--twice. On its final run up the short course, driver Romain Dumas set a blistering time of just 39.9 seconds.

Volkswagen I.D R Sets Yet Another Record, This Time At Heaven's Gate In China
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The I.D. R is continuing its world tour of breaking speed records by heading to China. The world-famous "Heaven's Gate" course is a winding road climbing Tianmen Mountain that covers 99 hairpin turns over an extremely narrow patch of pavement roughly 11 km long (6.83 miles). Using the same Bridgestone Potenza tires fitted at Goodwood, the I.D. R once again shattered a course record, climbing to the natural archway finish line in just 7:38.585 minutes.

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“I will certainly remember this record run on Tianmen Mountain forever as my most spectacular outing,” said driver Romain Dumas in a statement. “I am proud to have set a record with the electric Volkswagen ID.R in China. The little information and testing we had beforehand made it a huge challenge. The road is incredibly narrow and winding, but the drive was unbelievable fun with the electric power of the ID.R. The huge torque was a big advantage on the short straights, while the aerodynamics provided additional traction in the fast sections.”

Romain Dumas in the Volkswagen ID.R settling a new e-record on the Tianmen Mountain.
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The I.D. R has a pair of electric motors producing a combined 670 horsepower on a car that weighs just 2,500 lbs. Zero to sixty takes just 2.25 seconds, which helped the I.D. R achieve speeds of up to 142 mph on the Heaven's Gate course.

We’ve no idea where VW will take the I.D. R next, but wherever it goes, we’re sure it will beat more records.

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