What The Cast Of Street Outlaws Drives Today

Street Outlaws is a US Car TV reality show that was born as a result of Justin “Big Chief” Shearer’s lost race to a Chevy Beretta. It was quite a sting for Big Chief for two major reasons: the car he lost to wasn’t a GT, and it was his first car race. It was at this point that he made a vow to get a car that would outrun the Berretta. Even though this was how the show started, Big Chief didn’t expect it to become so successful. If you’re new to the show, don’t be surprised to see chief as the central character with a band of street racers that want to be on “The List” of Oklahoma’s fastest street cars because that’s the catch.

With the help of Chief’s buddy and business partner Murder Nova, you get to see people like Daddy Dave, Doc, Farmtruck, AZN, Chuck, Ryan, Jeff, and others. Besides the drama, the juggling egos, and trash talk that happens on the show, it’s almost impossible to ignore the highlight of the show—which is the street racing. Now the big question here is what kind of cars do the cast actually drive to make the event memorable?

The answer to the question above is in this article. You’ll get to see cars like the Fireball Camaro, 1977 Chevy Vega, 1999 Chevy Camaro, 1966 Volkswagen Beetle, and others that make the show worth your attention. Keep reading. You’ll find out. Feel free to share this article and contribute your ideas in the comment section.

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20 1971 Chevy Monte Carlo

Via hemmings-motor-news

Doc is one of the bravest drivers on Street Outlaws, and he races “The Street Beast” to compliment what he stands for. The Street beast in question is a 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo. Doc was able to make the number one spot with his car. However, the likes of Shawn and Daddy Dave snatched the position from him.

According to Streetoutlawsokc, Doc is number four on “The List,” and he plans to take his rightful spot—which is number one. The 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo uses a 706 Cubic inch big block Chevy engine. It also has a turbo 400 Ace Racing Transmission alongside three Monte Smith nitrous kits.

19 1969 Pontiac Lemans

Via Classic Cars

It’s evident that Big Chief has a passion for street racing because he started watching races on Route 66 when he was nine years old. Chief learned a lot because he runs the show presently. According to Streetoutlawsokc, anybody that’s interested in racing for a spot list in Oklahoma must go through Big Chief.

Chief has some experience when it comes to cars and street racing. He usually calls his car “The Crow” and it’s a 1969 Pontiac Lemans. Initially, Chief was using a pro-mod version, but he felt that it shouldn’t be racing on “The List.” We don’t doubt his decisions because Big Chief is currently number one on “The List.”

18 1963 Chevy Nova

Via Pinterest

Daddy Dave is a notable driver on Street Outlaws because he has made a mark in street racing. According to Streetoutlawsokc, Daddy Dave calls his 1963 Chevy Nova “The Goliath 2.0.” and from the name of his car, you can tell that the only spot he wants on “The List” is number 1.

Even though Daddy Dave’s Goliath hasn’t been able to take the number one spot, we still commend his efforts. Presently, Dave is number 2 on “The List”—which signifies that he may soon make his former place and title (King of the Streets). Maybe if Jackie Knox still had his back, he wouldn’t have left the number one spot in the first instance.

17 1972 Split Bumper Camaro RS

Via Pinterest

Jerry Johnston is a man of few words as long as nobody chooses to mouth off. He is popularly known as Monza, and he has an intimidating height. Even though Monza is a man of few words, he allows his car to do all the talking. Monza drives a 1972 split bumper Camaro RS. According to Discovery Channel, Jerry has been on “The List” for 13 years; he is one of the calmest drivers behind the wheel.

Presently, he is number three on “The List” after he beat his friend, Doc. The 1972 Camaro uses a 598 cubic inch big block Chevy engine. The Camaro also has two Monte Smith custom nitrous foggers, a PTC Powerglide transmission, and converter.

16 1995 Ford Mustang

Via Wikimedia Commons

A lot of fans noticed BoostedGT and his 1995 Ford Mustang when the 405 crew drove down to race in Texas. Even though he lost on the show, his car stood out because it was one of the fastest (with small tires) in the country. According to Hotrod, BoostedGT has worked hard to build a solid reputation alongside a ton of national fans.

Since he wanted to be on “The List” of fastest street cars in America, he lived in the city. Living in the city gave him the opportunity to apply for an Oklahoma driver’s license and race with the crew against New Orleans. At the end of the race, he won on a technicality. His 1995 Ford Mustang is turbocharged and produces up to 1400hp.

