10 WCW Stars That Drive Their Cars Off The Map (And 10 From WWE)

For years now, no wrestling company has come close to the WWE. Sure, AEW has a lot of hype around the promotion, however, they’ve got a long way to go before becoming a product similar to World Championship Wrestling. WCW was the last company to give the WWE a run for their money, defeating WWE in the rating war for 84 straight weeks, a record we might not see ever again. However, bad spending habits and a lackluster product led to the company’s demise ultimately.

In this article, we’ll visit some of our favorite WCW stars that are driving their cars in quiet areas these days. Most wrestling stars choose to reside in Florida or California, these 10 decided they enjoy tranquility elsewhere. For some, they decided to stay in the town that they grew up in.

On the flip side, we’ll also take a look at WWE stars that are driving around in their Teslas or SUVs in rather peculiar areas as well. Some of these stars live in areas with under 10,000 citizens. We even have examples of those driving their cars in towns with less than 500 locals. We’ll feature both the current crop of WWE talent along with some legends from the past. These stars are more than happy to live off the map and they can gladly drive their cars away from the mass amount of fans in some of the more popular areas.

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20 WCW: Eric Bischoff - Cody, Wyoming

via Instagram

WCW started its climb to fame with Eric Bischoff as the leader behind the scenes. Bischoff exceeded expectations bringing WCW to massive amounts of fame. Unfortunately, he was also one of the reasons as to why the company broke down. Eric’s inability to create young stars hurt the company.

These days, he put the pro wrestling part of his life on the back-burner. He isn’t working for any promotions, nor does he have to. Eric is more than happy these days driving his pickup in the small town of Cody, Wyoming, a population of just under 10,000. Eric loves riding around in his pickup alongside his best friend, his dog.

19 WWE: AJ Styles - Gainesville, Georgia

via Instagram

Technically, AJ can also land on the opposite side of the list seeing as he got his start with World Championship Wrestling. However, he grew to fame with TNA, becoming the face of the company for several years.

He finally made the hump to WWE in 2016 after a lengthy career. Despite all his success and fat contracts with the company, Styles still chooses to ride his SUV away from the populated cities – he currently calls Gainesville, Georgia his home. Despite the small population, AJ admits he still gets noticed and locals are surprised that he calls this town his home.

18 WCW: Ric Flair - Lawrenceville, Georgia

via Instagram

Most recently, the pro wrestling legend celebrated his surprise 70th birthday. The festivities were held in the Georgia area - based on Flair’s genuine reaction, he wasn’t expecting this surprise as wrestlers from around the world gathered for Ric’s special day.

He doesn’t have the car collection he once did, nonetheless, Ric still has some classy rides. He sold his Camaro and bought a classy BMW ride instead. He also drove in a lovely Rolls Royce ride most recently. Flair’s driving these lovely vehicles over in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Off the road nowadays, he’s living a quiet life making sporadic appearances every now and then.

17 WWE: Seth Rollins - Davenport, Iowa

via Tumblr

When the fame hits or when a talent signs a WWE contract, they typically move to Florida instantly. That was the same for Rollins during his time FCW and briefly with NXT. However, once he became a prominent main roster act, Seth moved back home to Davenport, Iowa.

Seth loves his small town especially due to the fact that it’s close to all of his personal friends and family. Another big plus according to Rollins is the lack of traffic that he faces as opposed to when he’s on the road with the WWE. Seth can be seen riding around Iowa with his favorite Tesla ride.

16 WCW: Bret Hart – Calgary, Alberta

via Instagram

You would think Bret might move to somewhere a little warmer like Florida or California. Instead, the Hitman is more than content living his retired life back home in Calgary, Alberta. In fact, the legend even hit the dealership recently buying a brand new Lexus ride from a local Alberta dealership. Bret was so happy with the ride that he even shot a commercial for the dealership. We hope he slapped some winter tires on the ride, cause Calgary gets really snowy and cold during the winter season.

Like some of the other WCW alums, Hart appears sporadically these days taking part in autograph sessions and wrestling related seminars.

