25 Women That Are As Tough As The Pickups They Drive

What is it about a girl and her truck? Trucks may mean something different to everyone, but the essence of a pickup truck is based upon its utilitarian context. The design was, quite literally, forged in fire; there is an innate toughness in their very existence that many of us find irresistible.

Typically, we tend to think of trucks as “toys for the boys.” But that doesn’t mean girls don’t like trucks, too! In fact, girls are wild about trucks!

“How wild?” you ask? As wild as it takes…as wild as they can get! You don’t need to be a guy to drive a truck, but you do have to be tough. But the fact that you have a six-inch Rancho lift on your Duramax doesn’t make you a kingpin. I know it feels all stable and secure up there (looking down on your fellow motorists from the safety of your Sky Cabin), but prepare to be rivaled! We’ve found a handful of tough-as-nails women that make you, and the trucks you drive, look like Tyco toys.

Most of these girls grew up with a steering wheel clenched in their fist and the gas pedal mashed into the floor! Some of them grew up on farms, others would grow up taking apart lawnmowers from the time they could hold a screwdriver!

Today, these proclivities have transformed them into some of the toughest women we’ve ever seen in a pickup truck! Think you can hang with Grave Digger? We don’t think so (but neither could we). These girls can, however!

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25 Debrah Miceli

via Monster Jam

She was the first woman to be awarded Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Rookie of the Year award. She’s a former AWA (American Wrestler’s Association) World Champion. She's a foreign ambassador for international wrestling sanctions. Her name is Madusa, which is short for “Made in the U.S.A." She left wrestling in search of more firepower—and she found it, alright! She bought her own truck, used her stage name, and started crushing car bodies with Grave Digger. Don’t think that means she let herself get soft. If you look at the history of her career, you could argue that she’s just getting warmed up!

24 Nichole Johnson

via Matt Tucker 365

She’s another Monster Jammer and she’s fearless behind the wheel! Crawling up embankments and thrashing over obstacles is ingrained into the very fiber of her being. She’s a rock crawler—and a competition rock crawler, no less! Born in Oxnard, California, this bombshell is Fled Motorsport’s Scooby-Doo driver.

This may sound comical but being a mommy to two boys only makes the Scooby-Doo truck more relevant. Even if you don’t like Scooby-Doo, it’s about what’s on the inside, right? Built motors, tube chassis, straight pipes, fuel economy measured in cubic feet…Scooby is lucky he can even hang on!

23 Ami Houde

via In Kansas City

This cutie isn’t just going to just stomp you out on the track, she’s not that type of girl. She’ll stomp you out, pick you back up, and offer you insurance services because that’s what she does!

You might only see the face of her that's ripping across a row of junkyard cars but she’s an accomplished businesswoman who ingeniously uses her 21 years of industry connections to bolster support for her other business. She’s an example of working smarter to get to where she’s going and nothing’s getting in her way!

22 Kayla Blood

via ToFoMe

She’s the quintessential gearhead—only cuter! She likes anything with an engine, as long as it goes fast! The veteran motocross rider has over two and a half decades of experience under her belt and was encouraged to jump into the sport by her role model: her father.

She may be a daddy’s girl but there’s a rage inside her you don’t want to tamper with; part of her pre-show ritual is pounding her fists together to get pumped up! She’s actually nicer than she sounds, however, citing kindness to others as a cornerstone of her personality.

21 Becky McDonogh

via Fox 2 Now

People often ask her how she got to compete on a Monster Jam circuit. It’s a valid question. After all, even for men, being a competition monster truck racer isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill day job.

It was a chance occurrence for Becky. A few friends had an extra ticket to the Minneapolis Monster Jam and she was invited to tag along. By the end of the event, she was in love with the inanimate machines and knew they had to be a part of her life, somehow.

20 Brianna Mahon

via Monster Jam

Sullivan, Illinois, native Brianna Mahon isn’t you’re average blue-jean-wearing cowgirl. While her fellow country stars are piping about singing songs on their tailgates and tromping around in the sticks on their ponies, she’s blasting through time trials in her 10,000-pound stallion—one with a much better power-to-weight ratio!

She’s always on tour, so she’s developed a proclivity for exploring new cities while on the road. She’s been in racing motorsports most of her life and takes her motocross and dirt track experience into the arena every time she races!

19 Bailey Shea

via Linsey Read

She’s not a Monster Jammer anymore but that doesn’t make her any less rad! The Chillicothe, Missouri, driver paved her Monster Jam career by quad racing before slipping into the big trucks. Multiple competitions are under her belt and she’s raced side by side with the legendary Grave Digger himself.

