Volkswagen Reveals 2021 Golf With A New Design & Next-Gen Technology

Last week, Volkswagen revealed the eighth generation the Golf hatchback in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Last week, Volkswagen revealed the eighth generation of the Golf hatchback in Wolfsburg, Germany. After numerous delays, VW fans were able to see the car’s redesigned fascia and its next-generation technology. Although the 2021 VW Golf still hasn't been confirmed for the US market, the German automaker has stated that the high-performance GTI and Golf R variants will be sold in North America.

The new Golf has similar proportions to the last model, yet it features a stronger headlight shape and a slimmer, lower grille. The rear fascia has been slightly redesigned with angular taillights and a set of mock exhaust pipes on both sides of the bumper.

The interior boasts significant changes with a sleek dashboard that displays a digital gauge cluster and central infotainment touchscreen, which can control everything from the music to the climate control. Upon its launch, the Mk 8 Golf will include a choice of four gasoline engines and two diesel power plants with turbocharging and direct injection, as well as a standard six-speed manual. Volkswagen's seven-speed DSG dual-clutch is optional with a shifter that resembles the one in the new 2020 Porsche 911.

Aside from the pure combustion engine drivetrains, VW will debut three mild-hybrid options that include a selection of gas engines with a 48-volt lithium-ion battery system. The hybrids will also include regenerative braking and DSG as standard.

In addition, two plug-in hybrid models, a 201-horsepower model for maximum range, and a high-performance 245-horsepower GTE model for performance will be available. Both feature a 1.4-liter gas engine with an electric-drive motor and a six-speed DSG transmission.

As for the next GTI and Golf R powertrain, VW has stated that they will once again come with 2.0-liter inline turbocharged engines. The diesel-powered GTD is also slated to return.

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In keeping with tech advances, the 2021 Mk 8 Golf will include a range of safety systems, sensors, and assisted driving up to 130 mph, as well as, Car2X, which enables the vehicle’s computer to communicate with other cars that have Car2X within half a mile and shares data on road hazards, traffic, and construction.

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