What A Driver's Choice Of Car Says About Their Personality

To find out what a purchase reveals about a driver's personality, we dissected cars of all shapes, models, and colors.

The automobile market is saturated by cars with various colors, shapes and sizes. I often wondered why manufacturers have chosen to produce cars with numerous colors and shapes.

What was it that motivated them to pursue that strategy? Studies have shown that a car purchase is a reflection of the buyer's personality. Although the buyer makes a subconscious decision, the purchasing process is linked to the person's conditioning, background and status.

Most drivers never contemplated the motivation for their purchase since they were content with choosing what they deemed to be the right choice. So, how does the driver know if he or she has made the right choice in vehicles? The obvious answer is that drivers know what they like but have never questioned the origin of their affinity for a particular vehicle.

We were curious to find out what motivates the buying selection, so we gleaned psychological tests, surveys, and consumer patterns. The results indicated that a choice in vehicle is a direct reflection of their personality. To find out what the purchase revealed about the driver's personality, we dissected cars of all shapes, models, and colors. Our research conveyed that the car was a way to express one's personality.

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25 You're A Multitasker If Trash Spills Out Of Your Car

via Reddit

Who would've thought that filling your car with trash could mean something positive about you? "No matter what you drive, the way you maintain your car, inside and out, gives people some insight into your personality," said psychologist Nicole Cutts.

A dirty car is a manifestation of your mental state. If the message your car portrays is a mess, it tells everyone that you are disorganized, scattered and don't care about health and cleanliness. To make a good impression, make sure your car is clean at all times.

24 Driving A Tricked Out Pickup Means You Lack Confidence

via Carmod.com

Let's be honest. One of the biggest reasons that men buy pickups is to boost their egos and feel more masculine. Driving a big pickup might make you feel superior to other users due to being behind the wheel of a bigger vehicle than a sedan.

Some pickup drivers feel the need to make their pickups more outlandish. "They’re compensating for feeling a lack of power somewhere by making up for it in their car," said Henney. Confident and self-assured people don't drive the flashiest and biggest vehicles.

23 Driving A GM Or A Chevy Means You Like Steak And Eggs

via Youtube

The interesting information that researchers discovered about drivers and their cars is pinpointing what color they liked and the food they enjoyed. Researchers who analyzed GM and Chevy drivers concluded that they enjoy steak and eggs.

Well, they're not the only ones. Furthermore, the research indicated that drivers of those cars feel they are mechanically inclined and find great joy in being in their garage. Maybe, they spend a lot of time in the garage due to the excessive repairs required for those vehicles....

22 Owning A Cherry Red Sports Car Means You Take Financial Risks

via Your Secret Tuscany

If you don't seek adventure, you'll never reap the rewards. Nobody knows that better than entrepreneurs. They are the ones who employ, lead and receive the rewards. Owning a lavish red vehicle means that you've paid the price to ride around in a car that costs a few hundred thousand dollars.

The only way to make that kind of money is by taking financial risks. Also, drivers of sports cars get attention from the police and criminals. The police are prone to giving sports cars tickets, and criminals will target your lavish vehicle.

21 Driving A Ford Means You're Friendly But Direct

via USA Today

Some studies that researchers conducted about the personality that your choice in car reveals included not only the color or the size of the vehicle but the model. When researchers tested Ford drivers, they discovered that Ford drivers thought of themselves as friendly but direct.

The research also revealed that most Ford drivers work in construction or property. The other information that the study revealed is that most Ford drivers are Gen X'ers or Baby Boomers, according to Men's Health.

20 You Love A Crowd If You Drive A Three-Row Minivan

via The Car Connection

Although a minivan provides ample space for cargo and a comfortable ride, drivers of minivans are more concerned about the number of passengers that the vehicle allows them to transport.

"These cars show that you define yourself by your relationship to children and the more kids are in your car, the better you feel about yourself. It tells the world, ‘I’m the carpool mom. I’m valued and important," said Susan M. Henney, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Houston-Downtown.

19 You Put Yourself First If You Have Ultra Bright LED Lights

via Best Review

Car manufacturers have deployed every strategy to make their cars better than the competitors. The automakers have used LED technology on new headlights to allow the driver a brighter glow, several degrees brighter than the brights on regular halogen headlights, according to Reader's Digest.

