7 WCW Stars That Used Fake Cars On Television (And 8 Who Actually Used Their Real Rides)

Not only did WCW rival WWE for years but they also beat them in the rating war for a hefty amount of time. However, WCW’s constant reliance on the older wrestlers hurt them in the long run. The company also struggled to listen to the fans.

Eric Bischoff was all about doing things his own way especially when it came to things he was interested in like motorcycles. Although WCW fans didn’t really care about that, Bischoff felt the need to promote them anyway. Who can forget the Road Wild events at the Sturgis, South Dakota meet up? The event was totally free of charge for the bikers that attended. The show was a big fail in terms of revenues – that’s what happens when you put on a free PPV with all those costs.

In this article, we’ll take a look back WCW’s history featuring some of the rides they used on their television show. Now a lot of them were fake but what some fans may not have realized is that some of the rides were actually owned by the wrestlers. Take Hogan’s Viper and nWo motorcycle, he actually still has both today. We’ll feature a bunch of other WCW stars that also used their real rides on PPVs, Nitro and Thunder. On the flip side, we’ll feature rides that were totally fake and not owned by the wrestlers.

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15 Fake – Hulk Hogan Monster Truck

via Pinterest

During its earlier stages, WCW took on some weird ideas as they attempted to differentiate from the WWE product. This idea was really out there as the company created monster trucks for certain WCW stars. Of course, the biggest star of the company got his own monster truck from 1995 all the way till 1998.

As you can imagine, Hogan nor WCW owns this truck. It was actually a Big Foot 15 that was customized, according to Monster Truck Fandom. Eventually, the company sold the monster truck and it was completely modified. Though, the bicep arm is still visible on the current model.

14 Real – The Steiner Brother Road Wild Bikes

via WWE

Surprisingly, WCW used a lot of real rides that actually belonged to the wrestlers. During the event Road Wild which took place outdoors in front of lots of motorcycle enthusiasts, several of the wrestlers made their way to the ring on a chopper.

The Steiner brothers were no exception as the two made their way to the ring on matching bikes. A lot of fans likely thought this was only for the show but years later, it was revealed that Steiner still had that exact same bike on his Freak show DVD. Pretty cool that Steiner kept the actual bike after all those years. We hope brother Ric did the same.

13 Fake – Sting’s Road Wild Motorcycle

via WWE

Sting was a big deal for WCW so it only made sense that he took part in a couple of the Road Wild events. He partnered with Luger in 1996 and in 1999 during the final Road Wild outdoor event, he took on Sid Vicious.

Sting needed to look cool and WCW’s response was to have him enter the arena during a motorcycle rally with a bike of his own. There are no signs that point out that this was Sting’s actually bike, unlike the Steiner brothers. In all likelihood, it was a rental in order to portray his character as a cool one.

12 Real – Hulk’s WCW Parade Viper

via WWE

This was a night that put WCW on the map. The company was struggling to catch WWE in the earlier days. However, on June 11th, 1994, the game changed forever when Hulk Hogan inked a surprising deal with WCW. Not only was it a big deal, but WCW also portrayed it as one giving Hogan the A-Class treatment – on that night the company actually set up an entire parade. Hogan rode in the parade with a customized Dodge Viper.

He actually kept the car and years later it can be found at his beach shop over in Clearwater, Florida. The car is parked in the middle of the store and it is one of the most popular attraction pieces.

11 Fake – Lex Luger’s Cadillac

via Wikipedia

Eric Bischoff loved to use a car in order to tell a certain story. Once WCW gained popularity with the signing of Hulk Hogan, the incarnation of the nWo propelled the company even further.

What made the group so great is the fact that they pushed the realism element. One of the ways that they did this was by smashing up Lex Luger’s car. Back in the day, fans weren’t accustomed to such visuals – as you might expect, fans gasped when the nWo took swipes at Luger’s new Cadillac. Not to worry though, the car was completely fake and it was just a part of the show.

10 Real – The Original nWo Bike

via Twitter

“Original nWo bike is now at its new home!! Hogans Beach Shop!!! Brother!”

That’s right, not only is the Viper at the Hogan Beach Shop but fans can also find the original nWo chopper as well according to Hulk’s Twitter account. The bike was kept in storage for quite some time till the Hulkster finally purchased it and put it in his shop. It can be found in front of the door sporadically especially when signings take place.

This is another piece of history fans love to stop and take a picture with. Diehard WCW fans might actually consider buying this chopper for themselves – in all seriousness, it still looks that great!

9 Fake – Sid’s Crushed Car

via YouTube

A common theme for WCW was taking established stars from WWE and offering them more money to join their company. It worked but only till a certain point. Eudy was an example of that as the wrestler was well past his prime when he joined WCW.

