10 Weirdest Races Ever Invented

Everyone has heard of the famous race Indy 500, but there are many other races that are totally strange. The following races are definitely out there.

We have all heard of famous races like the Indy 500 or the Monaco Grand Prix, but some other races leave us scratching our heads. These races are weird and some even consider the very thought of them a crime. You have probably not heard of many of them as their following is small due to their particular tastes.

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We have found the weirdest races ever created by man and compiled them into a single list. The idea behind them might baffle you and you might be wondering who in their right mind ever thought that these were a good idea. Keep reading to learn about ten of the weirdest races ever invented!

10 24 Hours of LeMons

This race is basically a spoof of the actual 24 Hours of Le Mans, which is a professional car race. This race, on the other hand, is anything but as people take their best $500 vehicles to the track, not including the price of brakes, wheels, or safety equipment, otherwise they will be assigned negative laps.

All you need is a drivers license, a friend, and some safety racing gear and you can hop onto the track. These races happen all over the world and have garnered so much popularity because it gives anyone the ability to become a race car driver, even if they have a small budget.

9 Pig N' Ford

This race was born and raised in Tillamook, Oregon and has been a tradition in this area since 1925 after some fellows in a Model T drove a pig back to a neighbor's farm. The race involves the drivers running to grab a pig from the designated bin, hopping into their stripped Model T with the squealing livestock under their arm, and racing around the track.

This is a tradition that is held near and dear to the hearts of many Oregon families, and those who don't race enjoy watching the festivities every year at the county fair.

8 Combine Harvester Racing

This might not be a race between cars, but combine harvesters still have engines. These giant farm machines face off in a race that puts all other races to shame. These machines are loud, but it tends to draw a crowd of thousands. This sport is popular in the Netherlands, but it is a pure adrenaline rush for the drivers.

They are not required to harvest anything. Rather, they put the pedal to the floor as they speed around a twisty race track on flat ground for ultimate bragging rights of being the proud owner of the fastest combine.

7 Red Bull Soapbox Derby

This race is literally nuts as people from all over make their own special brand of vehicle to race in this event. These races take place all over the world and each team has its own peculiar name. You could cheer for the Sea Cowboys, Those Viking Guys, or T-Wrecks. It involves a slew of homemade cars in a downhill race for the gold and thousands of people travel to come and watch these races.

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The judges base their final scores on speed, creativity, and showmanship by the drivers. This is more than just a simple race, but it is definitely marked down as one of the weirdest in our books.

6 Train Racing

This is not what it sounds like, and the actual race is much more interesting than the name lets on. This race involves chaining together three FWD cars and racing them against other cars on a race track. The front car has steering and an engine, the second car only has steering capabilities, and the final car is given brakes and steering.

The doors are welded or chained shut, and the drivers have to work together to beat the competition. It is dangerous and requires a specific skill set in order to be successful, but this is part of the reason why this weird race has gained so much popularity.

5 Gumball 3000

This race began back in 1999 under the direction of a British man named Maximillion Cooper. It is a car rally that spans 3,000 miles and caters to the rich with a $67,000 entrance fee. There are rare cars, as well as some of the fastest vehicles on the planet, but that is not the reason why celebrities decide to partake in this race.

They race because at the end of every day there is a huge party that everyone attends. The weird cars are unique and the parties are epic which is why this race has gained so much fame.

4 Baja 1000

Anyone can show up and try their hand at this course that is located in Baja, Mexico. This race has been around for 52 years and takes place in the rough desert terrain. The distance changes every year as the course itself changes and it generally takes 20-25 hours to complete.

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There are dozens of categories that drivers can enter, but the modifications made to the vehicles is something most people are unable to afford. This race started as a way to test Honda Dirt Bikes, and now is a renowned place where men can prove their masculinity to the world.

3 Snowmobile Water Drag Racing

This race involved snowmobiles and large bodies of water, which sounds like a weird combination and that's because it is. Snowmobiles might seem out of their element, but they work exceptionally well at skipping across the water. This is a challenging feat, but it does provide a show that fans never forget.

This is a family event where all ages come to watch snowmobiles out of their element as professionals speed across waterways leaving a liquid blue trail behind them.

2 California Melee

This race involves a scenic trail tailored to those who love classic cars. They take cars built before 1975 on a three-day journey across the California countryside. The participants are put up in shady motels, but they are really along for the beautiful scenery and the chance to drive their classic car across 750 miles of the country.

It is relatively cheap to enter the race, which is why many enter due to the high cost of getting their old vehicles up and running once again.

1 Reverse Racing

This race is exactly how it sounds, as it involves cars propelling themselves backward at top speeds around a race track. This began in the 1980s with the Dutch and drivers are forced to use their mirrors in order to survive the ordeal.

Crashes happen left and right throughout the entirety of the race which can make it quite dangerous for its participants. It might not be the best way to race, and maybe even a little weird, but it does provide bystanders with a serious form of entertainment.

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