20 Weird Concept Cars That Made Us Question Reality

Many designers like to push the envelope with car designs, but these ones go where few others have before.

When we think of concept cars we think of the how the future of cars is going to be in the years to come. Some of these cars are a cross between the Jetsons and Star Wars and are wildly amazing. New car concepts are to help us in our everyday lives and some are just for fun. In the future there will be cars that can do just about anything you need it to do, from flying, easier commutes to work, to even going out on a lake and going fishing if you wanted to.

When it comes to concept cars automakers and car designers have let their imagination run wild and get a chance to show off these new ideas at car shows. Automakers take advantage of car shows to showcase new innovative designs and technology to the public. Some designs take the public by storm and people can't wait to see them on the market. People look forward to being able to check them out and take them for a test drive. There are many people who are able to attend car shows and get to see concept cars close up but there are just as many who can't attend for whatever the reasons. Here is a list of the top 20 futuristic concept cars, so everyone can check them out and get an idea of what's to come in the future for cars.


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The Caterham AeroSeven Concept Car is a unique looking lightweight sports car. It made its debut in Singapore in 2013. This two-seater car has a flat design. This car has no windows, doors or roof similar to a boat, which could make it a little difficult to drive depending on the weather. The AeroSeven has a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, 237 hp, and a 6-speed manual transmission.

It can hit 0-100 mph in only 4 seconds.

It is also equipped with racing technology and has a launch control system, adjustable traction control, and a Caterham Engine Management System. According to Autoblog, there was something with the AeroSeven that the public was not crazy about. The low design of the car and the shape is what many people did not like. The company took the feedback from the public and decided to redesign the front end, hopefully, we will see the new design soon.


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The Maserati LaMaserati is still only an idea and was created by Mark Hostler. Hostler designed the LaMaserati around the LaFerrari platform. It has an airflow sleek design and looks amazing for a hypercar. According to Yanko Design, this car has a KERS system that makes this car lightweight. This car's safety and the driving feel was considered more than speed. This would be nice to drive and check out but there isn't one even created to do that yet. It is a pretty cool design for a future car. Hopefully one day the automaker will physically make a LaMaserati so we have a chance to check it out.


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There is a reason why the Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro has such a futuristic design. It was created for the sci-fi film Ender's Game. According to Dezeen, an Audi A7 Sportback had been used in the film and CGI artists added the new look.

The artists redesigned the car by changing the roof and making it transparent with green lighting.

They also changed the way the tires were by adding the chassis around them and letting them only show when touching the ground. Harrison Ford who starred in the film was seen driving this car during the film which was released in 2013.


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The Mono EV was designed by Heesang Ahn. This concept car has a nice design but it is small. With its small design its great for city driving with a lot of congestion or short distance driving. What's cool about this car is that it can also change its size at the press of a button. The Mono EV size can go wider or narrower for more stability and for easier parking. According to Recombu, the tires of this car also turn 90 degrees making it easier to maneuver. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no absolute plan to make the Mono EV. This would be nice if it is ever produced, it could help with off street parking in many areas.


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Rolls Royce has designed some really beautiful cars over the years. Their futuristic Rolls Royce Eidolon 2030 Concept Car looks wild and is a land yacht on wheels. The Rolls Royce Eidolon has two decks, which allows the driver and three passengers to sit comfortably in the upper level and the lower level can sit two more people.

It is hard to think with a design of this car that Rolls Royce was able to put a cinema inside but they did.

According to Behance, this car comes with Magnetic Pulse and uses low energy consumption. Rolls Royce made this car ride very smooth, after all, they do have very standards in luxury. They have outdone themselves.


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Ever since 3D- Printers have been available people began using them to create almost anything they want to. Well, that's no different for automakers and Audi has been using 3D Metal printing to create and develop a 3D-Printed Car. 3D Metal printing allows more precise complex designs to be created. According to the 3D Printing Industry, Audi is using 3D Printing in Germany. With this technology, they will be able to produce cars on demand saving materials and money. Even though there have been 3D cars before they were not made the same way. Audi is working on developing it to be perfect. The RSQ seen above is made of fibreglass, but may be what they work toward with this technology.


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The VW Uniblock Concept Car doesn't exactly look like a car.that we have seen before. It is actually in the shape of a box. The inside is really different and constructed of blocks that you can rearrange in any shape or design you want. You can let your imagination run wild especially with the car driving itself. If you loved playing with blocks as a kid you will love designing the inside the VW Uniblock Concept Car. According to Motorcove, the VW Uniblock can also expand, allowing room for more people or for things needing to be transported. Companies could use the VW Uniblock to pick up their employees making commuting easier and quicker. This would also be great for moving day, you might only have to make one trip instead of multiple trips with a Uhaul. The possibilities are endless.


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Now this car looks like something you would picture on a different planet but there is a good reason for it. The Incubator concept car was designed with the environment in mind by Dong-woo Nam.

This is just more than just a car, it can help in many different situations and has a perfect environmental use.

There is an actual incubator located in the back which can be used to save infants and wildlife.when needed. According to Motorcove, this car can most differently help in Africa and quickly move over the terrain making rescues faster. This would be great in case of natural disasters, making it easier to rescue or bring in supplies if needed. This is a great idea.


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The Paean is truly a different design for a car and looks like it has two levels. It was designed by Kyoung-duck Ryu who is from South Korea. According to Michelin, Kyoung-duck Ryu kept commuters in mind when he designed this car and wanted the driver to be able to relax. The Paean can be switched into three driving modes, called healing, rest, and speed, each setting produces a different effect. The idea is to make the driver feel better no matter what type of day they are having. This car also can switch to hydrogen energy and uses the steam from the tires to produce drops of water which give the car more power and making it easier on the environment.


