Which Luxury Crossover Should You Buy? Audi Q5 Vs BMW X5

The Audi Q5 and BMW X5 are both great luxury crossovers with a lot to offer, but which one should you buy?

As automakers scramble for the new prevalent compact SUV market, it’s becoming harder and harder for buyers to pick-out luxury crossovers each year. With a lot of emphasis on versatility, refinement, luxury interiors, and state of the art tech, even sedan lovers are fast shifting preference to premium compact crossovers.

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Audi and BMW are exemplary luxury crossover SUV manufacturers designing some of the most competitive units in that segment. And if you are looking for a unique luxury crossover SUV that will accommodate all of life’s essentials, you’ll probably have to choose between Audi’s Q5 and BMW’s X5. Both these luxury SUVs have a commanding force across the automotive landscape; both offer plush ride quality and unrivaled performance. If you are undecided on which is the best between these two amazing German brands, here’s a more detailed comparison that will hopefully help you make a decision.

10 Audi Q5: Price Warranty and Maintenance

Audi has a starting price of $43,945 for the premium model, it's premium Plus trims start at $50,945 while the Prestige version that's fully loaded with features, executive trims and tons of tech starts at $54,845. Audi’s coverage for its 2019 Q5 is average compared to its rivals who offer much longer coverage periods. Potential owners still get a chance to enjoy free service and maintenance for the first 10,000 miles, which is beneficial.

The 2019 Q5 offers a gustily and efficient powertrain with state-of-the-art features and elegant looks. The cargo space is wanting, with latch holders that are frankly and difficult to access. However, it still manages to pull a charm worth owning a spot in your garage.

9 Audi Q5: Design, Interior and Cargo

The Q5 is Audi’s unique Prestige trim and a relative bargain compared to Cadillac XT5 or the Jaguar F-Pace. It comes with a unique design, fitted with aluminum trims around the windows. The 2019 Audi Q5 offers enough room to fit four adults comfortably. In true Audi spirit, the cabin is quiet even at high speeds. While the Q5 maintains Audi’s simple controls, standard power-adjustable front seats, and ergonomic layout, its cup holders are awkwardly placed.

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Potential owners get to choose between three trim levels, Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige that offers even more elegant features. Audi fell short on cargo space, and you’ll probably get much more value here with the Honda HR-V that’s capable of holding 22 cases compared to the Q5’s 18, with the back seats folded.

8 Audi Q5: Engine and Performance

The 2019 Audi Q5 offers amazing power. It packs a 4-cylinder turbocharged motor paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission engine generating 252hp. Its Quattro and all-wheel drive and is capable of doing zero to 60 in 5.8 seconds, which is amazing compared to its V-6 powered competition like the Lexus RX or the XT5.

The turbo induced engine adds quite the punch. The Q5 comes with a well-damped suspension that imparts an incomparable stable feeling regardless of the road condition.

7 Audi Q5: Fuel Economy

It comes standard with an all-wheel-drive system with a capability to disconnect and run on its front wheels until traction is required —boosting fuel economy. Its real-world fuel economy rating has a highway approximate of 26mpg, which is quite impressive compared to its Porsche or Cadillac counterparts.

6 Audi Q5: Tech And Infotainment

Audi offers quite an impressive entertainment experience. Even with the least expensive Q5, prospective owners still get a chance to enjoy a dashtop 7.0-inch screen with an 8.3-inch optional. This infotainment console offers a ton of features, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and even a Wi-Fi hotspot.

It gets interesting with the optional navigation system, which offers a reconfigurable digital cluster popular as the Virtual Cockpit. It features a 12.3-inch view with selected media and phone controls. The 2019 Audi Q5 also comes with automated emergency braking, forward collision warning as well as other driver-assist features standard. Pricier models will have additional adaptive cruise control.

5 BMW X5: Exterior and Interior

The 2020 BMW X5 still harbors its distinct BMW frontal appeal, which is conservative but beautifully crafted. It offers a spacious interior that is generous for adults both in its first and second row. The third row is only convenient for children. In true BMW fashion, the cabin features high-quality materials with an abundance of charging ports for your devices and a myriad of features dependent on the trim level.

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You’ll get a panoramic sunroof, power-adjustable seats with memory, and dual-zone automatic climate control features. Luxuries don’t end there; compared to the Q5, the X5 offers massaging seats, soft close doors, heated frontal armrests, leather dashboards, and much more.

4 BMW X5: Engine and Performance

The M50i comes with a V8 twin-turbo engine generating 523hp. The 40i can do zero to 60mph in 4.9 seconds with the 50i 0.7 seconds faster. All these engine variations pair to an 8-speed automatic transmission that offers impressive torque and power. The X5 also has a hybrid variant soon to be released in 2020.

3 BMW X5: Fuel Economy

With its in-line six, the 2020 X5 still offers the same fuel economy rating you would get with a 4-cylinder engine from the GLE-class, and probably a little more fuel stingy compared to the Q7. The V8 version has poor EPA but still matched the V6 Supercharged variant of the Land Rover Discovery.

The real-world EPA ratings of the X5 are quite impressive on the highway, with the 40i doing 28mpg and 50i delivering 23mpg. The M50i matched the GLE450 despite having 127hp more and two extra engines.

2 BMW X5: Tech And Infotainment

The 2020 X5 offers an impressive display of features and tech. It comes with twin 12.3-inch displays on it's in the restrained cockpit. One display serves as a digital gauge display, while the other is for the infotainment system running on BMW’s iDrive software. Prospective owners get to enjoy exclusive features such as gesture controls, intuitive touch screens, and Apple CarPlay.

Unfortunately, there’s no Android Auto support. The 2020 X5 offers basic features such as the automated emergency braking and semi-autonomous driving mode which is optional. Standard features include lane departure, pedestrian detection and, monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert.

1 BMW X5: Price Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

If you are into saving money while enjoying a ton of performance, then the BMW X5 xDrive40i is the ultimate machine to get. It has a starting price of $62, 195, its subtle version the sDrive40i starts at $59,985 while the xDrive50i is $77,145. For the M50i, you’ll need a hefty $83,145 to get it to your driveway.

BMW matches Audi and Mercedes when it comes to warranty coverage; however, you still get three years or 36,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance for an even sweeter deal. Its limited warranty covers 4-years or 50,000 miles; its powertrain warranty covers 4-years or 50,000 miles.

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