What The Fast & Furious Movies Look Like Without CGI

It’s safe to say that the Fast and Furious Franchise is one of the most popular and successful car movies that has come out of Hollywood—and made it big across the globe. For the last eighteen years, the Fast and Furious franchise has never stopped giving its fans the excitement, thrill, and suspense they desire. For every sequel produced, the fans always have something to look out for. Fans across the globe can tell that the Fast and Furious Franchise has experienced severe growth ever since it started in 2001—even though Paul Walker passed away some time ago, the franchise has done nothing but wax strong.

One of the most significant improvements fans have seen so far, as the franchise, Fast and Furious, advanced over the years—is the increased dare-devil stunts pulled in the movie. We see a high number of cars supposedly “destroyed,” and the crazy height jumps achieved. Wait a minute! Did we say destroyed? We may have to take back the word “destroyed” because most of the cars used in the film are hardly destroyed. The reason is simple: they're not real cars. They are CGI based cars—which means they can’t be damaged when they don’t exist in the first place. As for the jumps taken by acts like Dominic Toretto and Luke Hobbs, there’s also an explanation for those.

We did our research and decided to create and expose how these dare-devil stunts went down in the Fast and Furious. Here are 20 photos showing you how the Fast and Furious looks without CGI.

If you’re ready to see them, dive in!

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20 Dominic Trying To Jump Out Of A Moving Car

Via Polygon

In this picture, we can see Dominic trying to jump out of the moving car or perhaps from the stationary object. This picture shows the truth behind the scene caption. There was never any moving vehicle; it was a stationary CGI vehicle which was represented as a muscle car in the real movie.

According to Polygon, the VFX crew was able to pull this one off easily without fans noticing any glitches. As fans, we have to give kudos to the VFX guys, because they succeeded in making us believe that Dominic jumped out of a moving car in the movie.

19 Moving Fast On A Spot


Like the last picture above, this vehicle was moving super-fast with Owen Shaw behind the wheels. But, the only issue is, the car is stationary in one spot. It’s another CGI based shot that was able to make fans believe that most of the vehicles seen in the Fast and Furious franchise were actually driven.

According to MPC, around 90 percent of the vehicle action you saw in the movie didn’t happen in reality. Most of the stunts pulled were what we call “Film Tricks.” We aren’t saying the Franchise wasn’t the bomb! Of course, the Fast and Furious franchise is one of the best car movies in the last 20 years.

18 Luke Hobbs Hanging On The Roof Of A Moving Car


If there is one thing we all know about the Luke Hobbs character in the Fast and Furious franchise, it’s his unrelenting tenacity and strength. The guy always gives fans this “Superman heroic” feel. It’s almost as if he wants to stop a speeding bullet or stop a moving vehicle with his bare hands—which is what he is supposedly doing in this picture.

Well, we can’t say for sure that Dwayne Johnson, the actor playing his role, can physically stop a moving vehicle in reality. But, one thing is sure: our super Luke was in a spot all through the shooting thanks to CGI.

17 Dominic Giving Brian A Run For The Money


Have you ever wondered to yourself about how the production crew was able to pull off Dominic’s speeding stunt? How was it possible for the camera crew to shoot when Brian and Dominic were running with a top speed of 250 mph during their contest?

They are so many assumptions to this question: Some people believe that a double stunt drove the car. But, even if it was a double stunt, how come the camera that shot the scene didn’t shake even when the vehicles were vibrating? According to Polygon, there was no movement. Everything happened at one spot in the green room.

16 Dominic Hanging From A Tall Building

Via Pinterest

One of the most captivating stunts—that always catches the attention of viewers in Hollywood action movies is someone or people jumping down from a height or a tall building. One actor that pulls off the stunt successfully with less or no aid from CGI is Jackie Chan.

In the Fast and Furious franchise, we saw a lot of dare-devil stunts carried out by Dominic and his crew on different occasions. Most of the stunts, no doubt, wowed a lot of fans and critics. But, what a lot of people don’t know is that most of the stunts were CGI based like this one in the picture—where Dominic was jumping down from a tall building.

