What The Game Of Thrones Cast Drives in Real Life

This spring will see a huge television event. After eight incredible seasons, HBO’s epic Game of Thrones will come to an end. The amazing fantasy saga has been a huge ratings hit that’s earned numerous Emmy awards as well. Viewers have come to love this brutal story of a land torn apart by war and facing the threat of an army of fantastical zombies.

The show has become infamous for how no one is safe. Beloved characters have suffered tragic ends and even some of the bad guys have fallen in surprising ways. Thus, fans are wondering if anyone is going to make it to the finale alive and what becomes of them afterward.

It’s been a long journey for the cast, as well as the characters. Many have become huge stars thanks to the series while the younger actors have grown up with it (literally in the case of Isaac Hempstead-Wright who went from a little kid to six feet tall between seasons). It’s an emotional end for them all, as well as for the fans. It also brings attention to how the show’s success has led to several of the cast getting some seriously sweet rides.

Some of the stars are quiet about what they drive (such as Jerome Flynn, who plays the popular sell-sword Bronn) but others flaunt their stuff a lot. Several GoT cast members are social media powerhouses and show off their rides online. Even actors no longer on the show can boast some pretty nice rides. Here is what 20 of the most prominent GoT actors drive when they’re not in Westeros (spoilers ahead).

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19 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


A long-time veteran actor in various movies and TV shows, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau finally hit the big time as Jaime Lannister. The “Kingslayer” is a complex man who bounces between horrible actions and trying to be an honorable man. Despite his often sinister actions, the character is popular thanks to Nikolaj’s handsome looks and dashing manner. Surprisingly, the man isn’t that much into fancy rides. His main car was a 2007 Skoda (“I take good pride in my...car.”) and he’s also been seen in an Audi F103. The closest he’s come to fancy cars is an Aston Martin he drove for The Other Woman. The fact that he doesn’t pay huge money for fancy rides just adds to the actor’s rough appeal.

18 Richard Madden


It looked as if Robb Stark was going to step up as the new hero of the show. After his father, Ned, met a brutal end, Robb became the “King in the North” to lead a war against the Lannisters. Richard Madden was well cast as this handsome leader and looked ready to shine as the new face of power. Instead, he was taken out in the infamous “Red Wedding” sequence. Madden has since gained a Golden Globe for the acclaimed Bodyguard drama and is rumored for the next James Bond casting. He has a nice car collection, with a gorgeous Jaguar F-Type as his latest ride. It showcases that Madden can live a heroic lifestyle off-screen, too.

17 Sean Bean

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There’s a running gag about how Sean Bean's character gets bumped off in just about every movie and TV show he does. Yet for viewers who hadn’t read the books, it was a shock when Ned Stark met his fate. Fans thought Ned would be the hero of the saga who would overcome the odds to take down the Lannisters. Instead, he ended up losing his head before the first season finale, an act which kicks off the epic struggle of the series. As it happens, Bean admitted that “I’ve had Porsches, BMWs and Jags in the past. I got a bit tired of driving expensive cars that get scratched or nicked.” Thus, Bean now sticks to a Ford Ranger pickup which fits his rugged persona.

16 Kristofer Hivju


Growing in popularity, Tormund Giantsbane is one of the Wildlings, the warrior tribesman from beyond the wall. Dismissed as savages, they’re actually the last line of defense against the White Walkers. Fans enjoy his fun lines and his flirting with Brienne. Kristofer Hivju has done a good job handling the role, especially when Tormund joins other warriors in a fantastic mission against the White Walkers. Hivju is good friends with Rory McCann, who plays the equally rough and popular Sandor Clegane (aka the Hound). They can be seen driving around in Hivju’s Porsche Boxster and doing some funny online videos. It’s fun to see this burly guy in such a posh car and that's why fans love him so much.

15 Natalie Dormer


Already a popular actress in England, Natalie Dormer fit into GoT quite well as Margaery Tyrell. A beautiful schemer, Margaery went to any lengths to increase her status, easily seducing her way into power. She did get in over her head with some of her dealings and that led to a rather awful downfall. Dormer has remained very popular with roles in The Hunger Games and a recurring role on the TV series Elementary. Surprisingly, Dormer is a bit conservative in her car choices, as she actually uses a Toyota Prius. But he also has a classic Aston Martin DB5. With her amazing looks and that notable smirk on her face, Dormer enjoys her cars.