While LED lights provide additional visibility to the driver, it can be a safety hazard for oncoming drivers, as it may blind them. By using LED lights, "My comfort is more important than your safety," said Henney.

18 Having Stick-Figure Family Window Stickers Means You're Family-Orientated

via The News Wheel

One of the lessons I learned in psychology is that a person cannot hide their true disposition. They could down-play it for a certain period, but the true person reveals themselves, eventually.

Drivers who are family orientated can't resist placing stick-figure family stickers on their cars. Safety experts stated that this is dangerous, as criminals use that information to target drivers and their children. "It’s a way of establishing your place in the social hierarchy, declaring your status, and showing others you’re superior to their families," said Henney.

17 You're The Life Of The Party By Displaying A Sports Team Logo Decal

via DH Gate

People who publicly identify themselves with a sports team, regardless if they are wearing a hat, jersey or a bumper sticker, feel that they are part of the crowd. "People take on the characteristics of their favorite teams," said Henney.

If the team that the driver is supporting is a winner, then so is the driver. If the team is the underdog, so is the driver. The studies also revealed that it's not only your jersey or the bumper sticker that reveals you're the life of the party; it's the rest of your clothes, as well.

16 BMW Drivers Consider Themselves Knowledgeable

via Auto Evolution

Most road users don't like BMW drivers. A survey conducted amongst drivers indicated that most people believe that BMW drivers are arrogant and think they know more than others. That makes a lot of sense since most BMW drivers are professionals who regard themselves to be intelligent.

The research on BMW drivers also indicated that most were under 30 years old and employed as an accountant or an architect. BMW drivers feel that foreign-made cars are of high quality.

15 Mercedes Benz Drivers Are Pedantic About Fitness and Staying Active

via Fast Driving Girls

Drivers who are fortunate to own a Mercedes Benz don't only experience the luxury and the reliability of the vehicles; they also place a lot of emphasis on staying fit and active.

Most Mercedes Benz drivers are Gen X'ers or Baby Boomers. Their hobbies include playing gold and the stock market, according to Men's Health. Mercedes drivers also enjoy exotic food and buy groceries at Whole Foods. The research revealed that most Mercedes drivers gravitate toward premium products and services.

14 Lexus Drivers Think They're Analytical And Sensible

via The Navigators

Purchasing a Japan-made car means that you get reliability. That's what brands such as Honda, Toyota and Lexus have garnered a reputation for, but drivers who purchase a Lexus believe that they are analytical and sensible.

Most Lexus drivers live in the city, work in finance or banking and are older than 65 years. They also enjoy sushi, think public transport is gross and want to look young and feel attractive. Most Lexus drivers also enjoy attending sporting events and are big fans of Starbucks.

13 Convertible Drivers Are Go-Getters Who Live Life To The Fullest

via Pinterest

Many drivers don't like convertibles due to the exposure that the vehicles provide. Introvert drivers prefer the privacy that an enclosed vehicle provides. People who drive convertibles enjoy life and are go-getters who live life to the fullest.

They are proud to show everyone that they're extrovert and want everyone to see that they live an amazing life. They enjoy living life in the fast lane and the wind blowing through their hair. Adventure and exploring exotic places is at the top of their itinerary, according to Compare Gurus.

12 Sports Car Drivers Are Gasheads

via Youtube

Most men love cars, but what separates the fanatics from those who love their cars due to the convenience is the type of car that they drive. Owners of sports cars are automobile fanatics who treat their cars like a sanctuary.

If it were practical, they would live in their car. They take their car for a spin because they enjoy driving. Research also showed that sports car owners were natural born leaders with a youthful zest for life, as well as enjoy taking risks. Why not? After all, you only live once.

11 SUV Drivers Are Pedantic About Safety

via Greenwood Chevrolet

SUVs take up more space than other cars and elevate the driver higher than most of the other road users, providing better road visibility. Most SUV drivers transport their children in their cars, so they want to ensure that their precious offspring is safe.

If the SUV driver is involved in an accident, he reduces the risk of serious injury compared to a sedan driver due to the bulkiness of the vehicle and the elevation. Drivers purchase SUVs for safety, it is of paramount importance to them.

10 Drivers Of White Cars Consider Themselves As Pure And Honest

via Stoneacre

The color white is synonymous with honesty and purity. That is the reason that angels wear white garbs in movies. Drivers who purchase white cars consider themselves honest and pure.

