25 Ways To Transform A Car From A Dud Into A Stud

"If a guy is a stud, then he's a stud when he transforms a dud car, without spending a fortune to get it back to shape." - Lance Reynolds (Hollywood Movie Producer)

Car modification is not a new thing. It has always been in existence, since the invention of the first automobile in 1885. No standard car is perfect in the eyes of everybody. Most cars are intended to be sold to a large number of users by the manufacturer, so they are never tailored to any particular person, even if they preach that in their ads. This means that it's only natural to see motorists make some changes tailored to their needs.

However, thanks to technology, we see most modern cars come with remarkable features which enhance the looks and performance. Most of these features are majorly for aesthetic purposes which is a good thing. Still, not everyone has an uncle like Bill Gates or the Sheikh of Saudi Arabia, so buying a new car with all the state of the art features isn’t part of the budget yet. But, is that enough reason to keep using an old and dud car? Of course not! A low-budget dud car, nevertheless, could become a super stud car. How? By using at least one or two of the 25 ways we’ll be sharing in this article - you’ll be able to transform your vehicle from a dud, into a stud.

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25 Short Gear Shift

Via American Muscle

Replacing your standard gear shift with a low gear shift is a good way of upgrading your dud to stud if you drive a car with a manual gear transmission. If you’re a speedster you can’t deny the fact that you love the sensation of changing gears as you drive.

According to Instamotor, installing a short gear shift is an excellent way to improve your driving sensation. It helps you in reducing the required distance for the gear lever to change gears—which speeds the whole process.

24 Alloy Wheels

Via Techart

Far back in the late 1990s to the early 2000s, many hip-hop stars had their cars fitted with alloy wheels, and they introduced it to their music videos. Soon, it became a rising trend amongst many drivers. Years later the trend became outdated, but that didn’t stop the modification from being a great way to transform a car from a dud into a stud.

According to The Cars Direct, alloy wheels can increase your car’s value because they are stronger and lighter than the regular wheels, plus they improve your car’s speed and maneuverability.

23 Custom Metallic Paint Job

Via YouTube

If you’re a young driver, you’d agree that it has become a trend for many young people to burn a lot of cash on aftermarket modifications after buying cheap imported cars. Of course, you don’t want your affordable imported vehicle to remain a dud, so you invest in a custom metallic paint job.

For many, the custom metallic paint job is most preferred. This mod gives a particular lift to your car and makes it stand out in public. However, this mod makes it a little challenging to resell to new owners, according to Car Buzz.

22 High-Performance Cold Air Intake Engine

Via MaxwellsAutomotive

Replacing your old car engine with an aftermarket high-performance engine, will not only increase your car value, but it would also boost your confidence. In the midst of other cars, the sound or growling of your engine will sound a signal to other drivers—which announces your presence.

According to Instamotor, with a proper air intake engine, your car acceleration increases, because of the added torque and horsepower. The car consumes less fuel to power the engine, as more air is present in the combustion system, providing excellent performance.

21 Transparent GPS

Via YouTube

When it comes to making your vehicle a stud, the interior is as important as the exterior. Apart from installing a high-tech infotainment system and leather seats (which we would still be talking about in this article), making the journey efficient with the aid of a GPS is also crucial.

However, in this case, it’s a transparent GPS. According to The Sputnik News, those over in Russia invented this application which projects the map onto the glass from the phone to reduce accidents at night.

20 Leather Seats

Via Katzkin

If you want to make your car have a luxury look and feel, fitting leather seats will be a perfect option. Apart from providing comfort, the leather seats give your ride a more attractive look and increase your car’s value for resale.

According to Cars Direct, the leather seats will give the interior view of your car a more sophisticated look, especially if you blend the interior color well with the exterior paint job. However, black leather seats attract a lot of heat in your car during the summer.

19 Colored Interior Trim

Via GuideAutoweb

Adding new car mats and upholstery aren't the only things you can do to make the interior of your vehicle look more stylish or to ensure your car parts avoid tear and wear for a longer time. You can also replace your vehicle dashboard with a colored carbon-fiber component. However, this modification could be expensive for new buyers.

