20 Weird Ways Electric Cars Are Worse Than Gas

It is quite remarkable to see that electric cars exist. This just shows how much the automobile world has been able to progress, thanks largely to the rise of technology. There is no question that these vehicles have a very bright future but at the end of the day, it is also clear that they possess a plethora of imperfections. Like all things that are new, car manufacturers simply have not perfected them at this point in time. As the years progress, it is likely that many of the issues that come from them will be resolved, or at least may become more manageable. However, the industry leaders still deserve criticism for these issues right now.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this article we will be looking at 20 weird ways electric cars are worse than gas. In a sense, this is very important to discuss, as people often blindly believe that electric cars are perfect. However, and this is not meant to sound like a knock towards them, but this absolutely is not the case. They possess a lot of issues that are actually pretty alarming and car manufacturers need to find a way to stop the problems from happening. Electric cars clearly have a lot of potential to be extremely successful but right now, they are a bit underwhelming.

Now, let's look at these negative qualities of electric cars!

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20 Electric Cars Actually Cause Pollution, Too

via WDET

Perhaps the biggest problem with electric cars is that they also cause pollution, too. This definitely can be seen as hypocritical for many buyers, as these vehicles are often made out to be perfect for the environment. However, this could not be further from the truth at this point in time.

Electricity is still created largely by dirty fossil fuels, so it is clear that they are creating pollution, as well. Now, I will say that they definitely are not as bad as regular cars on that front but they do come pretty close. At the end of the day, electric cars are definitely environmentally friendly but that does not mean that they are perfect.

19 Tires Wear Out Quickly

via The Verge

Due to the fact that these vehicles are built in a very different manner, they have been prone to having their tires wear out quickly. That is not to say that this does not occur with regular cars but the overall pressure that their tires go through thanks to gobs of low-end torque put them in the position of needing replacement quickly.

When seeing how these vehicles are always expensive, this is clearly a very disappointing aspect. This is something that car manufacturers are going to have to figure out if they ever want the electric car field to not only grow, but also thrive.

18 Only Reliable In Warm Weather

via Cars.com

Something that is quite intriguing about electric cars is that they seem to only be reliable when temperatures are warm. It has been noted that these cars tend to malfunction in colder weather and as a result of this, they can actually bring danger to their passengers and other drivers on the road.

Now, this is not to say that this does not occur with regular cars, too, but the drastic level of inconsistency when it comes to electric ones is extremely alarming. This should not be happening if these cars are costing so much money but alas, it is another thing that has yet to be fixed.

17 Charging Stations Are Hard To Find

via ABB Group

Electric cars need charging stations if they are actually going to be used. There are areas that have a plethora of them all around, but it is clear that they are hard to find in Midwestern states. This definitely is a bad thing, as it takes a significant amount of the market away.

If you live somewhere like Wyoming or North Dakota, it is clear that you are going to have a lot of difficulty finding charging stations, as well. It is apparent that manufacturers should assist more with this growing issue, as it would end up increasing their overall sales in the process.

16 Roadside Service Does Not Provide Full Coverage

via Autoweek

One major issue of electric cars, especially when it comes to Tesla vehicles, is that their roadside services do not always provide full coverage. A lot of this has to do with the fact that their parts are not on-hand and they are more difficult to actually find than ones for regular cars.

This is just not convenient at all, and it is something that needs to be changed as soon as possible. If someone is driving a Tesla and their car completely breaks down, there is a good chance that it will not be able to be fixed unless they upgrade their AAA status.

15 They Get Noisy Early On

via Money

Owners of electric cars have been quite open about the fact that they are prone to make a lot of noise very quickly into their usage lifetime. There is no question that over time, this happens to all types of vehicles, but it is alarming that it has been happening so quickly for electric ones.

This definitely will result in more issues as time passes by, so it is very challenging to feel entirely secure when purchasing one of these. Everyone knows that driving a vehicle that is making a lot of noise can be extremely irritating, so this is clearly a negative.

14 Travel Shorter Distances

via Car and Driver

Perhaps one of the biggest and most well-known flaws of electric cars is that they can travel far less distance than regular cars. Due to the fact that these are cars that need to be charged, they simply do not have the same type of mileage range that regular cars often possess.

So in a sense, it is clear that electric cars definitely are not the ones you should be taking on long road trips. The fact of the matter is that they simply may not be able to handle the entirety of it, and as a result of this, they could even leave their passengers stranded.

13 Too Much Focus On Luxury Versus Dependability

via IEEE Spectrum

With all of the issues that have been discussed thus far, one may be questioning what exactly car manufacturers are aiming for when it comes to making these models. In short, they simply are spending too much time on overall luxury rather than dependability.

At this point in time, especially when it comes to how expensive they are, they seriously need to produce better and longer lasting products. Buyers understand that perfection can never fully be obtained, but the issues that they always seem to have need to resolved. Electric cars need more time to be worked on their overall structures.

12 Maintenance Costs Far More

via Inside EVs

When dealing with expensive cars, one can always assume that repairs will end up costing far more. However, when observing electric vehicles, it is clear that the prices to fix them are at an extremely excessive rate. This is largely because finding its parts is far more difficult.

This is something that may never change, so people who are looking to purchase these type of vehicles must be aware of the fact. When seeing how problems seem to pop up a bit more frequently when it comes to electric cars, as well, one runs the risk of spending thousands on repairs quite quickly.

