Why Everyone Should Own A Pickup Truck

Here are a number of reasons why everyone should own a pickup at least once in their life.

One of the defining things about our homeland is the popularity of pickup trucks compared to other countries, especially in Europe and Asia. This love for pickup trucks is not just a perception but fact backed up by real sales numbers. According to Kelly Blue Book, full-size trucks made up 15% of the sales in 2017 while the top three spots for the most vehicles sold here in 2017 are occupied by trucks. At position three is the Ram with 500,723 cars sold, at position two is the Chevrolet Silverado with 585,564 units sold and at the top position with a considerable margin is the Ford F-Series with 896,764 units sold. More important still is the fact that each of these pickup trucks all recorded growth in sales from the previous year while other car segments recorded dips in sales.

Of the millions buying pickup trucks, a good number is men. In a world largely appreciating the advantages of a small car, the pickup truck has retained its attraction as a solid and useful option. Regardless of trade, location, and preferences of an individual, owning a pickup truck has become something to look forward to and even expected of any man. Though a number of them have yet to appreciate its important role, there is no doubt, any man could benefit from having a pickup truck parked in the driveway. Here are a number of reasons why everyone should own a pickup at least once in his life.

20 The Ultimate Tool and Toolbox

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Men love tools and toys and they do not come better or more complete than a pickup. A pickup completes your tool collection, providing storage and means to easily ferry your other tools. In itself it is the perfect tool to solve a number of problems. Whether you are looking for a farm workhorse or an instrument to ferry items at a construction site and anything in between, you can rely on your truck to complete it all with minimum fuss. All the tools you will need for the task can be accommodated in different capacities, something not even an SUV can provide with great range.

19 Flexibility

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Having a truck offers plenty of flexibility, more than you would get in any other car. While your Toyota Camry will appear to be ideal for the usual routine trip to work and back, it would not even cross your mind for an adventure trip or camping outside town.

Most sedans and small cars are not even fit for a shopping trip. Compare that to a truck, you can get to the office, shop a full market of produce and house needs. The pickup will be there more than ready for that cross-country trip, and all off-road adventures you want to engage in in all kinds of weather and all manner of road type with minimum fuss. Basically, if you had to get just one car, make it a truck.

18 Customization Options 

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Men love options and one of the main advantages trucks offer is the range of customization opportunities provided. You are not limited to just one look or size or range of accessories.

Each car maker has gone the extra length of ensuring each pickup series has a range from light to super heavy-duty trucks. Besides the size and volume capacity, there are accessories you can choose for further utility and comfort.

You also have aftermarket options and it is really hard to go wrong with a truck, however extreme your needs or fancies are. From the tires to the front, interior to the bed, there is just a whole world to deal with to add more personality to your truck than in any other type of vehicle.

17 Luxury

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Trucks have a reputation of having been utilitarian in the past. They largely used to cater to the minimum needs with the little luxury. Even seating was limited to a single passenger and all elements of luxury largely spared for the driver. Going with your truck for a long ride was a test of endurance, but that is no longer the case. The seats are plush and depending on the cabin body type you can even get a seating for six adult passengers comfortably while having ample space. Heated seats, air conditioning, satellite navigation and quality surround systems are now standard in most trucks.

16 Value for money

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One major worry for all car buyers is the value they get from their car. As a person, being able to get the most for your money is a quality to build and owning a truck provides you that in multiple ways.

Firstly, trucks are affordable in their base models and even when you start racking up the options, each offers a distinct quality that is worth the money. More than that, you get a vehicle that can serve diverse needs at a cost that is a bargain compared to deals offered by SUVs, sedans and compact cars.

15 The Perfect Off-road Machine

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If you are a person who truly loves cars, then a trip on a muddy and uneven track or road is something you look forward to. The rough and tumble is where you can truly tell if your machine will last and suit your demands. Even if you do not fancy terrains such as riverbeds, sand, mud gravel and other off-roading surfaces, necessity can still get you in such a situation and you want to be well prepared and not stuck with a sedan in snow or having to cancel your trips, especially with your family because of the condition of the terrain. There is nothing as thrilling as beating the rough and tumble conditions nature can offer.

14 Stand out from the crowd

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A person should be able to stand out from the crowd in their own unique way and in parking lots and roads filled with similar looking SUVs and sedans, the pickup truck will always emerge on top.

The bold, masculine looks, the broad frame and thick tires command respect and earn attention. Unlike the attention screaming supercars and sports cars, a truck offers a person great presence without all the drama.

It is impossible to ignore it and even if it is a light duty truck, it still communicates the power underneath it like still waters, just what a man will want to convey.

13 Resale Value

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More data from Kelly Blue Book shows there is more reason to get a pickup truck, they hold on to much of their value and for longer than any other car.

While market statistics show that on average a 2018 car model will only retain about 35.1% of its value five years down the line, pickups tend to hold on to almost half their value five years later with little further depreciation after that.

Toyota Tacoma, the truck with the best resale value, for example, retains 69.6% percent of its value five years down the line almost double the value of your average.

12 Durability

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Part of the reason why trucks maintain a high resale value is their durability. Having a pickup truck is a love affair as it allows you to exert your personality and style it for your purposes more than any other car. You want such a car to be able to take well all that age and rough terrains along with accidents can throw at it.

A pickup truck will take the beating and be back for more with minimum need for repairs. This makes it possible to keep a truck in good conditions several decades down the line and even pass it on to your son.

