19 Weirdest Things Done To RVs That Defy All Logic And Reason

Many people have used their creativity to make some of the weirdest RVs that boggle our minds.

Chances are if you don’t already own one, you know someone who owns an RV, or Recreational Vehicle. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be as spartan as a shoe box to looking more like a house depending on your budget. One thing all RV owners can agree on though, is that they really love them. And the best part is that these types of vehicles don’t have to be “vehicles” at all technically, since many can be towed with another vehicle.

Another great thing about owning something like an RV is the fact that you can make it yours by adding and customizing just about anything about it. From Interior mods like adding furniture and running water to make you feel more comfortable, to endless exterior additions such as satellite dishes and more. Yes, there are some more eccentric RV owners who get a bit weird with their mods, but hey, what’s the use of owning something if you can’t do what you want with it?

Check out some of these sick and weird RVs to give you or someone you know some inspiration.

19 Bug RV: One Flexible RV

via funco.biz

This cool RV Camper is really cool idea for that weekend trip to the camping lodge. With a VW Bug as the towing vehicle, it makes it really easy to disconnect and take the Bug when you need to run into town for supplies.

Plus, the 360-degree swivelling mount really puts the ease in parking the camper anywhere the driver may please.

You can find many mounting solutions online for pulling a camper, but this one is by far one of the most practical ones. People have been modding their campers to fit a VW Bug for quite a few years now, but this has to be one of the best implementations I’ve seen.

18 World Cruiser: Voted Most Expensive Ford

via mecum.com

The F750 World Cruiser is one of those vehicles that you don’t know what to quite make of when you first see it. Designer Peter Dunkel of Dunkel Bros. Machinery Moving seems to love big toys. The World Cruiser is of course based on the almighty Ford F750, but that’s where the similarity ends. The already gigantic truck was widened an additional 22-inches during the creation of the Cruiser, according to Recoil Offgrid. The extra room contains a full bathroom, water heater, rear hoist and all sorts of entertainment toys. The expanded bed has an additional deck that can carry a Jeep wrangler and two additional ATV’s if desired. This thing is crazy. Price: $450,000-$650,000.

17 Kiravan: All This For A Kid

via kiravan.net

No detail was spared when inventor Fran Berren came up with the Kiravan. Berren says that he designed thie Kiravan for his four-year-old daughter, so she could explore the world safely when he was no longer around, reports TheInhabitat website. That’s one heck of a gift.

This RV from another world has every feature we could think of, such as terrain-monitoring drones, infrared cameras, dining area, bathroom, etc.

Wired magazine says the Kiravan can sustain a family for up to three weeks and go around 2,000 miles before it would need to be restocked. It seems a bit overkill, but I still want one.

16 Alaskan Cruiser: Ghost Rider Would Love This

via pinterest.com

All I need is a helmet that can generate real flames (instead of my skull), and I too would feel worthy enough to ride this really cool Alaskan Cruiser RV. Designed by David Castillo of Coachella, Calif., this flaming RV is mated to a Harley and is ready to take on the roads to wherever you might want to go. David specializes in creating trikes for different purposes, and clearly loves what he does. David also makes a fifth-wheel version of the RV, with a bigger camper for more room and amenities. If anything, the RV is really fuel efficient.

15 Boeing RV: First Class Only

via pinterest.com

Whether renting for $100,000 per month or purchasing one for $1 million, you won’t come across many vehicles that’ll remind you of a commercial jet than this Boeing 727 RV. Think ultimate luxury. Think sunken floors and big-screen TVs. Don’t forget the dance floor and room for at least 50 people. Now that’s a party. And you don’t need a Pilot’s license to operate it either.

Cnet says that the 24,000-lb vehicle is mounted onto a Mercedes bus chassis and is street legal.

I would drive it carefully though, considering every cop in your area will pull you over just to get a good look at this thing. But then again, you don’t rent or buy anything like the Boeing RV without wanting to attract a LOT of attention in the first place.

