Volkswagen Will Debut Upgraded T6.1 California Camper At Caravan Salon

The California Camper is powered by the automaker’s Euro 6d-compliant 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, which delivers up to 193bhp.

Volkswagen will unveil an upgraded T6.1 California Camper at the Caravan Salon show in Dusseldorf. The updated model includes a revamped nose, new furniture and an array of technological improvements.

The new California Camper will feature the same styling modifications as the upgraded T6.1 Transporter, with a restyled front grille, new LED daytime running lights, a customized front bumper and chrome trim. The California T6.1 will be available in several versions – including Ocean, Beach and Coast.

The interior includes a new compact kitchen unit, aluminum door handles, sliding cupboard doors and updated upholstery. Volkswagen promises that the new camper’s beds are more comfortable. The new model also boasts the sunrise function, which slowly increases the brightness of the interior lights in the morning to make waking up more pleasant. Other upgrades include a double USB socket in the kitchen, new woodgrain trimmings, and new Palladium Grey seat covers.

The sunrise function, the pop-up roof and auxiliary heater are controlled by a color touchscreen that has been mounted overhead. The California Camper offers a choice of two infotainment systems, either an 8-inch or 9.2-inch screen, and the digital instrument binnacle can be added as an extra.

Volkswagen has added a range of practical additions, like a camping table that is integrated into the sliding door, camping chairs that can be stored in the tailgate and a level function for the overhead touchscreen that allows drivers to see the angle at which the van is stationed on campsites.

An electromechanical power steering system has also added, replacing the California Camper’s standard hydraulic setup. Also, driver assistance features include lane assist, trailer assist and a side protection function which informs the driver of oncoming obstacles, as well as crosswind assist, which stabilizes the van in high winds.

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The California Camper is powered by the automaker’s Euro 6d-compliant 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, which delivers up to 193bhp in range-topping biturbo format. Front-wheel-drive is available as standard, although four-wheel-drive can be added as an optional extra. No prices for the new California Camper have been revealed yet, though they will probably be announced after the T6.1 makes it debut at the Caravan Salon show in Dusseldorf later this month.

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