A white car emits elegance and perfection, and drivers of white cars have a modern and fresh appearance. Although the popularity of white cars has declined, the color shows that you have style and a desire to stand out from other road users. The drawback of white cars is that it is prone to accentuating a dirt mark.

9 A Sticker Means You're Outspoken

via Boracay Club

Drivers have converted their vehicles into mobile billboards, using the cars to share their thoughts about any views. By having a sticker on your car, it reveals that you feel like you're on the outside of the mainstream culture, irrespective of the party that you support, according to Reader's Digest.

People who have a sticker on their car derive satisfaction from being outsiders or part of the minority. That is the reason they feel the need to share their views publicly.

8 Having An Honor Roll Sticker Means You're Competitive

via Pinterest

Some parents cannot stop bragging about their children. They broadcast to the world the smallest accomplishment that their child achieves. One way parents brag about their children's success is by having an honor roll sticker on their car.

Instead of telling their children that they're proud of them, they're compelled to tell the other road users with the sticker. The reason those drivers do that is to establish their superiority by comparing themselves to others. Humility is more attractive than bragging.

7 Drivers Of Small Cars Are Environmentally Conscious

via Auto Car

Big cars emit more pollution than small cars, so drivers of small cars tend to care more about the environment than drivers of bigger cars. Experts who conducted research at UC Davis about personality types who purchase cars determined that drivers of small cars care about the environment more than other road users and prefer high-density neighborhoods.

According to Driver's Auto Mart, small car drivers aim to reduce the carbon fiber footprint and find good parking.

6 An Exotic Car Freshener Means Individuality Is Important To You

via eXtravaganzi

Automakers want every driver to feel special, so they have installed special features in cars that most competitors don't have. One of the features that Mercedes Benz thought would make the driver feel special was the air freshener, which is the equivalent of expensive perfume.

Mercedes has used that strategy to lure in consumers who want to stand out from the crowd, and many have taken the bait. Having an exotic car freshener means that you want to be different from the other road users.

5 Driving A Toyota Means You Play It Safe

via Alamo Toyota

One of the main attractions of purchasing a Toyota is the reliability and the great fuel economy that the car provides. Studies indicate that drivers who purchased a Toyota are the ones who like to play it safe. The other characteristic that the survey discovered is that most Toyota drivers are frugal.

That makes sense, as Toyota drivers don't spend much money at the gas station and the repair shop. Toyota drivers are also on the fence about other car brands. Toyota's mediocre performance is another confirmation about its desire to play it safe.

4 4x4 Drivers Are Aggressive

via HiConsumption

Driving a 4x4 vehicle might allow you off-road capabilities that regular cars can't provide, but it comes with a stigma. Research conducted on 4x4 drivers revealed that the predominant personality trait associated with 4x4 drivers was aggression.

Although 4x4 drivers might not be aggressive in social gatherings, they are inclined to display aggression on the road. They might be a social butterfly at a wedding but want everyone to know that they're in charge on the road. They aim to make everyone believe that they are more important on the road.

3 Green Car Drivers Love Nature

via Motor 1

Not only does your choice in brands say something about your personality but so does the choice in color. Drivers who opt for a green vehicle love nature. That makes sense since their green car serves as a constant reminder of nature.

We want to be surrounded by the things that we love, so drivers who love nature feel that their car allows them to escape the city. Green car lovers are also conscious about the environment and ensure that their vehicles are environmentally friendly.

2 Driving A Black Car Means You're Professional

via Your Driving Biz

When I envision a black car, I think of a Mercedes-Benz. Most Mercedes-Benz drivers are professionals, who live a comfortable life. The color black suits almost any car. Studies indicate that drivers of black cars are professionals, who are mature and consider themselves sophisticated.

That color is also the choice of many people in the business world and other industries that place great emphasis on elegance. The only problem with driving a black car is that it attracts more heat than cars of other colors.

1 Lincoln Drivers Work In Consulting

via Everyman Driver

When researchers compiled information on Lincoln drivers, they discovered that those drivers work in consulting, enjoy college football, love steak and roast chicken, as well as experimenting with recipes.

The studies also showed that Lincoln drivers believe they are polite and kind. They also prefer to drink at home, not spend a night out on the town. Lincoln drivers tend to believe that they have a great memory and are good at connecting with other people emotionally.

Sources: RD, Men's Health, Compare Guru & Drivers Automart

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