6 WCW Stars That Still Drive Beaters (And 14 That Have Sick Rides Today)

Here are six WCW stars that drive beaters and 14 that still have sick rides today.

Back in the mid to late 90s, the pro wrestling industry was enjoying a massive boom. Not only was WWE thriving but the company had a rival, World Championship Wrestling which also turned into a juggernaut. Although WWE ultimately won the battle, WCW without a doubt helped to elevate the company. With Ted Turner’s wallet, the company was able to entice several stars including Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Bill Goldberg. Ironically, a new company is now on the horizon, AEW, and again, the company is backed by a millionaire owner. Can we see the second coming of WCW? Only time will tell.

Despite going out of business, several WCW stars made quite the penny during their brief run. In lots of cases, the wrestlers went on to even more success with WWE. It all worked out in the end.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the garages of former WCW stars. Some continue to flex their wealth these days while others live a more modest lifestyle driving around in a Ford Focus from 2003 or a Dodge pickup from 1999. You’ll be really surprised by those that are riding around in these rides today.

From Bret Hart and his Lexus to Stone Cold and his vintage Ford Bronco, here are six WCW stars that drive beaters and 14 that still have sick rides today. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

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20 Beater: Kevin Nash – 1993 Ford Bronco

via Instagram

Kevin Nash turned the Monday Night Wars on its head when he joined WCW, signing a lucrative contract. It was certainly worth every penny for WCW as Nash, Hall, and Hogan helped to put the brand on the map, even overtaking the WWE at one point.

Nash made a lot of money during his time in WCW. He even made an extra million as a creative mind with the company. Despite all those earnings, Nash kept a cool head when it came to the cars in his garage. One of them is an old school Ford Bronco from back in 1993, right around when he was making a name for himself in the wrestling business. As evidenced by Instagram, he still uses the ride today.

19 Sick Ride: Bret Hart – Lexus LS 460

via Twitter

Wrestling fans just can’t picture Bret dishing out big bucks for a new ride. Hart although a legend in the business and one that accumulated lots of wealth, kept a humble lifestyle outside of the ring throughout his career – he was one of the more level-headed wrestlers from the ‘90s.

It seems that he’s splurging a little bit more in his post-wrestling life. In 2017, Hart bought a brand new Lexus LS 460. He was even featured on the Lexus of Calgary website detailing his passion for the Lexus brand. In all likelihood, Hart saved a couple of bucks giving out such an interview and getting his photo published with the car dealership via Twitter.

18 Sick Ride: Booker T – Vintage Camaro Z28

via Twitter/Reddit

Snatching wrestlers away from WWE and trying to build off their prior fame only worked for a brief amount of time. WCW’s inability to create new stars hurt them in the long run. Booker T was one of the few that was built up properly from the ground level. If only WCW used this formula with more of the wrestlers perhaps they’d still be in business.

Booker’s contract was eventually bought out by WWE and he was one of the few to stay with the company. He remains onboard and as you can imagine, he accumulated lots of wealth in the wrestling business. One of his favorite rides has to be his 1986 white vintage Camaro Z28.

17 Sick Ride: Rey Mysterio – Audi R8 With Customized Wrap

via Instagram

Rey Mysterio got his start in the wrestling business out in Mexico. However, he started to become a prominent name in the industry during his time with WCW. That was only the beginning for Rey as his popularity soared to new heights with the WWE becoming a multi-time World Champion. At the age of 44, he’s still actively wrestling with World Wrestling Entertainment showing no signs of slowing down.

Wrestling at a high level since 1996, Mysterio has a lot of money saved up. He loves to spend some of those earnings on bikes and cars. In this photo, we see Rey’s current everyday rider, an Audi R8. Rey keeps this ride fresh by using different wraps.

16 Sick Ride: David Arquette - Studebaker Avanti

via Twitter/WWE

When WCW fans think of David Arquette, they usually think of the demise of WCW. At that point, the company was trying anything to stay afloat. However, giving the World Title to an actor was not the way to go and a move that essentially destroyed the company for good. Somehow, at the age of 47, David is back in the wrestling industry hoping to rewrite his wrongs.

At the very least, he succeeded in Hollywood with various well-known films. The wealth led to some great cars such as a vintage Lincoln and the ride shown above, a Studebaker Avanti. That’s one of those rides you don’t see all that often.

15 Beater: Mick Foley – The Old Red Mini-Van

via WWE/Jalopnik

WCW didn’t see dollar signs in Mick Foley. Again, what was WCW’s loss turned into WWE’s gain. Foley led WWE and he provided the company with record-breaking ratings.