According to Instamotor, it’s advisable you go for few splashes of color in critical areas, if you want to get this modification as well as save some cash.

18 Headlight Covers

Via YouTube

According to Car Buzz, installing headlight covers on your car changes the style and shape of your headlights as well as giving it a sophisticated or supercar look. The good thing about this car modification is it’s cheap to achieve, so it serves as a valuable car mod for many car owners.

Apart from adding a different cosmetic feel to the car, it helps in preventing the headlights from any damage or wear and tear in the long run. With the headlight covers, you can avoid frequent replacements.

17  Tinted Windows

Via YouTube

In the past, tinted windows were only for VIPs, but these days you don’t have to be one to protect your privacy. As long your tint meets the legal requirements of your state, you can tint your windscreen and side windows. Many car owners appear to like the idea of not being seen by anyone while driving for security or privacy reasons.

According to Instamotor, tinted windows can keep your car cool always if you live in an area with a warm climate. However, if your car tint is exceptionally dark, you can get in trouble with the law.

16 Rearview Cameras

Via Car Solutions

According to Car Buzz, a rear-view camera has the same function as a parking sensor, but it’s more advanced than the sensor. It’s safe to say that it does a better job than a rear-view mirror.

With a rear-view camera, you wouldn't need to rely on any person to guide you into position while parking. Many new cars come with these cameras fitted as a standard. However, if you’re not buying a new car, you can still install it on your old car.

15 Roof Wrap

Via CivicX

Another excellent way to transform your vehicle from a dud to stud is by installing vinyl wraps. It gives your car a new appearance. Not everyone likes to wrap the entire vehicle, especially if the former owner of the vehicle used a patterned vinyl or a wild color. Even though you don’t subscribe to wrapping the whole car, you cover the roof alone.

According to Car Buzz, using the vinyl wraps on different parts of your car’s exterior will not only improve the car’s appearance, but it will also protect the car’s bodywork from wear and tear, especially the roof.

14 Interior Lighting

Via Flickr

For many years, the only lights in the vehicle were those little bulbs in the ceiling which come on when the doors open. These light bulbs aren't as stylish and useful to see blind spots in the car at night. Today, there are specially-designed lighting systems which you can install in your car to make the interior look more attractive at night.

According to Cars Direct, these interior lights make it easier for drivers and passengers to see every part of the car’s interior at night, thereby erasing all blind spots.

13 Custom Car Mats

Car mats may be negligible, but they are essential in every car. A good one comes with a beautiful and fit design. However, many people don’t give much thought to the rubber mats that reside in the driver’s side of the car and the footwell on the passenger’s side.

Nevertheless, you can enhance the looks of your car with this somewhat negligible functional item. In the long run, customizing your car mats, on the other hand, would help prevent wear and tear of the floor aside improving the vehicle’s interior. According to Car Buzz, it’s easier to clean the mats than the whole carpet.

12 TV Screens

Via Alibaba

The whole idea of installing TV screens at the back of cars to distract children on long journeys started in the 90s. It was this innovation that grew into what we see these days, as the installation of complete entertainment systems.

As impressive as this mod may seem, it’s necessary to avoid installing the screens in front of the vehicle as it causes a lot of distractions for the driver. According to Cars Direct, using TV screens can be a high selling point if you choose to move onto a new car.

11 Advanced Rearview Mirrors

Via Motor1

It’s almost impossible to write a list of the most vital part of a car without mentioning the rear-view mirrors—this shows how crucial it is mainly, where safety is concerned. Regardless of its importance, most drivers don’t think or see the need to upgrade or change it at any point in time.

Today, to make life easy, car parts manufacturers have infused technology into this piece of equipment. According to Car Buzz, the advanced rear-view mirrors make driving safer since it gives drivers a much better view of the road.

10 Dual Exhaust

Via Auto Week

Before you decide to use this mod, it’s necessary to know how it benefits your car. According to CarsDirect, an exhaust system influences the engine operation and performance of the vehicle.

It’s also crucial for a car owner to know what works for his car because a dual exhaust is a fantastic mod that works best on a sports car. The function of this mod is to remove the engine exhaust. The dual exhaust helps minimize noise due to its muffler as well as reduce toxin from the exhaust, thanks to its catalytic converter.

