Watch A Dodge Challenger Hellcat Blowout Its Brakes In Dyno Test

When a dyno test goes wrong, a Dodge Challenger Hellcat's brakes are the first victims.

Hellcat brakes fire

This poor Dodge Challenger Hellcat just wanted to get a dyno test, and instead, it now has to completely replace it’s rear left brakes.

We get it--you wanna know how much power your car actually makes, not just what the manufacturer says it makes. There’s some variance in every engine and specific numbers matter. Maybe you want to upgrade your ride with new toys or maybe you’re just curious. Either way, if you’ve got access to a dyno track, then why not?

Well, there is a reason not to dyno test your car, and it’s exemplified in this YouTube video from mr70camaros (courtesy of Motor1).

First, this appears to be a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, based on the screaming kitty graphic on the door. Judging by the number of stickers, there have probably been a few upgrades done to this Hellkitty, thus the dyno testing to see what it’s all done for the car’s power level.

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However, something goes horribly wrong. One of the straps keeping the Hellcat tied to the track snaps under a load of what is likely more than 700 horsepower. Then, the rear left brake rotor starts to glow red hot as the caliper starts throwing sparks all over the place. Finally, the whole thing just flat-out catches fire, requiring an attendant technician to douse it with the fire extinguisher. Twice.

So what the heck happened? Motor1 explains: “Since the dyno rollers are forcing the rear wheels on the Hellcat to track straight, it was fighting the sway, trying to pull the wheels back to the passenger's side. This can cause the inside brake pad to be wedged between the caliper and the rotor, causing extreme friction.”

Extreme friction is a bit of an understatement. That 4-piston Brembo brake caliper and 13-inch rotor are completely toasted.

Motor1 also notes that this many people standing around a dyno test of such an immensely powerful vehicle is incredibly dangerous. That strap could have hit someone, or the car could have just jumped the track and slammed into some of the people in front. The garage is lucky that nobody got hurt.

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