Did she ever beat him, you ask? (Does anybody ever beat Grave Digger? No.) Still, though, the harmony of two alcohol-burning competition motors screaming at wide open throttle is music to anyone’s ears—win or lose. (It’s hard to debate the awe-inspiring sound that 4,000 horsepower makes as it resonates throughout the arena!)

18 Linsey Read

via Fritz Magazine

Linsey Read is that nice girl that sat in the front row of your math class. You wouldn’t take her for a crazy tire twister at first glance but looks can be deceiving. This girl can do donuts in a monster truck like nobody’s business and she’s got the trophies to prove it!

She’s a calculated driver and spends time analyzing the track before the big show to plan out exactly how she wants to attack her freestyle. Then, with her firesuit firmly in place, she belts up, double checks her gear, and awaits the countdown! Ready. Set. GO!

17 Rhianna Buchanan

via Al

Meet Australia’s very first female Monster Jam driver! She’s smokin’ (from head to tailpipe) and has a need for speed only Maverick could appreciate. The self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie debuted on the South African leg of Monster Jam tour in 2018.

She’s brand new, so you’d better be sure to give her plenty of love when she’s in your town! According to Fritz, she’s been riding bikes since she was three years old! It’s unclear whether said bikes were motored or not but given her line of work, we’d say it’s safe to assume she wasn’t pedaling much!

16 Candice Jolly

via Content

You may look at her and think you’re looking at your middle school librarian but women like this are the reason Monster Jam trucks put decals and logos on the bottom of the chassis…her truck spends so much time vertical, that it only makes sense to give you something to read while you’re staring at her undercarriage! (Seriously, just go look at some of the stuff this maniac does in a monster truck! If you’re not impressed, your name is probably Candice Jolly.)

15 Cynthia Gauthier

via Gaga Daily

If ever there was a woman in possession the technical aptitude to potentially emasculate even the hairiest of men, it would be Cynthia Gauthier! She’s a real farm girl, through and through. But her tech-savvy doesn’t stop at just milking livestock.

This Monster Jammer can weld like an underwater diver (because I’m assuming underwater diving takes talent) and has the videos to prove it. Just watch her weld up a “metal rose” and you’ll wish you’d taken welding in high school. She makes it look as easy as making a sandwich.

14 Collete Davis

via Collete Davis

“All that’s going through my mind is how much fun I’m going to have.” That’s the answer you get when you ask Collete Davis what she’s thinking as she loads up into the Wonder Woman monster truck to prepare for a run.

She’s been taking apart lawnmowers and computers since she was a little girl, so when that transitioned into tearing down motors, she’d already loved it so much, why not race them? And that’s exactly what she did, racing go-karts in her formative years before stepping into the big leagues.

13 Miranda Lambert

via Grammy

Miranda Lambert is a lover of dogs, a singer of songs, and a driver of trucks. New trucks, old trucks, red trucks, blue trucks—she’s a driver of trucks. When you have a house full of rescue animals, you kind of need one (or two) laying around.

Being a spokesperson for Dodge does have its benefits, like a nice big Ram to wrangle all your horse trailers together. Plus, it saves wear and tear on the old Chevy! (Cummins are better for towing anyway, everybody knows that.)

12 Kelly Pickler

via Ram Trucks

She’s a North Carolina native that’s been singing since she was a little girl. You’d never know it by looking at her now but she was a Sonic waitress in her younger years! Never one to shy away from hard work, she was the ideal candidate for Dodge’s celebrity truck push.

After all, she’s been driving trucks as long as she can remember, according to the Dodge press release. This essentially meant she could kick the 2012 1500 Laramie around the fields as hard as she wanted to and the truck would be auctioned off the following year.

11 Classic Truck Moms

via Jesse James Photography

Tough comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms; you don’t need muscle to be tough—but you gotta have heart! That’s why we enjoy finding “tough” in untraditional places and that’s sometimes where it’s the most interesting! You’re sitting there, asking, “What’s so special about an expecting mother with an old truck?” We’re sitting over here wondering, “What’s not?” In reality, any girl down to buck that leaf-sprung live axle across every pothole a rural county road can throw at it goes down in our books as tough…Ford tough.

10 Lifted Truck Girls

via Willem Vernooy

Forrest Gump has unwittingly coined some of the best one-liners we’ve ever known (and we still quote the 1994 Paramount film excessively, to this day). To adapt one of these “Gumpnuggets” to our illustration, we present the following question; “What does this ol’ girl’s set of shoes tell you about where she’s been?” (We’re talking about the truck, by the way.) We see a classic, Chevy, four-by, country setting, factory trim that's been well-cared for. Not only are these “tough” girls they’re also truck girls, which are infinitely better. (Truck girls are tough, by default.)