9 Powercup Inverter

Via Amazon

Most times, car owners prefer to modify their engine to boost performance or the exterior to make it look attractive. Only a few car owners take interior mods seriously. However, if you love to modify every part of your car, the powercup inverter is a good start for your interior.

According to Car Buzz, the inverter generates 120 Volt AC, charged with any auto power socket or cigarette lighter. It also comes with two AC outlets and one USB power port, and it fits into standard cup holders.

8 Travel Fridge

Via eBay

When you drive for long hours, it’s reasonable that you get exhausted. In such a situation, any cold soda could come in handy. How do you store your refreshments to get the required temperature per time? You guessed right, the travel fridge.

If you love this mod, you’ll need a portable fridge that can cool up to 40 degrees below ambient and warms at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Cars Direct. The travel fridge can store all sorts of food, drinks, candies, groceries, and dual cup holders depending on the size.

7 Scissor Doors

Via Commons

The Lamborghini is one of the first cars to hit the automotive industry with the scissor door feature. It was this feature that made the Lamborghini look more attractive and unusual as the car market wasn't used to this kind of door style.

Today, it’s no longer a strange mod because it works on any car even if it isn't a sports car. It all boils down to the car owner’s preference, but according to Instamotor, the scissor doors look best on sophisticated vehicles.

6 Parking Sensors

Via Youtube

Most cars come with this mod as a standard feature, but we can’t say the same for old models. The parking sensors are necessary for every vehicle, both old and new because it alerts drivers about any obstructive or impeding objects.

The technology would come in handy for older car models as it helps you park safer and may reduce insurance premiums alongside. According to Car Buzz, it costs less than $30 to use this mod—which is a good deal considering the future expenses it would save you.

5 Spoilers

Via Jiji Blog

If you’re not familiar with the spoilers, it’s an automotive aerodynamic device. The spoilers function to help in blocking opposed air movement through the body of the vehicle in motion. The oppose air movement usually refers to drag or turbulence.

According to Cars Direct, using this mod has a way of improving the performance of a car if used correctly—which means that car owners should only install air dams (spoilers installed in the front of the vehicle) or spoilers that fit the car, not an over-sized one.

4 Wrapping

Via Texarkana Gazette

Wrapping is a mod that can change the entire aesthetics of a car. If a car owner feels the need to change the color of a vehicle for whatever reason, the best way to go about it is re-paint the car or wrap it.

According to Car Buzz, if you choose to wrap your car, it offers you a wide variety of designs and color options that aren't available in paint. If you're wrapping your vehicle and you get displeased with the outcome, you can rip off the wrap and start all over again. For the best results, you can opt for gold and chrome wraps.

3 Infotainment System

Via Denali Infotainment

With the rate at which technology has improved our lives, it’s worth mentioning that the Internet has initiated the establishment of several industries. On this note, most of us can barely imagine our lives without data.

Our mobile phones have entertainment features, no doubt, but car manufacturers ensured that cars were part of the bandwagon. However, if your car doesn't have an infotainment system, you can install the basic ones like the voice-activated technology, Bluetooth capability, and WiFi.

2 Trunk Liner

Via PartCatalog

According to Car Buzz, a truck liner is an essential part of a car disregarded like the car mats. It’s unusual that most people choose not to take care of the surfaces in their trunk, even though they've made it a home for smelly gym kits, cans of oil, and dirty tools.

It’s in times like this that a truck liner comes in handy. You can decide to get custom lining that would match the theme of your car. In the long run, this mod would prevent wear and tear. It’s best to go for liners that are tough like the ones made from durable rubber.

1 Racing Seats

Via Turnology

Sometimes, people assume that the best or only way to go about reupholstering car interiors to improve vehicle seats is by using leather. It may be a norm, but not the only way, because “it’s different strokes for different folks.”

Some people prefer comfort while some are looking for appeal. If you’re on the “appeal side,” then the bucket racing seats are for you. You can be creative with the bucket racing seats and complement it with harness seat belts instead of the usual cross-body versions, according to Instamotor.

Sources: Carbuzz, CarsDirect, Instamotor, The Sputnik News

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