Watch a Dodge Viper Drift Its Way Up Goodwood In The Pouring Rain

This 1,300 hp Dodge Viper drifts its way around Goodwood and looks damn good doing it.


Check out a Dodge Viper Formula Drift car make its way sideways up Goodwood’s track in the pouring rain.

To be fair to most of the vehicles at Goodwood, getting up the hillclimb course sideways is pretty easy when it’s that wet. Most of them are likely doing it completely accidentally thanks to the sheet of H2O covering the entire course. However, one driver intended to go up Goodwood sideways the whole time and is using the water to make his climb extra slick.

That driver is Dean Kearney, Dodge’s man in Formula Drift racing. He’s in a custom 4th-gen Dodge Viper with over 1,300 horsepower, according to Car Scoops. His ride has a lot of additional mods to get his 8.4-L V10 from 600 horsepower to around 1,350, including twin-turbos, custom camshafts, a strengthened crank, new pistons and rods, a brand new body kit, and a roof scoop.

To keep him from flying off into outer space, there’s a giant rear wing planted on the end, but that’s mostly to ensure the rear wheels never leave the ground on the straights. Not that this car does much traveling in a straight line, mind you.

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This car is advertised as the most powerful vehicle currently in Formula Drift. Does it need to be? Of course not. But is it cool? Absolutely.

Kearney showboats for the crowd right off the line by squirreling his rear end left and right--not exactly a hard feat considering the wetness of the track. But then he does a little 360-turn at the first bend and waves to the crowd, making it seem like the extra dampness is working for him rather than against him. And it probably is.

Unfortunately, the wetness does prevent Kearney from taking a few of Goodwood’s corners at impressive speed simply because no amount of professional skill will keep a car from slamming into the hay bales in such road conditions, but what we see is still impressive.

For more, check out Kearney’s ride on The Hoonigan’s YouTube channel last May. Lots of dry donuts to see in that video.

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