11 Easy Maintenance

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Some cars come with pretty demanding maintenance schedules or simply lack any challenge that makes the maintenance process fun. With a pickup truck, there is a lot you can do on your own with only the manual to follow. The whole cleaning process, along with fitting new parts and options is simple in the sense that it does not call for much technical knowledge in the application, but is also challenging enough to land on your top DIY projects list. Much of the upgrading can be done over time and you will derive fun with cost-effective hacks for improving your truck.

10 Increased Road Safety

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For a long while, the safety feature of trucks have basically boiled down to their size which they have relied on for stability and less injuries in crashes. However, the advancement in other car classes in terms of passenger safety and the integrity of the car have since resulted in the need for pickup trucks to match the other cars in safety offerings. Building on their inherent advantage of strength and size, newer safety features both in times of crashes and during driving have been added to greatly lower the risk of an accident. These additions further enhance the truck making them some of the safest vehicles to use for you and your family.

9 Better Visibility

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Visibility can be a serious challenge in most cars especially in busy traffic or around corners. Most cars limit one to just a few meters while SUVs with stronger roof frames end up hampering visibility. Besides, knowing the positioning of other road users is much more comfortable when they can see without much straining, the road beneath them and the margins on both sides.

A pickup truck, with its size and height, offers you increased visibility than any other car even while on a busy road you can easily see over the cars ahead and behind you. This allows you to have better anticipation and aids an easier driving experience.

8 A Chance to be the go-to guy

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As a man it is always nice and ego boosting to be able to solve problems and be the go-to guy around the house, and even better, around the neighborhood. Well, having a truck in your yard allows for just that.

Whether it is a neighbor who needs to move, or someone stuck in snow, your truck is a handy resource.

If you are in the countryside it is even better with the numerous work needs that environment presents. Among friends and family, you quickly establish your place as they are left having to request your assistance on the heavy lifting or resilience requiring tasks.

7 A Pickup Hauls Stuff

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The design and main purpose of pickups has been to ferry things, especially heavy things. Modern additions have made this aspect easy to overlook, given the extent to which they have improved the whole truck experience.

Even the lightest of the compact, or half-ton pickup trucks like the Honda Ridgeline have a payload capacity of about 1,5o0 pounds for the 2018 version.

This should be enough to ferry around much of your needs if you are not into heavy commercial needs. Should you require more hauling effort, there is a wide range of options to pick from ranging by your needs and you will hardly get close to hitting the massive payload capacity of the Ford-350 at 7,200 pounds.

6 A Pickup Tows Stuff

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While in the hauling department a pickup is largely used for work, it is in the towing of stuff where adventure is had.

Whether you are looking for a reliable way to move the camping van, tow your boat to the river, pull a stuck car or move around with a trailer for extra storage capacity, a pickup is always ready.

As usual, the towing capacity differs across the range of the different segments and car makers. Again the Honda Ridgeline has the least capacity having 5000 pounds while at the other end of the spectrum is the Ford F-350 with the largest towing capacity of 21,000 pounds.

5 Space, Space, and more Space

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The one thing modern cars seem to struggle with is providing all the necessary and fancy amenities while still providing you with enough space to enjoy all that. It is always like you have to compromise something; it could be the leg room the driver’s cabin, the middle, rear passenger seat, the boot and where a luxurious option provides the needed space, you pay with head and leg room and sometimes it even hurts just sitting there.

Thankfully, the interior of trucks is roomier than what you even get in SUVs and at a fraction of the price of all these cars. There is hardly any sacrifice of compromise on space and you can pack the whole family in along with pets and toys.

4 Fun and Adventure Await

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Trucks have just about everything a person wants in their toys. They are immensely powerful, they are filled with enough gadgets to satisfy curiosity and pack enough challenge to sustain the interest.

Nothing screams fun and adventure like a truck roaring through puddles or cruising on a highway with music coming through the modern audio system.

A truck allows a man to push show his wild side without worrying about being let down by his machine or limited by its power or its ability. They are a joy to drive too, making up for what they lack in small car dexterity with the stability, elevation and the power they pack.

3 Ladies Dig Men In Trucks

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Of course, this would not be a complete list without getting the perspective of the fairer gender. As you might have guessed, women find men who drive trucks to be more attractive. If you are looking to impress the ladies then you can get even more specific and get a black full-size Ford truck which was rated highly in the survey done by Insure.com polling 1,000 women. Women judge men who are driving such trucks to be mature and able to handle things, while also being successful. Only 27% of the women in the survey found men with sports cars to be attractive while only 16% percent found those in SUVs to be attractive. Now you know where to invest.

2 Image is Everything

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Ultimately, there is a manly image and ego to think about. Just like women find the guy in the truck attractive, so does the rest of society.

A man in a truck is deemed more in control than the show off in a loud sports cars and more capable of handling things than the guy in a sedan or even worse the guy in a compact hybrid car.

Every guy needs such an impression every once in a while, so getting a pickup will show that you can handle responsibility and know how to take care of things. Of course, it will only work if your truck is clean and well maintained.

1 Satisfaction guaranteed

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The biggest perk that comes with owning a truck is the satisfaction it brings. Getting a truck and customizing it to your needs and preferences is an achievement that every man should experience. There is the fun part of going for adventures as well as modifying it and there is also the sense of confidence it provides knowing that you are ready for any transport challenge that may happen. The happiness of lying in the bed of the truck with your date or effortlessly getting your family or friends to a campsite is only known by people who have owned a truck.

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