Volkswagen's Tanoak Pickup Concept Officially Unveiled

Volkswagen has unveiled their Tanoak pickup, and it looks pretty classy. Though it's just a concept, it's hard not to get excited about it!

Volkswagen's Tanoak Pickup Is Inspired By An SUV

Volkswagen unveiled their pickup truck concept at the New York Auto Show.

Remember a few days ago when we said that Volkswagen was interesting in making a pickup truck and that it would be potentially made in the same factory that makes the Atlas SUV? And that it’d seem like a pretty easy thing to cut the roof off an Atlas and turn it into a pickup truck?

Well, Volkswagen has done just that.

via Volkswagen

Revealed in New York is the Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup concept. As predicted, it’s basically a slightly redesigned Atlas with a bed instead of a roof.

To be fair to Volkswagen, then MQB platform makes it easy to perform these slight alterations on existing cars. The Tanoak is also based on the long wheelbase version of the Atlas to make room for the bed, which is 64.1 inches long, 57.1 inches wide, and 20.9 inches high.

The entire truck is 214.1 inches long and has just about 10 inches of ground clearance, which is just a few inches more than the Honda Ridgeline.

Under the hood is the same engine that a regular Atlas comes with, which is a 3.6-L V6 that puts out 276 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque. Pickup trucks aren’t exactly known for their fast dash times, but since Volkswagen offered we can report it can reach sixty miles per hour in about 8.8 seconds.

Compare that to a Toyota Tacoma, which can do the same thing in about 7.7 seconds with roughly the same number of horses, and it doesn’t seem all that impressive.


On the inside things look a little better, with a completely redesigned interior in comparison to the Atlas that makes much greater use of touchscreens. The entire interior reduces the number of knobs and buttons to virtually zero while also giving it a cleaner, smoother, more luxurious look.

via Volkswagen

The outside also doesn’t bare too much resemblance to the Atlas, especially when you consider the front and back are absolutely covered in LED lights. The front fascia is also redesigned with a new bumper that includes a winch and much less grille, while the backlights form an almost ostentatious square.

Although Volkswagen admits that it has some interest in the light truck segment, VW’s North American CEO Hinrich Woebcken is quick to point out this is just a concept and no production plans are in the works.

“Showing a concept is not announcing something,” Woebcken said in New York. “It is testing how the audience resonates.”

Whether or not the crowd likes the new truck will determine whether or not it’s made.


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