15 One Of The Bad Guys Firing Shots From A Moving Truck


There is a saying that states: “fake it till you make it.” That’s the same case in this scene. From the picture, we notice that the vehicle is stationary and the person is firing shots. In the movie scene, this guy is seen shooting at Dominic’s crew in motion.

But, as we can see from the image, it doesn’t look like it. The CGI vehicle is in one spot, and there is a machine under the CGI vehicle responsible for moving the car without tires. Also, if you take a good look, you’d notice the fan in the set. It helps blow air to give that windy mirage.

14 Megan Trying To Cast A Hook To A Moving Vehicle


As you know, Megan was the lovely damsel that gave the boys: Tej and Roman a hard time—as she played hard to get. She was a member of Dominic Toretto’s crew in Fast and Furious 7.

Whenever the crew needed to pull any hacking or technology stunts, Megan was the woman for the job. Her “God’s Eye” Creation was, no doubt, the bomb; it became a bad tool when it entered the hand of the bad guys. In this scene, Megan Ramsey, played by English Actress, Nathaniel Emmanuel is seen trying to cast a hook to a moving vehicle—which she succeeded in doing so in the movie - it’s all CGI as you can see.

13 Roman Trying To Jump Out Of His Moving Car

Via Quirkybyte

You’d have to look hard to notice the film tricks happening in this scene. This scene wasn’t shot in a green room, but some manipulations occurred here—which may only be visible to die-hard fans that pay attention to detail. According to MPC, the armored truck behind Roman’s vehicle is a CGI truck—which means there is actually nothing behind the car.

If you carefully take a gaze at this picture, you’d notice that the supposed “moving car” is attached to a crane—which gave the “moving effect.” In reality, the car isn’t moving. And there isn’t any armored truck behind it. It’s all CGI.

12 Deckard Making His Call


Deckard Shaw is the elder brother of Owen Shaw—who was defeated by Dominic Torreto in a race contest--which led to his passing. Deckard Shaw, a former British Officer, has always been a strong rival of Dominic and his crew all through the Fast and Furious franchise until he was arrested and locked up in maximum security by Agent Luke Hobbs.

He later teamed up with Dominic’s crew to apprehend Dominic when he allied with Cipher. According to MPC, in the movie, this scene had a night background with tall buildings. But as you can see, the scene happened in the green room; it had no tall buildings or shots in the night.

11 The Law Trying To Track Down The Crew


Every fan of the Fast and Furious franchise enjoys the way Dominic Toretto’s crew always escaped the hands of the law—especially the part where Luke Hobbs took the leading role to nail Dominic and his crew. Of course, the crew never gets caught. Instead, they kept putting Luke Hobbs and his team in a fix.

In this scene, we see Luke Hobbs’ boys trying to track down Dominic Toretto’s crew. Are they supposed to be driving a vehicle? Well, from this picture, you can see that they are in a stationary CGI vehicle which isn’t moving at all.

10 Tej On The Run


Tej is a mechanic, technical expert, and former street racer who is a protagonist in the Fast and Furious franchise. He was a close friend of Brian O’Conner. Tej provided the opportunity for Brian to participate in car race contests while he was in Miami, Florida.

Dominic Torreto recruited Tej Parker AKA “Revenge of the Nerds” when he wanted to steal money from Hernan Reyes, the corrupt Portuguese businessman. In this picture we see Tej, played by Ludacris, speeding in a racing car. But, according to MPC, and from what we can see the racing car was only a CGI model stationed at one spot.

9 Luke Radioing His Officers While Driving


As the above scene, Agent Luke Hobbs and his partner are seen chasing down Dominic Toretto’s crew. From the look of things, this car is another CGI model that looked like a moving vehicle in the movie. Agent Luke is seen radioing other members of his crew while giving Dominic a hot chase.

The vehicle was on top speed as believed by viewers. But the actors were in a stationary spot. As you can see, the car is in a green room studio. According to MPC, it takes the VFX crew quality amount of time to get the job done.

8 Dominic Holding Up In The Snow


This scene was shot in Atlanta during the production of Fast and Furious 8. Contrary to the belief that all the scenes were shot in the snowy lands of Iceland, this scene, in particular, was filmed in a large blue studio in Atlanta. If you look thoroughly, you might notice the blue paint on the walls of the studio.