9 PCH Powerhouse Girls

via 45 Surf Hero

The meandering Pacific Coast Highway stretches 656 miles up the longest coast in the nation. That’s a lot of beach! That’s also a lot of surfers. And if there are one thing surfers never get enough credit for, it's their ability to be able to take a hard pounding, shake it off, and jump right back in for another round! (If you’ve never been surfing, there aren’t many poundings like the one you get in the break zone; nature will quickly remind you how much you like to breathe.)

8 Diesel Girls

via Johanna Taylor

This girl is a diesel girl, all the way—and she’s not shy about it, either. In fact, she’s the opposite of shy! If it wasn’t painfully obvious, she’s aiming to get looked at; from down the block! It’s a great truck, especially if you’re a ranchhand, but we need to call her on something, just like we would the boys! While we’re also a fan of red meat, in the extremely rare case we felt the need to drive it around with us, it definitely wouldn’t be chrome! Chrome died in the 90s! (Please CC your friends.)

7 Fiddler Girl

via Cowboy Chris

This is when you know it gets real. It’s not because our friend here is fiddling on the bed of her K20 with some chaps on but because she has chaps to wear in the first place for when she fiddles on her K20! Anybody can throw a Stetson and a set of leather boots on. The chaps, though? You don’t just wake up one day with a hankerin' to fiddle-it-up on your tailgate with some chaps! You either do because it’s a part of your core beliefs or you don’t because it’s not.

6 No Love

via Eric Arnold

There’s something to be said about old Dodge girls (vintage Dodge, not vintage girls) and we have to give her a shout for keeping it real, right in that sweet spot between classic and contemporary (that just about nobody else cares about). All the other girls get noticed in their trucks but not this one. She just rumbles on down the road, pouring unburned fuel from the tailpipe everywhere she goes. She’s not environmentally conscious and she doesn’t put up with being villainized over some hydrocarbons—if you don't like it, take the tax credit they gave you with your Prius and plant a tree!

5 The Pinup

via Shane Ruiz

If you look at the definition of a “pinup” girl, you’ll notice its qualifications depend on mass appeal as perceived by popular culture. As such, the actual definition is subject to change, based on what’s en vogue. Define it any way you want to but this baddie isn’t concerned with what society thinks; she’s concerned with where she’s going to find a stock bench seat for her pickup. Pinups are classic and resto-mods aren’t. (Plus, it’s easier to pose on a bench seat.) Either way, she still looks good doing what she’s doing, even if she forgot how to smile.

4 Taylor Swift

via PJ Pink

It would be a computer repairman that would teach her the very first three guitar chords she would ever learn, a memory that would inspire the song “Lucky You,” according to our Tumblr source.

She wouldn’t stop at guitar, however. The multi-talented performer can also play the banjo, the piano, and the ukulele! This famous pink Silverado was given to her by her label when she turned 18, so she’s been a truck girl just about as long as she could drive.

3 The Power Wagon Girl

via Desert Power Wagons

The Power Wagon is about as O.G. as you can get. Starting production in 1945, it was one of the first great things Dodge did once they didn’t have to stamp out war machinery. The early body styling retains the rounded cab features of the 1930s, making it both gorgeous and menacing at the same time! Any girl you see climbing into one of the first civilian four-by-fours is likely not doing so without the expectation of jamming some finicky gears through a rock-hard clutch!

2 The Dually Girl

via Diesel Tech Magazine

Don’t get this one diamonds and roses, she wants gallons of Delco and mud flaps! She’s not just a pretty diesel girl, either; she’s hay-haulin’ road hammer—all 7,700 pounds of her!

Don’t think she can’t use a trailer, guys; she didn’t order a 13,000-pound towing capacity just to look at it! In fact, she probably kicks it into four-wheel low more often than you do! She can take whatever job you think you can throw at her and always welcomes a challenge! Don’t mess with dually girls!

1 The Quintessential “Truck Girl”

via Jane

So, in summary, I believe it’s safe to say, “Girls do the whole ‘truck thing’ pretty well.” Whether it’s sky-jacked and supercharged, oil-burning and torque-heavy, or just a regular old farm truck, trucks look just as good on the girls as they do on the boys.

Truck life isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of being—truck folks know this. You may laugh at our gas mileage today but when you need to move all your ratty possessions, who’s the one friend you count on?

Sources: Daily Telegraph, Monster Jam, Fritz, Cynthia Gauthier, and Dodge.

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