15 1989 Ford Fox Body Mustang

Via Discovery

Chuck loves racing, whether it’s street or professional. When Chuck was still into racing cars professionally, he got the award for Rookie of the Year. The NOPI Drag Racing Association crowned him Rookie of the Year, and he went on to win the 2004 Nitrous Express P/4 XBOX Cup Championship in the Four Cylinder division. Chuck drives a Death Trap—which is a 1989 Ford Fox body Mustang.

According to Hotrod, the car uses a 429 cubic inch small block Chevy SBC engine. It also has a Braswell 4375 area 51 carburetor. Chuck has proven on several occasions that he drives the fastest small tire car in the 405. He is number five on “The List.”

14 1969 Chevy Nova

Via Pinterest

Shawn Ellington is another cast that has an automobile background. It all started when he moved to Oklahoma in 1982. Shawn was always cleaning his father’s auto body shop. In the process of cleaning the shop, his father taught him a lot about cars. It’s evident that he enjoyed every moment of learning about cars because he’s now a dad and he works in the shop with his son and father.

Murder Nova (as he’s popularly called) drives a 1969 Chevy Nova. According to Hotrod, it’s a twin turbo that uses a small block Chevy engine. The car also has a fuel injected carburetor and a 210 turbo 400 transmission. Currently, Murder Nova occupies the number seven spot on “The List.”

13 1977 Chevy Vega

Via Classic Cars

If you’re a big fan of the Street Outlaws, you should be quite familiar with the name Shane. Shane happens to be one of the drivers on the show, and he is in the top ten on “The List.” When Shane is behind the wheel, he usually drives with a passenger. The passenger seems creepy, but it doesn’t stop Shane from placing on the OKC list.

Shane drives a 1977 Chevy Vega that he calls "The Blackbird". According to the Streetoutlawsokc, the 1977 Chevy Vega uses a small block Chevy and a power charger turbo. Presently, Shane is number eight on “The List.”

12 1967 Dodge Dart

Via Classic Cars

Joe woods had the opportunity of learning so much about cars because his father taught him at an early stage. Joe didn’t just own cars, but he knew how to fix and make them faster, too. He is referred to as 'The Dominator'; he has been racing on the tracks and the street for years. According to the Streetoutlawsokc, Dominator currently drives a 1967 Dodge Dart that was a small rolling chassis.

Dominator was able to put the Dodge dart together and create a car cage since he is good at welding. The 1967 Dart has a big block Chevy engine. Currently, Dominator occupies the number nine spot on “The List.”

11 1996 GMC Sonoma S10

Via Pinterest

Jackie Knox used to fund Daddy Dave’s car, but along the line, they split. Even though he was supporting Daddy Dave, he had his own thing going on. In the previous seasons, Jackie wanted to do everything to get the Sonoma up “The List.” He wasn’t able to reach that goal until Daddy Dave took the wheels.

Jackie is back with his classic Sonoma now, and he has his eyes on the number one spot. According to Hotrod, the 1996 Sonoma S10 uses a big block engine. The car is nitrous assisted and has big tires. Jackie Knox is number 10 on “The List.”

10 1957 Chevy

Via Stainless Works

In the ninth season of the show, Jeff Lutz wanted to prove that he was a good racer.

Consequently, he came up with a slick Pro-mod. The Pro-mod was a good idea, but Big Chief realized that they were not fit to be on “The List.” Big Chief took the Pro-mod off “The List,” and Jeff’s reign came to a screeching halt.

That was not the end of Jeff because he was back with a new car. The car he drives now is a 1957 Chevy. According to Streetoutlawsokc, he plans to take the crown with his new ride. The 1957 Chevy has twin 98mm precision turbos and a 540 cubic inch motor.

9 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Via Flickr

John Andrade Jr. drives a G-body 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Through the first season of the show, the Cutlass was one of the favorites. When John just bought the car, it was a bracket racer. However, on the show, the car was powered with a small-block Chevy alongside a 300hp fogger kit. According to Hotrod, the engine of the car is a 408 built out of a 6.0L block.

The 3200-lbs car has a forced induction turbocharger that sends the charge via a Chiseled Performance air-to-air intercooler, a blow-off valve, and JGS wastegate. It also comes with Wiseco pistons and rods, a K1 crank, stock racer arms, and a Texas Speed hydraulic roller cam.

8 1966 Volkswagen Beetle

Via Dyler

Jeff Bonnett (popularly known as AZN) is Farmtruck’s passenger; it’s no surprise that he opted for a car that’s a sleeper. According to Hotrod, the 1966 Volkswagen Beetle had a 1915cc dune-buggy engine, but it was replaced with a 2332cc engine. The beetle has sports CB PCE (Performance Comp Eliminator) cylinder heads alongside camshaft combination.

