10 Weird Car Dealerships (And 8 Bizarre Car Washes)

We are more than sure that everyone here knows of at least a car or two that would be considered pretty weird or bizarre (or both). Come on, now, that is pretty much par for the course in the automotive industry. All we really have to say here is Chevy HHR; surely, that is a well-known oddity in the car world. Or what about the Renault Twizy? That is one strange piece of machinery, to say the very least.

Well, since we all know that there are some pretty odd autos out there, we should not be surprised to discover that there also happen to be some pretty weird car dealerships out there. And in addition to that, there are also some pretty bizarre car washes. It makes perfect sense for those odd autos to have a place to go to be bought and sold, and then washed so their new owners can enjoy their strange new possession.

That being said, some of these places are so bizarre that they really do warrant a feature here in this car-ticle. From knock-off Teslas to the incomprehensible language that is Welsh, and from cryptocurrency to mail shaving cream subscription services, there is a world of oddity out there for all of our needs, and the automotive world is no different. So, let's take a world tour of these weird and bizarre dealerships and car washes.

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18 Dealership - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwymdrobwllllantysiliogogogoch


Well, we are reasonably sure that those readers out there can both detect just why it is that this dealership is a little bit weird. And they're also not quite able to read it, as well, I'd guess. I have to hand it to the Welsh language though, there is something pretty amazing that they are actually able to have the signage space that they have. We're willing to bet that the building was purchased with that in mind. It's a good thing that "Volvo" is not a very long word. Otherwise, there might have been some greater issues there beyond trying to pronounce the name of the dealership.

17 Car Wash - Hanging Out To Dry...


We definitely have to admit that this is a very interesting way to dry cars out. Perhaps it doesn't work quite the same for cars as it does for laundry, but it certainly is amusing in a rather bizarre way. This is also a rather artistic installment, with actual cars. That is something that everyone here should know. These are actual cars having been hung up to dry for an art exhibition. While the images underneath the cars might be quite nice, it's clear that the person who painted the colors on the cars was not trained in how to do it right.

16 Dealership - Cars, Coffee, & Red Velvet Cake


If this is not a bit of a weird car dealership, then we're pretty sure that we don't know what is. Of course, this is not the weirdest dealership to grace this car-ticle, but it certainly gets pushed into the direction of weirdness with the luxury cars sat right next to the red velvet cake and coffee. Give all of that, we have to admit that it is pretty cool that this particular dealership happens to have a little cafe built in. We do hope that the grub is on the house, though, since people are spending many thousands of dollars in this place already.

15 Dealership - Cryptocurrency...


For those who are not quite sure just what cryptocurrency is, it is that strange way of paying for things that has gone global and overrides all exchange rates of general national currencies. The cryptocurrency that most people will likely be familiar with is Bitcoin. According to the Huffington Post, one can stroll on into this dealership in Australia and buy a Porsche 356 B with Bitcoin. That being said, the cost of just one Bitcoin is obviously several thousands of dollars. For those who invested early, they can reap the rewards at this dealership. This is the first dealership in Australia that is open to cryptocurrencies.

14 Car Wash - Shaving Cream & Spray Bottles


Alright, to be fair, this is obviously not a standard car wash. It is pretty clear that no one is going to be rolling up to this backyard car wash with a Ferrari 458 wanting a nice shave and shine. That being said, we're pretty sure that this is one of the cutest attempts at a kid's car wash. It's got wash basins with shaving cream, sponges to wipe them down, containers to put them in for the rinse, and spray bottles to give them a nice shine and then...back into the sandbox they go. At least we know that the kid will be well-trained when they get their own car...so long as they don't actually use shaving cream.

13 Dealership - Grand Theft Auto


This is a very interesting way to advertise a car dealership, that's for sure. What is most interesting here is not only the fact that this dealership is suggesting either that they stole all of the cars, or that perhaps each prospective owner should steal a car, but also the fact that this dealership stole the idea for their business from a series of video games based solely on the actual crime of grand theft auto. It's a bold move, for sure, and definitely deserves a spot on this weird dealership list. Here's hoping that customers haven't ended up being pulled over by the fuzz for being in possession of a stolen car...

12 Car Wash - Hugh & Jeff's Car Wash & Grill


This is some sort of special when it comes to a car wash. We know that things run differently state to state with a lot of things but having a decent selection of video gambling is not something that one might expect to see in a sports bar...or, sorry, car wash. That's right. This, though it certainly does not look like it, is a car wash. There is a bar, a restaurant, and a mini casino in this place. We're not sure what the average wash time is at this place, but they better make the cars sparkle extra if they expect customers to stay and spend on the entertainment, that's for sure.

11 Dealership - Harrison Ford


There is just no way that we could avoid throwing this one in here. For those people who do not quite get why this is both bizarre and hilarious, we will enlighten everyone. There is an actor, some may have heard of him, he played Indiana Jones and Han Solo, and he was a pretty big deal for a decent stretch through the 1970s and 80s. His name is Harrison Ford. How perfect is it that the owners of this Ford dealership just happen to have the surname Harrison? We think it's pretty perfect. Who wouldn't want to buy a car from Harrison Ford? I wonder how fast these cars do the Kessel Run.