Fans go back to this segment till this day whenever they need a good laugh. Sid’s acting was quite questionable in the segment as he dramatically yelled Goldberg once he found his car completely crushed. That segment actually ended a WCW Nitro telecast. As most can probably imagine, Sid’s crushed car was all a completely fake skit and a car the company probably got already crushed at the junkyard.

8 Real – nWo NASCAR

via Pinterest

The WCW group was considered the cool faction during the late ‘90s. Even pop culture idols from the ‘90s like Dennis Rodman supported the faction. The faction’s popularity even spread to NASCAR. Some might think the nWo car was a replica created by a fan but no, it was the actual real thing and it was used by driver Kyle Petty.

Although wrestling fans might be applauding this, others weren’t so thrilled. Bleacher Report regards this sponsorship as one of the most embarrassing in the history of NASCAR. Despite the heat this car gets from NASCAR fans, it was a really cool looking car.

7 Fake – Sting & Luger’s Cop Car

via Twitter

Oh yes, another hilarious WCW segment. Both Luger and Sting chased down ref Nick Patrick following a match. Now, this is when things get odd, Patrick doesn’t even enter the limo and just makes a right while DiBiase is seen getting in the limo. Sting and Luger suddenly don’t care about Patrick and proceed to bust up the limo before it drives away.

In another hilarious twist, a cop is at the scene watching the entire thing. Sting then gets in the cop car along with Luger while the cop just stands there watching the entire thing without doing anything. Yes, all the cars involved in this segment are completely fake.

6 Real – Biker Group Escorts Hulk Hogan

via Twitter

Hogan needed a little more backup cause apparently his multiple nWo members weren’t enough... On this episode of Nitro, Hogan is escorted to the ring alongside a certain bike group and one that has a very legitimate history. The bikers weren’t some fake dudes dressed in the attire – oh no, thanks to Hulk and WCW’s connections they actually used some of the real group members.

It was quite the spectacle as Hogan entered the ring and bikers continued to drive around the squared circle ensuring that Hogan got in safely. Maybe Hulk should have replaced his nWo members with these guys instead!

5 Real – Eric Bischoff’s Motorcycle

via WWE

Part of WCW’s demise was Eric’s constant infatuation on polluting the WCW product with things that he liked himself and didn’t really appeal to the wrestling crowd – like seriously, why would wrestling fans want to watch KISS perform in the main event segment?

Bischoff was also a big bike enthusiast, hence the Hog and Road Wild events that were completely free of charge for bikers. Bischoff even went as far as to use his actual bike on Nitro. The bike was his back in the day during this segment but he recently sold it via eBay to the highest bidder.

4 Fake – Goldberg’s Monster Truck

via Wikipedia

Goldberg’s monster truck actually made a couple of appearances on WCW programming. Thunder didn’t really have much to offer, so Goldberg’s monster truck showing up on the show might have actually helped things. Bill also used the monster truck to crush Rick Steiner’s car during a Nitro episode.

Goldberg is a big car guy especially when it comes to muscle cars. However, he didn’t own the monster truck, this was all part of the show. Like some of the other monster trucks, it was later sold and completely modified to meet the new owner’s wishes.

3 Real – Goldberg’s NASCAR

via Twitter

Like the nWo, Goldberg was a big deal in the late-‘90s. So much so that they actually created a NASCAR with his face on it. This was a completely legit car and not some glorified replica made by WCW. It actually rode on the oval for a couple of races.

Goldberg, the car enthusiast that he is, also took part in driving a racecar at the Goodwood track. Now that his wrestling days are done with, maybe he can transfer his passion onto the world of NASCAR? For now, he’ll just continue to enjoy restoring old vintage rides in his beautiful California home.

2 Fake – Dungeon Of Doom Monster Truck

via Monster Trucks Fandom

Every hero needs to take on a villain. During Hogan’s earlier days with WCW, that villain was Dungeon of Doom. WCW went as far as to create a monster truck adversary for Hogan’s ride. The ride was a Bigfoot 4x4.

It was used by WCW from 1995 till 1998. It wasn't kept away in storage or in a memorabilia museum, instead, it was purchased by another monster truck driver and completely restored in 2000. Without a doubt, we won’t see anything similar to this ride in the wrestling business again – then again, wrestling can be pretty wacky at times so who really knows. Never say never, I guess.

1 Real – WCW Monte Carlo NASCAR

via Pinterest

It is only fitting that WCW had their own NASCAR as well. Toy replica versions were available in the ‘90s and they’re still selling on eBay to this day. However, the car wasn’t just a fake model but one that actually worked and drove on the NASCAR circuits.

Racer Steve Grissom used the WCW ride back in the day. It had the signature WCW colors along with the logo on the hood of the car as well. Sting was another WCW star who had his mug on one of the rides. Although WCW loved to link up with NASCAR, it seems like Vince McMahon has no desire to do the same today.

Sources –WCW World Wide, Monster Truck Fandom & Twitter

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