14 Jason Momoa


Today, Jason Momoa is a true mega-star. He’s become an icon for transforming Aquaman from a joke into a box-office hit and continues to entertain in movies, on talk shows, and more. It was GoT that put Momoa on the map when he starred in the first season as Khal Drogo. The powerful warrior was a major highlight of the first season, romancing Daenerys and it was a surprise when the character fell in battle. Momoa has a love for luxury tough cars, such as a Range Rover and a Land Rover Defender. He’s also a major bike fan, with a custom Harley Davidson among numerous cruisers. It should be little surprise that the hulky actor enjoys some rides as powerful as he is.

13 Carice Van Houten


The Dutch actress came to attention in movies such as Black Book. But Carice Van Houten truly gained international fame on GoT as Melisandre, a priestess who claims to work for the ancient gods. This leads to daring moves of her seducing men, making some brutal sacrifices and bringing Jon Snow back to life. A stunning scene revealed that her beauty is an illusion, as she’s actually a centuries-old hag. Surprisingly, Van Houten has a very serious car collection. She owns an Opel Ampera, Lamborghini Huracan, Audi S5 Coupe, Aston Martin, and a Mercedes Benz G-Wagen. The Red Woman showcases she has a serious love for some gorgeous wheels.

12 Gwendoline Christie


There were concerns from fans over the casting of Brienne of Tarth. A woman has to be very tough to survive in this world and this knight fights harder than most men. How many six-foot actresses could possibly be believable as warriors are there? As it happens, Gwendoline Christie nailed the role perfectly. It’s led her to fame and she’s also played Phasma in the recent Star Wars movies and is notable for her amazing power. Christie has admitted that, given her height, she prefers being chauffeured or even taking an Uber over driving herself. Yet she has been seen driving up to events in some Nissan sedans, such as the Sentra. It shows how it takes a unique car to handle this domineering lady.

11 Alfie Allen


Theon Greyjoy was the oft-abused son of a lord who was sent to the Starks to raise him better. At first, fans were sympathetic to the character but that changed when he turned on the Starks. However, he paid for it by receiving horrific treatment at the hands of Ramsey Bolton and is now trying to redeem himself. Alfie Allen has done a good job with the character and is known as the brother of popular singer Lily Allen. Allen doesn’t spend his paychecks on cars too much (he actually used his first pay from the show to treat a friend to dinner) and generally uses a Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. The character is still a harsh one for fans yet Allen is one of the nicer guys off-screen among the cast.

10 Iain Glen


A majorly popular character for the show, Jorah Mormont is an exiled Northern lord who swore allegiance to Daenerys. They grew closer and he clearly loved her but then admitted he’d been sent to spy on her for the cunning Varys. He was exiled but later returned to redeem himself and become her aide once more. Iain Glen is a bit more handsome than the book version of the character but still captures the tough side of a man who’s overcome some major hardships. Glen isn’t among the flashiest of the cast and doesn’t spend his money on a lot of crazy stuff. That’s proven by how his car is a Renault Scenic that he usually uses for grocery runs.

9 Lena Headey


Lena Headey had already been a notable actress before Game of Thrones. With roles in 300 and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Headey was a great choice for Cersei Lannister. A twisted and selfish woman, Cersei’s lust for power is so huge that she’s willing to ignore the threat of the White Walkers rather than work with others. As more of a veteran than others in the cast, Headey has been able to build up a nice car collection. She has been spotted in an Audi A7 and also a Jeep Cherokee. Headey also boasts a Tesla Model S and a Chrysler 300. Fans love to hate her character but Headey has proven herself a popular star for the show.

8 Peter Dinklage


As soon as the series was announced, fans were united on one point: Peter Dinklage was the only choice to play Tyrion Lannister. A sardonic dwarf who turns out to be the one decent person in his twisted family, the character is one of the most popular of the show. As a veteran actor, Dinklage was well-suited for the part, which has earned him two Emmy awards. Given his short stature, one wouldn’t expect Dinklage to have that many fancy cars. In fact, his only main car for personal use is a Chrysler 300 that’s specially designed for him. The actor has spread his fame to numerous movies (such as Infinity War) and his star power stands tall among the show’s other actors.

