VW Exec Says Volkswagen Sees “Opportunity” In Tiny Pickups

Volkswagen is inching closer and closer to bringing a compact pickup to the US market with a CEO saying they see an "opportunity."

Volkswagen understands that most pickup trucks are expensive and sees an “opportunity” to rectify that in the US market.

Last week, VW introduced the New York Auto Show to the Tarok Concept compact pickup. It’s a small pickup with a lot of capabilities and is something that America hasn’t seen in a very long time.

And it’s something else that America hasn’t seen in a pickup for a while: it’s cheap. Most new pickups in the US start at over $30,000 (except for the Nissan Frontier, which enjoys strong sales based entirely on its price point), and a pickup that starts in the mid-20s would enjoy a market all to itself.

Volkswagen USA CEO Scott Keogh seems to think that there’s a big opportunity here, and told CNET’s Road Show as much in New York.

"I think we can comment with an extremely, let's say, smart price point," Keogh said. "I don't want to, you know, start to give away price points, but I think you could put a vehicle like that in the marketplace in, let's say, the mid-20s with proper engine, proper everything."


Keogh went on to discuss how most new full-size pickups are sold in the $50-$60,000 range, which is the price of a brand new luxury sedan. That’s way beyond where most people can afford, and VW has always prided itself on being a carmaker “for the people.”

José Carlos Pavone, Head of Design Volkswagen do Brasil, revealed the pick-up concept.
via VW

The Tarok would be a great bet for a US entrance based on Keogh’s words. Utilizing Volkswagen’s incredibly versatile MQB platform, the Tarok would be the compact pickup with just enough clever use of space to carry payloads that far exceed what a normal hatchback could contain.

Even the engine is likely not a dealbreaker for people who want a cheap pickup. A 1.4-L turbo 4-cylinder with 147 hp isn’t exactly going to win any races, but being able to carry a payload of 2,271 lbs puts it above a lot of mid-size pickups.

Still no word from VW ok whether or not the Tarok will see an introduction to the US, but we’re crossing our fingers.


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