Where Are They Now? 25 Cars From The 2000s

Cars getting a cult following is a sign that it probably is a great vehicle. A lot of these loved cars can stand the test of time and can give even more modern examples a run for their money. Some of these vehicles just age extremely well and some just have an incredibly unique driving experience that no other car can replicate. Unfortunately, we can't control the market for automobiles and if one amazing model is not selling much then it's just a shame; the manufacturer would be forced to discontinue the model and we would be devastated. However, a lot of the lines receive these updates that increase the overall appeal of the car, thus ensuring the model's longevity.

Hold on to your socks though, the last one might be a tad bit surprising but we assure you that it is deserving of at least some recognition, so don’t pick up your pitchforks just yet.

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25 Honda S2000

Via Yandex

A rear wheel drive setup and an extremely light chassis is a match made in heaven. The S2000 or as some call it, the S2K, has a 2-liter engine that screams to about 9000 rpm and Vtec kicks in hard at about 5000 to 6000 rpm. Styling is young, hip, and chic, and could hold up against more modern 2-door coupe convertibles.

It really is a shame that Honda did not or could not continue the S2K. Not a lot of people even know that Honda even made a sports car like this.

24 Mazda RX-8

Via Wikimedia

It is virtually impossible to talk about the RX-8 without mentioning its high-revving engine, the Wankle Rotary engine. With an exhaust note that is to die for, car enthusiasts such as ourselves flock to car meets to get a glimpse of this JDM legend. Mazda, unfortunately, has since discontinued the RX series but we are thankful that some people carry on its legacy.

Its predecessor is also a noteworthy piece of machinery as well, the RX-7 is like the godfather of drifting and regarded as one of the most balanced drift cars ever made.

23 Mini Cooper S

via Wikiwand

A few years after the start of the 21st century, BMW acquired Mini Cooper and has since changed the name to MINI. The 5-door MINIs started to roll out of the factories soon after the change of management which indicates that BMW means to make more money and find a market for a more spacious vehicle with the classic Mini Cooper aesthetics.

The German manufacturer has also put in their marvelous engineering and have made the Mini Cooper S a turbocharged little package of a shot of pure adrenaline.

22 Nissan GTR

Via Wallpaperup

You have probably heard of the Fast and Furious franchise at least once. Its second installment, which was released right around the turn of the millennium, was a breakthrough for sports cars from Japan and at the forefront was the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 which was driven by Paul Walker’s character in the movie.

Now, Nissan has since removed the Skyline from the name and the latest iteration of the loved AWD beast is called the R35 GTR. We don’t see the GTR losing momentum any time soon as it has one of the biggest fan bases in the world of fast cars.

21 Dodge Challenger

Via Motor1

You must be living under a rock if you have not heard of the Dodge Demon. It is a pure-blooded drag car for the road, Dodge even sells you a crate with some extra parts essential for the drag strip that you can bolt on yourself when you feel like breaking the sound barrier (an obvious exaggeration) for only a dollar upon purchase of the car brand new!

About a decade ago, the Challenger was a mere frenemy/cousin of the Mustang that offered arguably the same package.

20 Pagani Zonda

Via Automotor

Horacio Pagani is like the Picasso of car designers; one look at the Pagani Zonda, and it would be clear to see why. Normies might not even know about the brand but in the 2000s, the Zonda was a revolutionary piece of machinery. Fast forward a couple of years and it is on its way out of production; you know what they say, all good things come to an end.

Do not fret though, Pagani is still dishing out supercars left and right much to the amusement of the upper echelon of society.

19 Shelby GT350

Via CarGurus

The North of America's car culture is very much influenced by the creations of no other than Carol Shelby, as he truly is a household name. Some say the GT350 is the epitome of muscle cars (many might disagree) with just the right amount of driver assistance to keep the car in control at all times during a session of spirited driving.

Quite frankly, the additional features on the latest Shelby Mustang have watered down the experience a bit. Yes, it’s quicker and safer, but at what cost?