Despite the success, Foley was never one for spending like his counterparts. In fact, during his earlier days, Foley would sleep in his car or stay at the home of a fan in order to cut all costs. That mindset holds true today as Foley still drives a beaten down red mini-van from back in the day. As he said on Holy Foley, as long as it runs, that’s what’s important.

14 Sick Ride: Ric Flair – Rolls Royce

via Twitter

Ric Flair grew to extreme popularity due to the fact that he lived the gimmick. It wasn’t just an act, Flair actually had the expensive watches, suits, and cars. However, throughout the years because of various marital separations, Flair’s bank account took a bit of a hit.

Nearing the age of 70, Flair doesn’t have the extensive collection he once did. However, Ric still has some noteworthy rides such as this stunning Rolls Royce. He used the ride recently during his wedding. For those keeping track, that was Ric’s fifth time walking down the aisle. Now that deserves a big, WOOOO!

13 Beater: Stone Cold Steve Austin – 2003 Ford Focus

via Instagram/WWE

Prior to his fame, Stone Cold signed with WCW. Letting the Texas Rattlesnake go proved to be the biggest mistake for World Championship Wrestling. Under the WWE banner, Austin grew into the face of the company and a primary reason for WCW closing its doors.

In terms of dollars made in the wrestling industry, few can rival Stone Cold aside from maybe Hulk Hogan. Nonetheless, Austin isn’t too concerned when it comes to getting from A to B. In fact, Austin’s everyday car is a 2003 Ford Focus. Austin loves to take shots at himself when it comes to the ride; nonetheless, he says it’s easier to find a parking spot with the car in the busy LA district. The man has a point.

12 Sick Ride: Paul Stanley – 2015 Corvette Stingray

via Motor Trend

Poor Dale Torborg was the one slapped with this lackluster gimmick. Eric Bischoff tried to bring pop culture into WCW with a wrestler representing the Kiss group. Named the Kiss Demon, the success never came to fruition and the idea tanked. In fact, it was so bad that WCW got one of its lowest ratings during a Kiss concert. Making matters worse, that took place during the final segment which should have been the best one and the highest rated segment.

Nonetheless, the Kiss group really didn’t seem to mind one bit as it didn’t change anything for them. Paul Stanley, in particular, has a nice car collection; his favorite ride, however, has to be his 2015 Corvette Stingray - hard to argue with that.

11  Sick Ride: Jay Leno – McLaren F1 & All Sorts Of Other Toys

via Shear Comfort

The non-wrestling fan might be scratching their head at this one. However, with so much money to burn in the mid-90s thanks to Ted Turner’s bank account, WCW made an attempt at various Hollywood stars, one of them, Jay Leno. Not only did Leno partake in the action but he was also booked for a match at the WCW event Road Wild. Tickets for the PPV were free and it featured various motorcycle enthusiasts from the South Dakota area.

Of course, Leno knows a thing or two about cars and motorcycles. We’ll say his McLaren F1 might be his best ride but given the slew of classics in his garage, that’s definitely up for debate.

10 Beater: Dennis Rodman – Customized Hummer

via WWE/Twitter

Dennis Rodman is another celebrity that caught the wrestling bug back in the ‘90s. Not only was WCW booming at the time but Rodman was also at the peak of his fame. Like Leno, Rodman took to the ring and he also dawned the black and white NWO colors.

With all of that popularity, Rodman developed bad spending habits. His taste for cars definitely ranks up there. Rodman spent lots of money customizing a Hummer that by today’s standards would be classified as a beater. We hope for Rodman’s sake he at least got back 50% of his investment, anything more than that is a long shot given the look his ride. In all likelihood, it might be in his garage to this day.

9 Sick Ride: Rey Mysterio - Maserati GTS Cuatro Porte

via Instagram

Rey Mysterio can definitely afford the finer things life has to offer. However, it helps when your partner also has her own accumulated wealth. She spoiled her husband in this instance, buying Rey a stunning Maserati GTS Cuatro Porte. Rey posted his excitement via Instagram; “Couldn't have received a better B-Day present from my baby! Maserati GTS Cuatro Porte Love you Amor! #TrulyBlessed”

Most of us would be happy with a thoughtful card from a loved one for a B-day, never mind a Maserati. The WWE star hit the jackpot with this purchase - it is definitely one of the better cars on the list.

8 Sick Ride: Goldberg – Dodge Demon Wrapped

via Instagram

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018. Rightfully so, Goldberg deserved the accolade given his laundry list of accomplishments. Although he’s out of the business, for now, lots of rumors indicate otherwise. However, instead of returning to the WWE, some believe he’s bound to debut with a rival company, AEW.