According to Ace Showbiz news, since the Fast and Furious franchise started, this particular studio has the biggest blue screen ever. Apart from the few shots taken in Iceland, a majority of the snow scene happened right there in the Atlanta studio.

7 Luke Jumping Into A Moving Vehicle From A Height


If there is anyone who gave Dominic Toretto a hard time, it’s the former agent of the Diplomatic Security Service, Lucius “Luke” Hobbs. As one of the characters in the Fast and Furious franchise, he was first given a mission to track down and capture Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor after they got framed for the murder of the DEA agents in Brazil.

A lot of fans were glad when Luke Hobbs teamed up with Toretto’s crew alongside Deckard Shaw to bring down Cipher, the Cyber villain in the film. In this picture, Luke is seen supposedly jumping from a height into a moving vehicle—but it’s all CGI.

6 Luke And Roman Hailing Themselves In A Moving Vehicle

Via Quirkybyte

One good thing about the green room is its ability to conceive anything the movie producers don’t want the viewers to see. If you look meticulously at this image, you may notice the strands of wire/rope hanging behind Luke and Roman. Do you know why the ropes are hanging behind them?

According to Quirkybyte, the yellow strands of rope/wire were used to suspend the duo in the air. In this scene, Luke and Roman were both made to jump from a high platform to the “supposed” moving vehicle. As you can see, there is no moving vehicle; it’s a stationary CGI vehicle.

5 Luke Spraying Shots From A Bazooka At The Top Of A Vehicle

Via Pinterest

The advent of CGI technology has honestly been beneficial to the movie industry. Since the 1990s when virtual cinematography became a trend, a lot of movies have been produced with simulated cameras which aren’t guarded by the laws of physics. This evolution has brought significant growth to the movie industry.

In this picture, Luke Hobbs is seen holding a Bazooka at the top of vehicle spraying bullets while in motion—at least that’s what they want fans to believe. According to MPC, this particular scene was shot entirely in a green room—no one saw the sun while the scene was shot.

4 Nitro Speeding

Via Pinterest

If the Production crew and the writers were to re-write this movie, they might probably give the film the name “Speed.” But, that may not have gone well, because the name wouldn’t have carried the “Furious”—which is an integral part of the brand Franchises’ name.

Every true fan of the Fast and Furious Franchise knows that Brian is the undisputed street car racer on the track. No one was able to give Dominic a tough time like Brian O’Connor. In this scene, we see Dominic making use of his vehicle’s Nitro Speed to take the lead in a street race contest.

3 The Fighting Scene

Via Quirkybyte

Like the CGI created Paul Walker, in this scene Charlize Theron, who played Cipher in Fast and Furious 8, had a CGI double stunt fighting on behalf of her. According to MPC, all those supposed fighting stunts she pulled in the movie aren’t hers to claim.

If you look carefully, you will notice that the person in the scene isn’t a blonde like Cipher. The person that handled the stunt is a professional martial art fighter. Of course, you didn’t think it was Charlize Theron who played the role of Cipher that took part in the fight, right? If you did, then think again.

2 Luke Hanging On A Stationary Vehicle

Via Quirkybyte

Now, this scene is one of the funniest and most embarrassing ever. Here, we see Luke hanging on a stationary vehicle with a driver inside. In the movie, you’d see a different thing entirely: Luke is hanging on tight to a moving car, and he refuses to let it go.

From what we see in this image, Luke is trying to enter the car and stop one of the bad guys from driving the car. But from what we observe, everything we saw in the movie wasn’t real—because the supposed vehicle wasn’t in motion in the first place, according to MPC.

1 The CGI shot of Paul Walker

via Over Mental/Pinterest

If you’re a real fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, then you’d agree with us that Brian O’ Conner played by the late Paul Walker was the soul of the movie for many years. Of course, we know that Dominic played by Vin Diesel was the aggressive, muscular motor head of the crew—who constantly reminded everyone about the importance of family—but Brian was the typical guy who was always trying to survive.

Unfortunately, the act behind Brian, Paul Walker, passed on in late 2013 before Furious 7 production was complete. So, how was the production crew able to finish it without him? According to VFX supervisor Joe Letteri, they had to create a CGI version of Walker with his blood brother.

Sources: MPC, Polygon, Quirkybyte

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