18 BMW X5

Via Momentcar

BMW is arguably the biggest German car manufacturer in the world. It is probably because all of their models from SUVs to Sedans sell incredibly well in almost every part of all inhabited continents. Even since it’s a commercial debut, the X5 had much appeal to the cool and hip dads and bachelors alike due to its undeniable charm, plentiful cargo space, and modern amenities.

Right now the X5 is still a fan favorite and is updated with the latest technology. The other X series cars are also good buys.

17 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Via Wikimedia

Mitsubishi has since discontinued the Lancer Evolution with a fitting ending, might as well go up in glorious flames than wither and go silently into the night with the Evo X.

If you follow the WRC then you know about the AWD 4-door sedan from Japan automakers that could rival the performance of a supercar. You can still see older generations of the Evo ripping up rally stages all over the globe even today. 4G63T all the way! Nothing beats the thrill of going through the woods at 150kph.

16 Porsche Carrera GT

Via Hemmingway Motor News

This mid-engine 2-door roadster is sure to give you the most smiles per hour especially when driven in the right conditions. Porsche has since followed a more innovative route with the 918 hybrids that we have come to know and love.

We knew that hybrid cars’ performance would eventually rival that of gasoline-powered sports cars and the 918 showed us exactly what happens when the creative minds at Stuttgart get freaky and put their noggins to good use. Breaking records has always been in Porsche’s history.

15 Ford F150 Raptor

Via Pinterest

2018’s Ford Raptor has reached more consumers now that Ford offers the much-adored pickup truck in a lot more countries, Raptor buyers do not have to personally import them and possibly face dreaded customs problems along the way.

Not too long ago, the Ford Raptor was only offered in The Land Of The Free. Aside from the improved availability, Ford’s no holds barred truck also enjoys updated features that everyone appreciates for the added convenience to the overall package. We highly recommend this truck to people looking for pickups.

14  Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Via Auto Database

Aston Martin has always been like the rich kid who keeps quiet and sits at the back of the bus on the way to school. It’s reserved and yet it hides a beastly demeanor ready to be unleashed at the first sign of a clear road. Nowadays, the Vantage’s look is that of a sophisticated gentleman; much like how James Bond would dress.

Even if you choose the V10 or the V12, you really cannot compare them both as they are entirely different, oranges and apples so to speak.

13 Lexus LFA

Via Wikimedia

Although the Lexus LFA was made available for purchase a couple of years after 2010, its concept car was approved for production way before that. You would struggle to find a V10 engine that sounds as menacing as the LFA’s. Quite frankly, it is one of the best sounding cars to ever grace soil in Japan.

Of course, the car performs as well as it sounds; critics have claimed the handling is near perfect and the feel is as good as it gets. We are in dire need of a follow up for this man-made wonder.

12 Subaru WRX STI

Via Autotrader

STI versus Evo arguments can be found on almost all car related forums on the internet and it can get a little messy. In the 2000s, Subaru released a few generations from the Blobeye, Hawkeye, and the Stinkeye. Mitsubishi released their own updates as well to rival Subaru’s lineup. Apparently, Subaru won the competition since the STI is still in production while the Evo is not (although it did have a fitting ending with the Evo X).

The current chassis is now called the VA but some prefer Evo-eye not only for the similar headlights but for irony’s sake, too.

11 Corvette C7

Via Top Speed

It is hard not to recognize the distinct look of the Corvette. Even when viewed from afar, it has lines that would tell any casual car guy that a 2-door coupe is coming. The more modern models enjoy an updated design language but the delicious curves are still present. We admit that the car isn’t for everybody and many would say that any Corvette is void of any character and personality whatsoever, but some enthusiasts beg to differ.

One thing is for sure though, the Corvette offers great performance and speed for the price it’s at.

10 Porsche 911

Via Trade Classics

The Porsche 911 is not the best car ever made but it sure is a great car. The 911 996 suffered a malfunction that affected the IMS bearing that would render the engine completely useless. Nobody would know what models would break and when they would break, so almost everyone already has the IMS bearing replaced as a safety precaution.

More than a decade ahead of this fiasco, the 911 GT3RS 991 holds the fastest time on the Nurburgring for its category; quite an impressive feat.