10 Car Wash - The Haunted Wash


There is a video of this haunted car wash that ended up making it to the finals of the Shorty Awards in their "auto humor" category. This creepy dude above was advertising a Ford car wash that featured some pretty spooky things. It all seemed like a fine car wash if people could get past the guy advertising it. But what do people think greeted the people who went to get their cars washed? Of course, it was a bunch of pranksters dressed up in creepy outfits, looking to either make customers laugh or cry. We're pretty sure it accomplished both.

9 Dealership - Ling's Cars


Ling's Cars is probably one of the strangest websites in the world and that is saying a lot because we are reasonably sure that most readers here have seen some pretty strange and interesting websites in their time. Perhaps one of the busiest websites in the world, Ling's Cars is famous for being one of the ugliest and one of the most successful websites out there. The Independent has described the site as a" late-’90s GeoCities page, designed by a disgraced clown." Thanks to this page, Ling has leased out millions of dollars worth of cars and has had a booming business for over 15 years!

8 Car Wash - Green Forest Dino Theme


The Green Forest car wash is probably one of the strangest businesses out there when it comes to taking care of a car. Its theme is something rather unknown to cars. We would never expect to be driving through Jurassic Park to get a car washed, that's for sure. However, Green Forest gives that sort of appeal for sure. They almost use the same lettering from the Jurassic Park series over the top of their Stegosaurus entryway. They clearly took influence from the franchise and have somehow turned washing one's car into a whole safari adventure, complete with an array of dinos to gawk at.

7 Dealership - McLaren F1's Dark Showroom

Alright, we have to be pretty straight here. Rowan Atkinson was never a part of the McLaren F1's very first, and very dark, showroom. He just happens to have owned one (before he crashed it—twice, that is) and there is not much in the way of photographic evidence when it comes to this original dealership...so why not use a funny man to at least show off the car? At any rate, back in the 1990s, when the F1 was first being put out on the market, the original showroom for the car was actually a very small and dingy little room with bad lighting, only one desk, and the car itself.

6 Car Wash - Elephant Rinse


Imagine if, when you're going to a car wash, a bunch of people with buckets of water came up to the car, dunked their faces in the water, took a bit of an inhale with their noses, then expelled all of that water onto the car. That is pretty much what is going on here, but with an elephant instead, so it's at least a bit more efficient. I'm not sure just how effective it is to have an elephant spraying down a car to be washed. And aside from that, I think we're more concerned about the likelihood that this elephant decides it's had enough and just flattens the car on its way out.

5 Dealership - Mike Hunt's Cars


Alright, I think we can simply go on about this dealership and how quite strange it is that this actually exists, without actually touching on exactly why it is so funny and bizarre. Surely, everyone has heard the joke about Mike Hunt. We're sure there are people laughing about that previous sentence already. Well, Mike Hunt happens to have cars for sale. They can be driven right out of Mike Hunt's parking lot. If people are still not getting the reason for this dealership making this car-ticle, then I'm pretty sure Mike Hunt will feel pretty unappreciated...so far as we can tell.

4 Car Wash - Classic Auto Wash And Detail Center


If there is a driver passing through Connecticut looking for a very strange way to pass the day or to actually get their car washed, then Classic Auto Wash & Detail Center is the place to go. A website describes part of the decor of the place as, "an eclectic bunch of figures ranging from Elvis Presley and the Blues Brothers to saucy pirate wenches and blue oxen to John Wayne on horseback and Clark Kent in a phone booth!" And that is before getting into the random Statue of Liberty, the lighthouse, and even the 20-foot-tall Santa Claus. It is truly a bizarre place to be.

3 Dealership - Pirate Tesla Dealers


Now, to be fair here, to say that these Tesla dealerships are actually piratic in any true sense is a bit misleading. What we mean to say here is that there are a number of states where the Tesla dealerships are not allowed to truly run, so what they do is park a couple of Teslas in the showroom and then very evasively answer questions that would-be customers might have. And if there is a customer who wants to buy one of these cars right out of the showroom, the workers not only can't say what the cost of the car is, they have to tell the customer to now go make the purchase online.

2 Car Wash - Bubbles On Wheels


Alright, I get that sometimes it is truly necessary to bring the wash to the car. Film sets have got to be notorious for that, but the fact that there is actually a rolling business out there called Bubble On Wheels is just something that is incredibly bizarre. And washing cars is not even remotely all they do. They do tinting, they clear up scratches, they work on bikes, boats, and planes as well as cars, and they also wash cars. We do wish we knew the name of that superhero with his pal from the movie Cars, though. Just so we can call on him when we need him.

1 Dealership - Riverside Auto


This is actually probably one of our favorite dealerships in this entire car-ticle. Once upon a time, there was a very irate customer who decided that, in order to dissuade everyone from going to Riverside Auto Group for their cars, he must take out a billboard ad. Well, Riverside Auto Group, in response, went out of their way to put up a billboard right next to the complaint in order to make for an incredibly hilarious bit of advertising. This is probably one of the most questionable but most awesome ads ever. Especially since car salesmen already have such a sketchy reputation.

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