15 WWE: Rhyno - On A Boat In Monroe, Michigan

via Instagram

This has to be the most unique entry on the list. Take about living off the map, not only is Rhyno off the map but he’s using a boat instead of a car to get around. Rhyno explained on the Edge & Christian Podcast that he’s currently living in the boat. He elaborated via his IG account;

“I'm happy to announce on October 10th I purchased a marina in Monroe Mi. I'm also happy to say I named it BIG DADDY'S BOAT YARD. :) There's a nice little house on the property and the marina has 69 docks. I look forward to getting everything ready for the upcoming 2019 boating season.”

14 WCW - Scott Steiner – Acworth, Georgia

via Detroit Free Press

Scott Steiner was a big part of WCW, especially during the company’s final days. Steiner played the role of a great heel prior to the company’s closure – Steiner alongside Booker T were the only positives for the company at the end of their run. He continued on with a brief WWE stint, although most fans know that didn’t work out all that well.

Age 56, Steiner isn’t as involved in the wrestling business these days – though he does make sporadic appearances for Impact Wrestling. When he’s off the road, Scott’s riding around in Acworth, Georgia, the home of his Shoney’s restaurant. The location has just over 23,000 citizens.

13 WWE: Matt Hardy – Cameron, North Carolina

via WWE

Matt Hardy isn’t shy when it comes to paying top dollar for a ride. He owns a fantastic Nissan GTR. Hardy’s come a very long way since his first car, a Honda CRX – one that is still sought after to this day.

The ride Hardy uses most when he’s off the road is a spacious and luxurious Cadillac SUV. Hardy’s riding around in his SUV over in the Cameron, North Carolina area. As evidenced by his WWE vignettes, Hardy’s home seems to be isolated and completely off the map. We’re pretty sure he isn’t complaining one bit given his garage and spectacular home and land.

12 WCW: Stacy Keibler - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

via Got Celeb

Some might confuse Stacy's home for a luxurious ski resort. Truth is, the Jackson Hole location is actually home to three prominent ski resorts. With a population of just over 10,000, the location is a beautiful one – luckily for Stacy, it isn’t just a getaway area but a place she currently calls home.

Stacy is living the perfect post-wrestling life off the map alongside her husband and daughter. She typically uses the Lexus RX as her everyday driver. Though, Stacy also rides around in her Cadillac Escalade when it comes time to make appearances in prominent locations.

11 WWE: Trish Stratus – Toronto, Canada

via Auto Trader

Speaking of retired female wrestlers starting a family, we now turn our attention to WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. She entered the business with no prior experience; however, she would blaze a path as one of the very best of all-time.

Trish retired at a young age choosing to start a family off the map – an admirable decision to say the least. Trish has two children residing out of Toronto, Canada. Now it isn’t really off the map compared to some of the other spots, however, it isn’t every day that we see a wrestler residing out of Canada. When she’s at home, Trish uses her Range Rover to get from A to B.

10 WCW: Disco Inferno – Las Vegas, Nevada

via Instagram

Fans tend to forget about Inferno, however, he had quite the run in the wrestling business especially in terms of longevity. He started in 1991 and as of 2018, he was still appearing sporadically for the likes of Impact Wrestling. He also makes appearances on Konnan’s podcast.

Back in his prime, Inferno’s gimmick seemed to be suited for Vegas. Ironically, he now calls Vegas his home. Inferno works as a host at a gentlemen’s club in the area. He sees lots of former WWE stars while on the job including Braun Strowman, the two shared a picture together via IG.

9 WWE: Dean Ambrose & Renee Young – Las Vegas, Nevada

via WWE

Speaking of Vegas, we now turn to current WWE stars residing out of the area, Dean Ambrose and Renee Young. In truth, Dean isn’t a car guy and he’s more than happy just riding around in a typical SUV truck. He doesn’t splurge when renting cars either while on the road, Ambrose just seems to be a basic dude.

The same goes for his wife Renee Young. The WWE commentator appreciates living life off the grid. Both enjoy their privacy, so much so that few were even aware the couple got hitched a couple of years back in 2017.

8 WCW: Booker T – Atlanta, Georgia

via Instagram

Age 53, Booker looks as though he can still hop in the ring at any point – he really hasn’t aged over the last couple of years. Although he doesn’t wrestle anymore, Booker still appears on WWE TV quite regularly playing the role of a pre-show panelist – one of the biggest crowd favorites as well.