9 BMW M3

Via BMWblog

BMW has always been a fierce competitor in the race for creating the best sedans in the industry. From the legendary E30 chassis to the current F80, every single model with the M3 badge has made drivers all around the world glee with delight. Probably one of the most notable M3 models is the E46, in the 2000s, with its numerous motorsport championship wins in varying classes.

The E46 is considered as the hayday of the M3 as it was the rawest, most powerful, and enjoyable M3 to drive.

8 Honda Civic Type R

Via Car Throttle

Honda has one of the biggest, if not THE biggest following of any car there is because of its affordability, reliability, and rich history. Vtec is known far and wide because when that Vtec kicks you real good, boy does it hit you right in the face. The newest Type R is turbocharged to compete with cars like the WRX STI, Focus RS, and the Golf GTI while meeting emissions requirements.

This move is both a blessing and a curse since the turbo made the Type R faster but has made it generic.

7 Dodge Charger

Via High Rollers Hot Rods and Classics

Who could have ever thought that another 4-door muscle car would be selling like ice cream on a hot day? Aside from the beloved Crown Victoria, the Ford Explorer, and a few others, Dodge Chargers are the choice of vehicle for many of North America’s highway police. Its competitive trunk volume and cabin space paired with the huge potential for speed make the Charger a natural police cruiser.

Today, the Charger can still be seen as police cars all around and even daily drivers for regular citizens of the state.

6 Toyota Supra Mark IV

Via Adrian Flux

Supra!!! Stutututu!! Hearing that turbo flutter for the first time is sure to give you goosebumps. It may not look like much but its 2JZ virtually bulletproof engine is capable of incredible horsepower numbers when pushed to its limits.

A joint venture between Toyota and BMW has brought us an all-new Supra that is expected to be released in 2019 or 2020. The new Supra sure has gigantic shoes to fill. Old 2JZ fans will be especially fierce in critiquing the new Supra, we just hope that this new machine delivers.

5 BMW M5

via:Bavaria Bmw

The slightly larger (and heavier) cousin of the M3 is still going strong, nothing like a bit of sibling rivalry to spice things up. Both sedans have always been great competitors in their respective categories. With the addition of the M4 in recent years, BMW has sort of like adhered to the whims of nitpicky consumers.

One thing is for sure though, the M5 will always be in style regardless of trends in the industry. We are certain that the enormous German car manufacturer will continue to please its costumers.

4 Mazda MX-5


Largely regarded as a feminine sports car, the Mazda Miata is an incredible performer when in the right hands, whether feminine or masculine. The Current generation of the MX-5 is actually a great car for anybody’s standards. Mazda has not brought back the pop-up headlights which we all know and love but that engine and that Skyactiv technology is the delicious icing on that moderately satisfying cake.

You can get yours in a hard top or soft top which is by no means groundbreaking but a nice touch nonetheless.

3  Bugatti Veyron


Once upon a time in the 2000s, the Bugatti Veyron was the fastest production car ever made. It would finish a whole full tank of gas if it was to go at its top speed for just a few minutes, not that anyone would want to try that but hey, any info is good info. That distinct front grille was donned on the successor of the Veyron.

Priced at a couple million dollars, the Chiron is a billionaire’s dream. We just hope all that dough comes with even just a bit of driving skill.

2 Ford GT

This is probably the only legitimate supercar that's heavily underrated despite how sweet it is. Everything that Ford has to offer is in the Ford GT, the best of far western ingenuity. It is slowly creeping up in value which makes the Ford GT a great investment, assuming you have an incredibly large bank account already.

More than a decade later, Ford has given us a contemporary take on the car that captivated us long ago. Largely the looks stayed the same, large aerodynamics all around and big vortex creators that look like something from a spacecraft.

1 Toyota Prius

Via Motor1

It certainly is surprising how far the technology for hybrid vehicles has come. The Prius was once a shunned upon ugly duckling in the Toyota family but now it is the chic teenager of the bunch.

Environmental awareness is as important as ever and the need for more eco-friendly means of transportation is more pronounced. The improvement in design is a major factor in why the Prius has received much love from consumers in the last couple of years. This hybrid has a lot of potentials to be the top selling unit in the future.

Sources: Road and Track, Top Speed, Auto Express

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