14 Chevy RV: Looks Like The Battlestar Galactica

via autoevolution.com

As the story goes, this RV treasure came from the mind of Howard Hughes. This 1954 Chevy Cab-Over was Hughes’ idea of a having something to go fly-fishing in. It certainly has a streamlined look and would fall in line with the genius’ other offerings, but that particular story isn’t true. The RV was built by Russ Moen at his home, who was inspired by Bowlus Trailers, hence the streamlined look according to hotrod.com. The interior is in keeping with the truck’s era, but also has modern touches like a bathroom, climate control, stereo and a host of other comforts. Russ took a lot of time and care getting the details just right, and it shows.

13 The Party’s In Here: Midnight Rider

via trucktrend.com

If K.I.T. from the Knight Rider TV show were an RV, this would be it. The Midnight Rider is a gargantuan 70-foot long RV that simply takes your breath away when you see it in person. It can be used as an RV or even a limo. The Rider can haul 40 happy people down the road without so much as a change in engine temperature. The 25-ton beast so heavy that it is listed by Guinness as the worlds heaviest limousine. The beautiful design was inspired by the Presidential Pullman cars of the 1800’s. The interior is more than lush, with an enormous number of trees sacrificed and lots of brass. It’s meant to be overstated.

12 The Tiki RV

via pinimg.com

Drinks are on me! This sick RV is just made for partying. It’s also fully street-legal, able to go from one event to the next with no problems. According to Adventure Crunch, instead of straw, the material making up the appearance of the tiki hut RV are actually molded fibre glass and plastic. At least there’s no fire hazard.

I’m not certain of what type of camper is underneath all of the plastic, but I bet this hut has seen its share of people having a great time.

The multilevel RV also has a full party deck up top for added convenience, as long as someone doesn’t have one too many tropical drinks.

11 Anchors Away: The Floating RV

via motor1.com

If you have an extra $850,000 burning a hole in your money-laced pocket, and love fishing and other watersports, you might want to consider the Terra Wind. It’s a huge RV that can be driven on land or sea. Designer John Giljam built the Terra Wind from scratch. He never finished high school and has no engineering degree according to Car and Driver. John has always tinkered around with things, and the Terra is his latest and greatest invention. The nearly 43-foot long vehicle is powered by a 330 hp diesel engine, which operates the wheels and also the twin propellers. A vehicle of this magnitude also has all of the usual luxury options installed or available, including washer and dryer.

10 ShowHauler: Hope It Comes With A CB Radio

via showhauler.com

Another big-rig RV, the ShowHauler is one massive beast. Anything you could possibly imagine can be crammed into the ShowHauler, and still have enough space left over for a full-blown office area, a spacious living room, bathroom/shower, etc. Some of these models come with multilevel decks, very nice kitchens and lots more to keep you entertained. The latest technical gadget are installed or optional, depending on what the customer chooses. Everything is customizable, from the type of wood used for the cabinets to the thickness of the carpet. There’s room enough to install a king size bed in the lavish bedroom if needed.

9 Futuria Executive: Only The Snobbish Need Apply

via pinterest.com

Looking a lot more like a fully converted semi-truck, the German-produced Futuria is truly something to behold. It’s a modular RV that can sections added on if need be. The one featured has two beds, a huge lounge area, full bathroom and so much more. Oh, it also features a full-sized jacuzzi on the upper deck as well, for those needing more than a little relaxation after a hard day’s drive to the camping area.

The cab has more technology built in than a lot of spaceships.

As you can tell, the RV also has a fantastic view thanks to its unique windshield. There’s also room to carry a car along for the trip, with a special side compartment designed to carry one.

8 Total Confusion: How NOT To Make An RV

via twitter.com

For some reason, I just don’t see myself riding down the highway (or even more than a couple blocks) in what the creator calls the Camper Bike. I’m all down for ingenuity, but I think this RV created by loses a lot of practicality. But it is cute, and I think a lot of college campus students would even like to have one. Well, at least until the first stray wind comes along. Can you imagine getting ready for bed in the camper’s upper deck and being caught totally off-guard when some of your more inebriated friends stop by to play a version of “Tip the Cow”? Every night?

