Watch Foxbody Mustang Pull Massive Wheelie In Father Vs. Son Drag Race

In another father/son shootout, this foxbody Mustang gets some serious airtime.


The father and son duo from last summer is back with more drag race action at Mission Park Raceway.

The last time we saw these two, they were racing their tricked-out classic Mustangs out in British Columbia. We also got to see a pretty impressive performance out of the Foxbody Mustang as it rose up into the air off the line like a tidal wave.

And don't you worry--we'll see him do it again in a trio of races here.

But first, a big of a reminder. We're dealing with a father-son racing family that decided that Mustangs are the only way to ride. The father has a 1966 Mustang with a 363-cid small-block (or 5.95-L, if you're metric) supercharged V8 running on 94 octane fuel and given a 150 shot of nitrous. A Power Glide 2-speed transmission puts what can only be close to 1,000 hp to the rear wheels, while a parachute on the back end prevents the car from achieving escape velocity with Earth's gravity.

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Meanwhile, the 1984 Ford Mustang driven by the son has a 427-cubic inch (7.0-L) supercharged V8 with almost the exact same setup as his dad. The only real difference is the chassis, which is newer by a few decades, and the huge bulge that appears on the hood.

Oh, and the Foxbody can't seem to keep its front wheels on the ground to save its life.

While the 1966 Mustang has a lowered front suspension to keep itself grounded, the Foxbody Stang isn’t quite as low down which means that it’s a little easier for the front wheels to lift off. This is a problem for drag racers as you want your car to have all four wheels on the ground at all times, otherwise the amount of drag created by air striking the car's underbody can really slow you down.

And as you can see in the video above, it might be the only thing keeping the Foxbody from beating dear old dad. There are a few races in the 8-second range, so you should really see these insane Mustangs run.

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