For now, he’ll continue to shoot films and collect wicked muscle cars. As evidenced by Instagram, Goldberg recently wrapped his stunning Dodge Demon ride. Using a green theme, we definitely applaud Goldberg and his desire to revamp this ride. It somehow looks cooler than the metallic gray color.

7 Sick Ride: Hulk Hogan – Dodge Demon SRT

via Instagram

If it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan WCW wouldn’t have come close to the WWE. Thanks to his star power, WCW bolstered over the WWE at one point in time. Hulk’s star power propelled the brand but ultimately it also hurt them as Hogan had some ludicrous contract demands which helped to sink the company’s ship.

Those contract demands helped Hulk buy various rides throughout the year. Like Goldberg, Hulk is a muscle car enthusiast with various rides back in his Florida home. He also collects motorcycles. His most recent ride is his Dodge Demon SRT, a ride current WWE Superstars Kevin Owens also recently purchased.

6 Beater: Goldberg – 1999 Dodge RAM

via Instagram

Fans of WCW know that Goldberg was never a wrestling guy, per se. Instead, the multi-time title holder came to the world of professional wrestling with a background in pro football. He is also a heavy car guy with an appetite for muscle cars.

With all the wealth accumulated from his days in World Championship Wrestling, Goldberg was able to expand on his hobby of car collecting. He has such a diverse garage featuring classics along with rides some might call beaters, especially given the value of the other rides in his garage. Despite his Ram model making its debut in the '90s, Goldberg keeps it in great condition restoring it regularly.

5 Sick Ride: Rey Mysterio – 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor Pickup

via Instagram

Another birthday, another sick ride. Rey was once again caught off guard with this beautiful pickup truck. He discussed the surprise back in late 2017 via Facebook;

“So I just arrived in the 619 from last night’s @arolucha event in Nashville & my beautiful wife Angie is waiting for me at baggage claim! Very sketchy cause she never does that. I was right but I left out the fact that on our way to the parking lot she starts recording me on her phone & I happen to ask her a rhetorical question, are you recording me? Not knowing that I was just a couple steps away from my present! A big red bow on top of the hood of a 2018 F-150 Ford Raptor Luxury Package!”

4 Sick Ride: Ric Flair – Flip Flops & BMW

via Facebook

As we said earlier, Flair is still “stylin’ and profilin” till this very day. His daily rider really isn’t too shabby, a brand new BMW. Not only that, but Flair also has other rides still chilling in his garage, one of his favorites has to be the Supercharged SS Camaro – an absolute must for those that appreciate a little bit of muscle in the collection.

It seems to run in the family as his daughter Charlotte was also snapped in a fancy Porsche. It seems like she’s learning from the best both in the ring and out of it.

3 Sick Ride: Goldberg – Harley Davidson Customized Bike

via Instagram

Thanks to his interviews with GQ and Jay Leno, Goldberg is primarily known as a muscle car kind of guy. While that does hold true, Goldberg also has an appreciation for Harley-Davidson rides. Like some of his other purchases, Goldberg loves to take them apart and perfect the design and performance to his liking. Typically, Goldberg might choose to do this on his own inside of his luxurious garage, one both car and bike enthusiasts can only dream of owning.

Goldberg made his fortune predominantly with wrestling but he also made a quick buck as an actor. That still holds true today as he continues to work on various films.

2 Beater: Stone Cold – Old Ford Bronco

via Instagram

For those that keep tabs on Stone Cold Steve Austin, you’re well aware that he loves to drive off-road. Austin has a stunning ranch all for himself. On the usual, Austin uses a slew of ATVs to get by the rough terrain and even muddy waters.

Now we’re not saying he uses the Bronco off-road as a daily driver but he does still use it on the rough tundra to this day. Austin recently posted a photo of the ride and it remains in decent condition given all the off-roading it must be accustomed to.

1 Goldberg – 1968 Plymouth GTX Convertible

via Instagram

Production for the GTS began back in 1966. Despite the popularity of this car, it only lasted until 1971, with a little over 44,000 units produced by the company. Despite the short-lived fame, Goldberg got his hands on a vintage convertible version from 1968. Center Force Clutches completely restored the ride making it look that much better.

This is Goldberg’s favorite ride and one he loves to take out on the open road. However, unlike some of his other machines, don’t expect Goldberg to hit the gas pedal too ferociously with this rare gem of a convertible.

Sources - Instagram, Twitter & YouTube

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