11 Not Aesthetically Pleasing

via Green Car Reports

One major aspect of electric cars that seems to appear at times is that they are not necessarily aesthetically pleasing. When looking at older models of these cars, this definitely appears to occur far more often than it does today. The body designs of these cars simply look a bit unnatural.

Now, it is important to note that there are electric cars that absolutely look amazing and would be worth purchasing. However, sometimes it just does not end up working out for certain car manufacturers and due to this, it may not make the purchase actually worth investing in.

10 Battery Pack Replacements Are Expensive

via The Indepedent

Due to the fact that electric cars run on their battery packs, it is clear that they play a major role in the overall performance of the vehicle. However, their batteries are prone to needing replacements as time passes by, and they end up costing a ton of money.

This is largely because of the fact that these batteries perform such a specific function. Companies are able to charge so much for them and get away with it because they are a major necessity to the vehicle. It definitely is not an ideal circumstance but it is something that will never change about electric cars.

9 Recharging Takes A Long Time

via Electrik

The owners of electric cars have also made it known that recharging tends to take a long time. In some ways, this makes a lot of sense, as this is a fairly new feature to the automobile world. However, that does not mean that it is not extremely irritating at times.

If you are an individual who is always on the go, electric cars are definitely not the right choice for you because of this aspect. Even the most patient of people would end up having a difficult time keeping their cool when seeing how long it takes for these type of cars to actually fully charge.

8 Durability Is Not Consistent

via CleanTechnica

When seeing the immense amount of issues that seem to present themselves with electric cars, it is clear that durability is not consistent in the slightest. This definitely is unacceptable, as these vehicles end up costing a plethora of money no matter which direction you go.

The lifespan of these vehicles is definitely in question for many buyers, as these issues can start from the very beginning of their usage. It would be an extremely deflating feeling if one bought an electric vehicle and it ended up failing only a few years into owning it. Sadly, this is a distinct possibility if they are not handled perfectly.

7 Challenging To Get Used To

via Green Car Reports

One interesting note that people have been stating about electric cars is that they are extremely difficult to get used to at first. This makes a lot of sense, as they are built in a different way than regular cars. Some people even find this part of them to be quite irritating.

The main issue about this aspect is that it could actually increase the danger to others on the road. One has to remain confident when driving, especially on the highway. However, this can be very challenging if drivers feel a bit uneasy behind the wheel.

6 Tend To Be Heavy

via The Verge

Due to the fact that electric cars are built with different materials, they always tend to be heavy. This may come as a shock to many, as these vehicles actually appear to be on the smaller end of the size spectrum, in most cases. However, they often are very heavy and that can actually begin to annoy its drivers.

In fact, the heavy weight of these vehicles is likely another factor that ends up making their tires begin to drop in quality so quickly. This is definitely something that electric cars need to try to fix as the years continue to pass by. However, it definitely is a massive challenge with the parts that are needed to build them.

5 Limited Choices

via CleanTechnica

One major aspect of the electric car market is that there are limited choices. Unlike regular cars that comes with an abundance of different options, car manufacturers do not seem to release multiple electric vehicles. This is not a solid idea, as electric cars are trying to grow in popularity.

As time passes by, this will likely change. However, it is clear that manufacturers are spending more of their money-making regular cars at this point in time. This definitely is what is making the electric car market so much smaller. It may actually do better if there were more options to choose from.

4 Not Good In The Snow

via Ars Technica

Electric cars definitely meet their match when they are used in the snow. They are prone to having a lot of malfunctions with this type of weather, while also having a lot of difficulty while driving on slushy roads. This is definitely something that needs to change, but it is going to be challenging to do so.

Areas with colder climates will definitely have a lot of potential risks when it comes to electric cars. There is no question that there are regular cars that have difficulty in snow, as well, but it seems as though these cars literally breakdown on their own when this type of weather occurs.

3 Lacks An Old-Fashioned Feeling

via The Times

There is no question that regular cars possess an old-fashioned feeling, especially when they come from a legendary car manufacturer. However, electric cars seem to lack that vibe, as they obviously are not run by gas and drive in a completely different manner.

Although it is amazing to see what technology has been able to give us in the form of electric cars, it is clear that this aspect is something that is truly missing from them. One simply cannot beat the classics, especially when it comes to cars, and electric cars just are not ever going to have this feeling about them.

2 More Expensive

via Teslarati

When a vehicle is being promoted to be a massive gamechanger for the automobile world, it should not come as a surprise that it will come at a high price. However, some of the prices for electric cars are far too high, especially when they come from Tesla.

The main issue with this is that cars are already expensive, to begin with. The market should not be moving up if it wants to attract more buyers, but this is sadly how it will continue to go as the years pass by. For what you are actually getting with electric cars, it can be noted that they should be around the same amount as regular cars.

1 Too Much Hype

via Wired

"Show not tell" is the philosophy that car manufacturers should possess. However, when it comes to electric cars, it is clear that this currently is not the case. There is no question that the market is pushing for more usage of electric power, but they have yet to accomplish much in the way of persuading the vast majority of the public.

The future is bright for electric cars, but criticism should be given to them. In a sense, they are still in a developmental stage. No one has been able to perfect them and you never know exactly what you are actually getting with one.

Sources: Plug In Cars, Fleet Carma, and Earth 911.

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