7 WohnWagon: Modern Log Cabin

via stern.de

The WohnWagon represents some of the best technology for the “tiny home” / RV concept so far. It’s totally mobile and almost too cool looking to actually travel around with or live in. The off-grid camper/home features solar panels, a special water treatment area, bio-toilet and lots more. WohnWagon’s website says that each RV/Home is made individually so no two are alike. That’s a far cry from most manufacturer techniques with their cookie-cutter operations. The wooden exterior is simply beautiful, and you wouldn’t feel out of place in the wilderness with it the RV, much less anywhere else on the planet.

6 The King And I: The Castle RV

via g.cz

If you really like movies and books on castles and knights, then you might want to add the Castle RV to your bucket list. The homemade Castle is a real-life street-legal RV that transforms into a cool castle. One big plus for the Castle is that it’s a completely off-the-grid vehicle, according to livingbiginatinyhouse.com. It has large solar panels to generate electricity and a collector for water that can be heated when needed. The big attraction is of course, how the vehicle transforms into a castle at the flip of a switch. The expandable roof comes into play, along with special rotating turrets that swivel around to operate the castle’s turrets. It’s a very special thing to see.

5 Verdier Camper: Deep In The Wood

via pinterest.com

If nothing else, this VW screams “Brady Bunch”. A company called Verdier designed a similar VW camper with solar panels on the roof. Jetson Green says that the Verdier Eco-Camper is a “posh recreational throwback to VW’s Westfalia”. I’d have to agree with the “posh” part for sure. The retro but purely modern RV features 12-watt solar panels, a hybrid 2.7-liter engine, a roof-top deck and many other amenities. The RV also has an integrated ladder for easy access and loads of storage space and even integrated sliding exterior containers.

4 Getting RV With It: Will Smith’s RV

via pinterest.com

I Am Legend Star Will Smith sure makes plenty of dough. More than enough to purchase this monstrosity of an RV. You’ll need a CDL license to take this bad boy down the road. Not that I think Mr. Smith worries about such things, since he can easily afford the $2.6 million price tag for “The Heat”, as this construct from Anderson Mobile Estates is named. The Heat is called a trailer, but it’s really a self-folding two-story house. That’s right, and if you have the extra cash like Will, you too can fill it like a regular house for longtime needs. Talk about taking the kitchen sink with you.

3 Elemment Palazzo: Not A Looker At All

via imgur.com

The Elemment Palazzo might look weird, but if you decide to drop the $3,000,000 asking price for one, who am I to judge? This 44-foot-long home-on-wheels is something else. Imagine the most luxurious hotel suite, but portable. With a master bedroom, extra-large sky-lounge, full bath and shower room and way too many other amenities to list, it’s hard to top the Palazzo feature-wise. I myself would love to have one in the mountains just so I could test out the radiant floor heating. The realclearlife website reports that Palazzo has at least 732 square feet of living space, thanks in large part to the expanding partial walls that opens up the RV width-wise, and the second-floor cockpit, which saves space up front.

2 Panther: The Anything RV

via github.com

The Panther is one of those vehicles that can be easily converted into anything its owner desires.

It can literally become a firetruck or a fuel tanker just as much as a high-tech RV.

The vehicle comes from Spirt Design and has won all sorts of awards for its innovative and very practical design. The 2016 iF Design Award and 2016 Red Dot winning Panther has more than enough interior space to truly make it yours. Add beds, a full kitchen or a living room/office area, and the vehicle transforms into your go to mobile anything. The all-terrain wheels and 6x6 or even 8x8 setup can take you anywhere you can imagine.

1 Puppy RV - Even I Would Live In It

via thebark.com

Pets need some vacation love sometimes too. So why not give your furry (or not) pal a trip they’ll really love by putting them up in their own RV? Michael Blunt created this fantastic Shasta-style camper for his dogs to go exploring, according to thebark.com. The attention to detail is rather amazing and your pet is sure to love one. Blunt makes all sorts of things from banjos to birdhouses. Although the little campers are designed for indoor use only, there’s nothing to prevent you from throwing the mini-camper into your RV and bring Fido along for some outdoors wilderness fun.

Sources: cnet.com; limobob.com; andersonmobileestates.com

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