Which Toyota Should You Buy: Corolla Vs. Camry

The Corolla and Camry from Toyota are both excellent vehicles, but it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. They look alike, and yet there are so many differences between them. You might be stuck trying to decide what choice to make, but luckily, we are here to help.

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We have laid out the different aspects of car buying you should consider when making your choice, and we're showing you the specs for both vehicles from U.S. News & World Report. This is a big decision, but one that doesn't have to cause you stress. Keep reading to learn more about whether you should buy a Toyota Corolla or a Toyota Camry!

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10 Fuel Economy

The Corolla takes the cake for fuel economy with a combined fuel economy of 32 mpg. Camry's 6-cylinder engine only gives drivers a combined 26 mpg, but there 4-cylinder does allow drivers to reach a combined 34 mpg. This still isn't enough to win us over though as both of Corolla's engines will give you over 31 mpg.

Corolla will save you money in gas compared to average new vehicles, but the Camry's lower model engine will have you reaching back into your wallet. If you are willing to upgrade then Camry would be the better choice, otherwise, if you hate paying for gas, then the Corolla is your answer.

9 Design

Camry is the winner of this battle because the sharp angles of their exterior make it more appealing to the eye than the rounded front of the Corolla. The Camry feels more modern and edgy, while the Corolla just doesn't inspire that feeling in us.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions when it comes to car designs and likability, but if it were us, we would rather be seen sporting the Camry based on design alone. Corolla's design isn't terrible, but it probably should have seen a few more updates before it was released to the public, but we have to assume more work went into their stylish hatchback.

8 Safety Rating

The Camry wins again in the safety rating department. It is a 2019 Top Safety Pick+ and achieved five stars in its crash test rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Corolla, on the other hand, had a five-star overall rating as well, but it only earned four stars in the frontal crash and rollover tests.

The Camry's LATCH connectors for car seats are also easier to use, but both vehicles have the same standard safety features. You can add additional features into either vehicle depending upon your preferences.

7 Reliability

Corolla wins this battle with a five out of five stars from J.D. Power for reliability, while Camry only received a four-star rating. The warranties for both vehicles are the same as they each come with a three-year/36,000-mile basic warranty and a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

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There has also not been any recalls for either vehicle, so both of them would make an excellent choice for a new car. It all comes down to how long you expect your new expense to last.

6 Engine

Camry comes out on top with the better engine, even if you don't decide to go with the costly upgrade. It has a lot more horsepower than Corolla with 203-horsepower, compared to a mere 132-horsepower. The Corolla Hatchback isn't much better as it only upgrades you to 168-horsepower.

You can upgrade the Camry engine to a V6 for $5,000 and find yourself with 301-horsepower, but it's up to the driver to decide if the expense is worth it. The main complaint of the Corolla is it has a hard time accelerating, but the Camry will wipe that fear away with the power they produce in four-cylinders.

5 Price

The Camry might seem like the better option, but if you want to stay within a budget, then the Corolla is the way to go. The Corolla starts at $18,000 which is much lower than the Camry's $24,000 price tag.

You might pay $24,000 if you go with the Corolla Hatchback, but by upgrading to the Camry's top model you are looking at a big $30,000 dent in your wallet. This might not affect some of you, but for others, this will change the game and shift their opinion toward the more budget and gas-friendly Toyota Corolla.

4 Cargo Space

The Camry takes the bait with 14.1-cubic feet of cargo space for the base model, while the Corolla only offers up a mere 13-cubic feet. If you go with the Corolla Hatchback, it does offer you 17.8-cubic feet, and a total of 23.3-cubic feet with the seats folded, but when we focus on base models the Camry is the winner.

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The Camry may only offer enough space for about a dozen shopping bags, but it still has enough room for you to be comfortable and easily transport small items from place to place.

3 Handling

The Camry wins this round with their superior ability to handle turns like a champ. This isn't to say the Corolla is incapable, but it offers a different sort of ride. The Camry is for someone who enjoys a sporty athleticism, as the brakes and steering outshine that of the Corolla.

The Corolla's ride is smooth, but it doesn't allow as much play as one would have in the Camry. It is truly a personal preference, but it is to be assumed that most people would prefer a car that can handle a bit of heat.

2 Infotainment Features

The features on both of these vehicles are very similar, so we are going to call this a tie. They both have the same Entune Audio System, but the only difference is the size of the screens. The Camry has a 7-inch touch screen, while the Corolla only has a 6.1-inch touch screen. They both offer the same upgraded features of a moonroof or wireless charging, so no matter what you can be sure you are not being jipped out of anything special.

The only thing we feel we should mention is that the Corolla Hatchback comes standard with better features, like Entune 3.0. This version also comes with an 8-inch touchscreen display, which is only an upgrade option for the base models of the other two sedans.

1 Interior Design

The Camry is our choice in terms of interior design because it gives both passengers and the driver more legroom compared to the Corolla. This is also due to the fact that the Corolla is considered a compact car, while the Camry is a midsize car. It has also been reported that the Corolla has a lot of hard plastics that can make it uncomfortable, while no such complaints have been made about the Camry.

This choice is ultimately up to the consumer, so it's up to you to decide what would work best for you and your family. One person may like one thing, but your opinion may venture in an entirely different direction, which will lead to your final decision in this debate of Toyotas.

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