The car qualifies for street races because the Haltech EFI helps control the show and the engine runs on E85 fuel. The Beetle also has a Rancho four-speed transmission and Ron Lumens dual-disc clutch—which helps distribute power to the ground. It produces 366hp which is about 300 more than the original engine produced.

7 1970 Chevrolet C10

Via Pinterest

When Sean Whitley, popularly known as “Farmtruck,” was 12 years old, he took an interest in trucks from riding in a 1956 Ford pickup. It was his father that owned the truck. Farmtruck dealt with so many vehicles in a verge to find one that would secure him a good spot on “The List.” Farmtruck’s search came to an end when he saw an ad in the Auto Trader Magazine about a high-speed truck for sale.

The high-speed truck is the 1970 Chevrolet C10. According to Discovery Channel, the pickup truck uses an eight-cylinder big block engine. The car also uses two-stage nitrous oxide and a supercharged digital ignition controller.

6 1972 Chevy LUV Truck


The 1965 Chevy II Nova was the car that caught Kye Kelley’s attention, and he wanted to get the car. At the time Kye wanted the car, he couldn’t legally drive. According to Kye, when he bought his first car, racing became an obsession for him.

Kye’s love for racing also came with a constant need to increase the speed of his cars. He drives a 1972 Chevy LUV truck that has small tires. It also had a small block Nova, but he built a 572 cubic-inch motor and ladder-bar chassis. The Chevy LUV truck turned out to be a “Wheelie King,” according to him.

5 1980 El Camino

Via Pinterest

Kamikaze Chris appeared on the first episodes of season 3 because Chief needed his fellow racer and childhood friend to help out with the Crow. At some point, Chris grew tired of the challenges that came with being on “The List,” and he went off. After Chris’ car sat in the barn for a long time, Chief felt it was time to get back.

According to Streetoutlawsokc, Chris drives the 1980 El Camino—which he nicknamed Kamikaze. Interestingly, the car was put together without any computer data analysis for testing. The El Camino uses a big block Chevy engine, and it’s nitrous powered.

4 2010 S10 Chevy Pickup

Via Drag Times

Tina Pierce is one woman that devoted all her energy and time to get the title: “fastest chick in Oklahoma.” Her need for speed started when she was eight years old. When she started racing, her husband built her a 1995 Mustang. The Mustang had a small block Chevy engine. In a quest to fulfill her need for speed, she opted for a new ride.

Tina tried out a few different cars and stuck to the car she drives now: a 2010 S10 Chevy pickup. With her pickup truck, she has been able to maintain her spot as a Gatekeeper, according to Streetoutlawsokc. The S10 Chevy pickup uses a single nitrous system and a 522 cubic inch big block Chevy engine.

3 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Custom

Via Pinterest

John Gentry (popularly known as Baron) drives the 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Custom. The paint job of the car is impressive thanks to his wife, and it uses a 572 big block engine. Besides the fact that the vehicle squeezes 13.5:1 compression, it‘s comprised of Callies rods, Dart block and heads, Edelbrock intake manifold, and Wiseco pistons.

According to Hotrod, the power-adder of Baron’s car is a fogger system. Stainless work components were used to build the headers. The Oldsmobile’s Trans is a Rossler TH400, and it has a 9-inch out back. Also, the TRZ components and ladder-bar rear suspension are up front.

2 1999 Chevy Camaro

Via Camaro Forums

Dustin Bowen happens to be one of the newest drivers on Street Outlaws that made a mark in street racing. He made it to Street Outlaws' top ten lists—which is a big deal for a new driver.

According to Streetoutlawsokc, Dustin is still under observation, and a lot is still up in the air for now. However, he drives a fast Camaro that has a unique paint job. He calls his ride “The Catfish.” The Catfish is a 1999 Chevy Camaro. The 1999 Chevy Camaro has small tires and a stock suspension. It also uses a big block Chevy engine and a nitrous kit.

1 Fireball Camaro

Via Tumblr

Ryan Martin is one cast member on the show that fans can hardly forget because he was in the business of helping others climb up “The List.” It doesn’t come as a surprise anyway considering that he is a co-owner of the B&R Performance. Ryan supported the likes of Freakin’Rican, and Jackie Knox before he felt that he was ready to take the streets independently.

He hit the streets with his super-fast Camaro. According to Streetoutlawsokc, Ryan was able to prove that he was an intimidating and powerful member of the team. The Fireball Camaro is a 2010 5th Generation Camaro SS that uses a twin turbo engine. Presently, Ryan Martin is number three on “The List.”

Sources: StreetoutlawOKC, Hotrod, Discovery channel

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