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The AKA24 Concept Car was designed by three people, Chuang Dong, Zhen Qiu and Haowen Deng. The AKA24 is a one seater self-driving car that allows the driver to switch to manual control if they choose. According to Incredible Worldwide, if your driving near a maglev railway line the car will drive along with it, which allows getting places faster. The AKA24 can also be driven horizontally making it capable of getting through many different types of road situations. This concept car can do things other cars have not been able to do before, it is like an amusement park on wheels.


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The Renault Moister was designed by Antonio Yang Min-Seok. The Renault Moister. hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is expected to be out by 2030. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can change the way we fuel our cars. According to Drive Clean, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are environmentally safe and give off zero emissions. It is hard to think how it looks what it would be like actually sitting in it.

Its sleek looks are very futuristic and it resembles a snakehead.

Snakes are sleek, quick and can maneuver through anything above and underground which sounds like the Renault Moister. In the future, this would be something to use to explore different terrains in a car unlike before.


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If you have ever owned a hamster you are familiar with their running wheel in their cage. That is what Infinitlar looks like, a giant wheel, but, it does so much more. Jex Chau, who designed this vehicle wanted to help with increasing population and the need for homes worldwide. The Infinitlar has enough room inside to sleep, work and has room for kids to play. You can drive this manually or can be set to the autonomous mode which allows the vehicle to drive itself. You can get some things done if you need to or just relax. According to Tuvie, the Infinitlar has a solar reactor that turns the light into hydrogen, allowing it to move consistently.


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The Urban Pod is a strange looking car that one day we could see in the cities. The Pod is designed to hold up to two people and is completely biodegradable. This car uses the driver fingerprints to open the door and monitors just about everything. It watches tire pressure, collisions, and it watches for road conditions. It uses a  USB key that programs the car to the driver. According to Trend Hunters, the Urban Pod uses photovoltaic cells to help recharge the components in the car. The Urban Pod really does look futuristic and even though it does a lot of things, it looks like you would have to get used to driving it around.


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P.F.U.V. stands for Futuristic Personal Folding Urban Vehicle Concept and is for 2040. Having a folding car is a really strange thing that could only happen in the future. It looks like a lounge chair and when folded it takes up really no space at all.

According to Tuvie, the P.F.U.V. and also be stacked and line up with each other similar to a train or shopping carts for easier parking.

Only one person can fit into this and it seems it wouldn't be good for grocery shopping but by 2040 who knows how we will get food delivered to us. This car seen made by Hiriko is an example of a folding car and may be seen all over cities in the future.


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The 2030 Mercedes Aria Concept Swan Wing is an electric car that was created by Slavche Tanevsk. This futuristic luxury car is sleek and has a trapezoidal shaped body which just seems to flow altogether. According to Fan Mercedes Benz, the interior is based on a cradle and gives the passengers the feeling of flying. The flooring is made out of real wood like a yachts floor is. This car is also not welded together like other cars. It is wired together instead. The Mercedes Aria Concept Swan Wing gets its name from its doors. It has extended two-piece doors on both sides and they are open they look like swan wings when they are open.


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The Mercedes Unimog Concept Vehicle was designed to celebrate the success of the Unimog trucks after 60 years. According to Motor 1, Mercedes tried to unite the past and the future together with this design and it certainly makes you wonder. This vehicle has a lot of power and can cover all types of terrains. It could make certain jobs easier for many different types of work elements. Which is needed in some areas of the world. As nice as the Mercedes Unimog Concept Vehicle is and even though you can drive it anywhere there is a slight issue. There is no roof so if it rains or snows your gonna get wet.


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The VW Aqua Curvy Hovercraft was created by Yuhan Zhang. This cool car can glide over different surfaces besides the road. It can glide over snow, ice, sand, and water with ease. This vehicle would be a lot of fun for trips and is completely safe for the environment. According to Boat Safe, this car is powered by two motors.

One motor inflates the bottom which allows it to lift off the ground and the other motor uses a hydrogen fuel cell.

Hopefully, this innovated car will be on the market one day so we can have one.


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The Citroen EGGO is a small two-seater car that has a spider egg shape and was created by Damnjan Mitic. The wheels on the Citroen EGGO each have their own motors that use solar power to make them go. Mitic added ATV Suspension giving the EGGO a smooth feel and scissor-style doors for added convenience. It also has a small storage area in the back, that could hold small bags. According to Future Transportation, the Citroen EGGO would be great for a quick errand that you need to do in any type of weather, saving you a lot of time.


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The Mclaren Jetset Was designed by Marianna Merenmie. It is a beautiful looking futuristic one seater car. The Mclaren Jetset looks like it has no back tires, which gives it a cool shape. The back tires are hidden by draped fenders, making them disappear. This car was designed to be powerful, fuel-efficient and lightweight. According to Classic Driver, Merenmie used carbon fiber composites for the chassis, to keep the weight down. Fans are hoping to the Mclaren Jetset available on the market by 2020, it would be nice to see. This would be an amazing car to drive around in. There is no doubt there will be a high price tag with the Mclaren Jetset.


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This is a cool looking car and different. The Servvan Robotic Vehicle is a futuristic looking car and is attractive with its sleek design. This car can go in different directions with 4 swivel motor-wheels. The seats can turn fully around so you can be face to face with your passengers. This car can also be controlled by the internet and can drive to your front door to pick you up if you want. According to World Design Consortium, the Servvan Robotic Vehicle can also communicate with others Servvan Robotic vehicles. You can program them and take a road trip and the cars will line up like a train, which is pretty cool. You won't have to worry about anyone taking a wrong turn by mistake and getting lost.

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