Out of the ring, Booker isn’t riding his classic Mercedes ride in typical wrestler areas such as Florida or California, Booker’s riding around in Atlanta, Georgia – a place WCW visited very frequently during Booker’s time with the company. Things worked out quite well for Booker even when WCW went under.

7 WWE: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon - Weston, Connecticut

via Twitter

Given all the time Triple H spends with NXT, most would assume he moved to the Orlando area. However, this isn’t the case – Hunter uses a private jet between WWE shows, NXT and his home in Weston, Connecticut. The couple of Stephanie and Triple H reside in a private community with a population of just over 10,000.

Triple H and Stephanie’s transportation usually consists of private jets and other private transportation such as a spacious Cadillac Escalade. It is very rare to see Triple H or Stephanie behind the wheel; they usually have a personal chauffeur when on the road.

6 WCW: Gregory Helms – Smithfield, North Carolina

We can all agree, Helms had more of an impact during his WWE run. However, it all started for the talent with World Championship Wrestling. Helms had lengthy runs with both companies and his career seems to be ongoing at this point with sporadic appearances for other wrestling companies. He can also be heard on various wrestling-related podcasts, he’s one of the funnier former WCW stars that’s for sure!

When he’s not touring, Helms is back home in North Carolina, living off the map riding around in a spacious SUV. He was also born in the area - great to see a wrestler staying true to his hometown.

5 WWE: Miz & Maryse – Austin, Texas

via Instagram

Nicknamed the “A-List” couple, the two previously bought a home out in California. However, once the couple announced that a child was on the way, they decided it was a better idea to move off the map to a more quiet community. Miz campaigned for his hometown of Cleveland, though the couple eventually agreed on Austin, Texas.

They had to transport a lot of cars during their move. Miz has a slew of cars including a stunning Audi along with a jaw-dropping Jeep Wrangler. Maryse also recently added to the collection, purchasing a black Mercedes SUV. The couple might have the best garage in the WWE.

4 WCW: Jeff Jarrett - Hendersonville, Tennessee

via Instagram

Like some of the others on the list, Jarrett still calls his hometown home to this very day. Jarrett rides around in a spacious SUV alongside his wife Karen Jarrett.

For the longest time, Jeff was a big foe against WWE. Not only did he leave on bad terms but he would proceed to work for the competition for many years, including WCW and TNA. Finally, last year, Jeff was inducted into the Hall of Fame and he’s now back in the good graces of the company. He is now touring with the WWE taking on a behind the scenes gig.

3 WWE: Vince McMahon – Greenwich, Connecticut

via Sportskeeda

There isn’t a single person that’s putting in more hours than the boss himself Vince McMahon. Triple H even went as far as to state that McMahon works out during the AM hours when he’s back from traveling only to wake up a couple of hours later and head to the WWE headquarters out in Stamford, just a 20-minute drive from his gated and secluded community.

Vince uses private transportation when he’s off the road – McMahon has his own jet and private pick up accommodations. However, when he’s home, McMahon’s riding around in his stunning black Bentley with a worth in the six figures.

2 WCW: Goldberg - Bonsall, California

via Instagram

From vintage to current muscle cars, Goldberg has it all in his stacked Bonsall garage. Bill made a fortune with WCW back in the day becoming the poster boy for the company. He added to his wealth with two WWE runs along with several movie roles. With all that money, Goldberg has a beautiful home in a secluded area, not to mention a garage that is absolutely stacked.

Goldberg doesn’t have just cars, he also has a decent collection of motorcycles as well. When he’s off the road, Bill spends most his time in the garage working on his cars and bikes.

1 WWE: Brock Lesnar - Maryfield, Saskatchewan

via WWE

Talk about secluded. Brock lives in a population containing 348 residents, according to Stats Canada. As wrestling fans know, Lesnar loves his privacy. He’s certainly getting every bit of that over in Saskatchewan.

Getting to a WWE show is pretty easy as Brock has private transportation which is a part of his contract clause. Back home, however, Lesnar appreciates modest rides like a pickup that he uses around the ranch. When he’s off the ranch and traveling with the WWE, he typically uses a blacked out Escalade SUV with his own personal chauffeur. In terms of getting from A to B, nobody has an easier time than Brock given his travel accommodations.

Sources – Twitter, Instagram & YouTube

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