Watch A Classic Lamborghini Miura SV Barely Fit Through A Tight Alleyway

For whatever reason, a driver tried his luck in bringing a beautiful Lamborghini Miura SV through a tight alleyway in Italy. It's hard to watch.

Talk about a tight squeeze! Supercars, by their very definition, are on the large size, and not exactly designed for the narrow streets and alleyways of the European countries where most originated.

One guy had a bit of a struggle with a classic Lamborghini SV trying to fit it through an alleyway in Tuscany, the results were posted over on Instagram.


With some of the accompanying pictures, one has to wonder why the driver would even risk such an expensive supercar in such a situation. Given the fact that damaging the car would not only be an expensive repair but would also damage the value of the car if it were to be re-sold, it just seems like one of the dumbest decisions a driver could potentially make.

If you like looking at vintage Lambos, this is definitely a video worth checking out, even if it is a little hair-raising seeing just how tight that squeeze really is. It also makes one wonder why this genre of car is so popular in Italy where these cars really aren't designed to run on the ancient streets through not only major metropolitan cities but also through the smaller roads of villages as well.

It's just too bad that this particular video didn't showcase the car at its best, when it's roaring down a nice long straightaway, letting the viewer experience the thrill of the engine at full throttle, going at ludicrous speeds that these machines are actually capable of and designed to do. Then again, if that were the case, this video wouldn't exactly be noteworthy. Still, though this video and the accompanying pictures are worth taking a look at just to see the beauty of not only this Lamborghini but also some other vintage cars as well. It's just a good thing the nice pale blue of this particular one didn't get scratched up going through that narrow alleyway that would be a tight squeeze even for people just walking through it. Hopefully, if we see this car again it will be in thrilling circumstances of another kind.


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