7 Maisie Williams


As GoT began, Arya Stark was shown as a tomboy who enjoyed swordplay more than being a lady. The show has taken Arya to some dark places, with her losing her family and some harsh adventures. This has transformed her into a cunning assassin and master of disguise who’s also a true wicked fighter. Williams is just 21 and thus has only had her driver’s license for a few years. Therefore, her car collection isn’t as huge as her co-stars. Her main ride is a Range Rover, although she has been seen sharing rides with best friend and co-star Sophie Turner. Williams prefers being down to earth a lot so, just like Arya, she prefers a simple ride over looking fancy.

6 Sophie Turner

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One of the best character evolutions of the series has been Sansa Stark. At first a selfish brat the audience hated, Sansa is now a savvy player of the Game. Sophie Turner has grown into the role and it’s led her to major fame. That includes playing a younger Jean Grey in the latest X-Men movies to show the same steel and power as on the show. Engaged to Joe Jonas, Turner has been using her wealth to build up a great car collection. This includes an Audi A7, Audi R8, Volvo V90, and a white Porsche Panamera. That’s a pretty good collection and it doesn’t even include the cars she shares with Jonas. Even without being a Lady of Winterfell, Turner enjoys a nice high life.

5 Emilia Clarke


Originally, a different actress played the role of Daenerys Targaryen. When the pilot was reshot, Emilia Clarke took on the role of the young woman who rises up to become a queen. Clarke has become a star thanks to the daring part that bares a lot for her but also showcases true strength. Clarke has risen up thanks to the show with roles in Solo: A Star Wars Story and other films. She also is getting $2 million an episode, a record salary for television. Thanks to that success, Clarke has a great car collection that includes an Audi A8, an Audi Q3, a Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class, an Aston Martin DB9 and a classic Mercedes-Benz 380 SL. It looks like the Mother of Dragons really does enjoy riding in style.

4 Kit Harington


As Jon Snow, Kit Harington has become the face of the show. The former outcast has now become a heroic leader and King. The final season is going to portray Jon leading the war against the White Walkers to save the kingdom. Harington is now married to Rose Leslie (who played Jon’s late love interest, Ygritte) and the couple bought a Land Rover Defender 90 as their wedding vehicle. Harington also owns a great Jaguar F-Type to drive around in. He’s also an avid motorcyclist with a Triumph Thruxton among his collection. Also, as an Infiniti spokesman, Harington has the Q60 he promoted in commercials for himself. The show loved the line “You know nothing, Jon Snow” but Harington does know some sweet rides.

3 Aidan Gillen

via classiccargarage

HBO viewers already knew Aidan Gillen as the slimy Tommy Carcetti on the acclaimed drama The Wire. That was a good lead-in to play Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish. The conniving council member held no loyalties to anyone but himself and constantly backstabs his way to more power. He basically set the entire mess off by framing Tyrion for pushing Bran out a window, among other contrivances. Fans loved to hate him and there were massive cheers when Sansa and Arya finally outwitted Littlefinger to a fatal end. In real life, Gillen prefers the Mercedes S-Class line of vehicles although he’s also been seen in a Volvo Amazon 121. His cast-mates love to joke that if anyone can talk himself out of a ticket, it’s Gillen.

2 Nathalie Emmanuel


A major change from the books is the character of Missandel. A young woman who becomes Daenerys’ confidant, the character in the novels is barely a teenager. The TV show cast the adult and beautiful Nathalie Emmanuel in the role. Emmanuel has also become a favorite for Fast & Furious fans for her role as the hacker Ramsey. Unlike others in the cast, Emmanuel wasn’t a huge car buff before she was cast in the movies. She has become more intrigued by them given the huge stunts yet tends to stick to some simple sedans from Nissan, such as the Sentra and Versa. She might upgrade in the future but for now, Emmanuel doesn’t mind being seen as less slick than her co-stars.

1 Jack Gleeson


It takes a truly skilled actor to make a character so hated. Joffrey was already shown to be a selfish brat in the early going, clearly spoiled by his mother Cersei and believing himself to be ready to be King. When he took the throne, it became clear the boy was a total monster who relished in the pain of others but was a coward at heart. Fans openly cheered when the character finally met his end. Off-screen, Jack Gleeson was a great guy who got along with everyone. Gleeson has actually announced his retirement from acting to pursue an academic career. He has indulged in some cars like a Range Rover and an Audi A8, as well as this Mercedes. He may not act anymore but Gleeson sure had a role to remember.

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