Watch Supercharged F-150 Race Tuned Dodge Challenger Hellcat In Quarter-Mile Drag Race

This supercharged F-150 has about as much power as this Dodge Challenger Hellcat running on 93 octane and drag radials. Check out their race here.

F-150 vs Hellcat

Boosted F-150 is back with another race against a Hellcat, but this time it’s been tuned to have Demon-levels of power.

Last time we caught Boosted F-150, he was busy making Dodge Charger Hellcats look bad. With over 800 horsepower from its supercharged Coyote V8 engine, this is a sleeper pickup that tends to fool its opponents into complacency.

Not that it really needs to--this F-150 has far more power than a Hellcat does anyway.

But not this Hellcat. Known as the Soul Snatcher of the North (a name dubbed by another YouTube drag racer, Demonology), this Hellcat has been given an upgraded pulley, a tuned exhaust, 15-inch wheels running on drag radials, and it runs on 93 octane gasoline. This puts the Hellcat’s power at 740 horses at the rear wheels, which means it likely makes close to the Demon’s 840 hp at the crank.

That puts this Hellcat close to where Boosted’s supercharged F-150 tops out. Neither vehicle is particularly aerodynamic, so the real determinant in this race will come down to vehicle weight and driver skill.

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Boosted’s F-150 is certainly lighter than your average Ford pickup, if for no other reason than it’s a regular cab, short bed model. This puts the Coyote V8-equipped truck at around 4,500 lbs, which is roughly the same weight as the Hellcat. If Soul Snatcher is anywhere near the stock Hellcat’s weight, then this race is all down to the man behind the wheel.

In round one, both vehicles get off to a great start. It's neck and neck at the halfway point, but then the F-150 starts to just pull ahead. By the time the quarter-mile mark arrives, the F-150 has finished in 10.5 seconds at 132 mph, while the Hellcat finished in 10.7 seconds at 130 mph.

Check out the video above to see how these two juggernauts fair in a best of three race.

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