16 Women Who Built The Most Beast Jeeps On Planet Earth

Jeep is a very popular brand, and many women have spent a lot of time building the perfect off-roader with theirs.


The Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate off-road vehicle, and always has been. The Jeep Wrangler as we know now it got its start all the way back in the 40s, but it didn’t receive its official Wrangler name we all know until 1987. Up until then their model was referred to as a CJ, which mean “Civilian Jeep” followed by the model number. According to Motor Trend, once the Jeep received its Wrangler name, it received some improvements as well. To help reduce body roll, the wranglers ride height was reduced and its wheel base was widened; which made for a much more comfortable ride. It wasn’t until 1997, when the TJ was introduced (as was the use of a coil-spring suspension) that they put their tired leaf springs to rest.

The JK, was the first Jeep to be completely free of once used AMC parts, now coming with an all new 3.8-liter V6 as the only option. The Wrangler became a bit more modern with the JK, now being offered with electric options, four-doors and both traction and stability control. While Jeep has continued to make improvements throughout the years as far as safety and performance, looking back on the Jeep design, it hasn’t changed a whole lot.

The newest model being the JL which now comes with much needed added engine options. A 2.0-liter turbo charged option was added with a 3.0-liter Eco-diesel expected to be available in 2019.

If you’re looking for something fast, you will be sadly disappointed. If you’re looking for something fun, a Jeep Wrangler will never let you down. Here’s a look at 16 girls and their awesome Jeep builds.

16 Nichole Pink

Via Nichole Pink

Nichole bought herself her ride back in 2016 as a birthday present and got right to building it. Her rig has been re-geared to 4.88 gears with 3.5” lift with 35” Renegade m/t tires with an upgraded Teralex steering stabilizer.

Her favourite mod is her S-pod and switch panel which allows her to easily turn on any of her light accessories, as she has two lightbars, rock lights, four light pods and even more lights on her bumper.

Future plans for Nichole’s rig included upgrading her Procomp shocks to either Fox or Falcon and 37” tires.

15 Cassandra Clark

Via Cassandra Clark

Cassandra recently started building her 2015 Wrangler Sport that she bought bone stock back in November. Her favourite mods are her Gladiator Fenders, which she says have already taken quite a beating from her on the trail. Cassandra likes exploring Oregon with her dog, marking off all the beautiful spots she’s discovered on an old paper map. She is no newbie to going off-roading as she used to race quads, and is even missing a rib from a crash she survived, and where she got her nickname for being bionic. As for future plans, Cassandra wants to diesel swap her motor when her motor eventually goes. Her next mod is upgrading her axels and adding 40” tires.

14 Ileana Cardenas

Via Ileana Cardenas

Ileana is currently builder her 2012 Sport that she named “Chief.” Ileana works for both Hauk Designs who helped out with her build in addition to BMW, where she gets to travel to different events for both companies.

Her favourite mod is her custom-built amp rack and sub enclosure that sits flush in the well of the rear cargo area.

It has Jeep grill slots cut out of it, so you can see inside, and Ileana says it is also the most unique thing on Chief that’s always an attention getter. As for the future Ilena says she would like to just work on being a better person that she was yesterdays and hopefully new adventures for her and Chief.

13 Danika-Natalie Gagnon

Via Danika-Natalie Gagnon

Danika bought herself her Jeep Rubicon Unlimited for her 21st birthday back in 2017 and has been building it ever since. She currently lives on a Ranch with her horse in British Columbia, Canada and is studying as an apprentice to become a heavy-duty mechanic. Her favourite mod is her 3.5” lift with fox shocks and 35” Cooper Discoverer tires. As for the future, Danika hopes to re-gear her rig so she an upgrade to an 8” lift and 40” tires.

12 Ruth Ann Fiessinger

Via Ruth Ann Fiessinger

Ruth Ann is currently builder her 2012 Sport that she purchased back in 2016. Ruth Ann admits this is her first build, and has learned a lot along the way even teaching herself how to wire a double din radio in her rig.

Ruth Ann got the itch to build her Jeep after she upgraded her lights to LEDs.

She currently has a 4” lift with 35” tires but hopes to eventually upgrade to a Teraflex lift with Anti Curry sway bars with upgraded axels and lockers so she can go with bigger tires. Her favourite mod is her custom license plate that reads “LOLMPG” as one thing Jeeps are known for is their poor fuel efficiency.

11 Kiele Felker

Via Kiele Felker

Kiele bought herself her Jeep at just 18 years old, and explains it always a personal goal of hers to own a Jeep. She is currently building her 2011 Sahara that she has been building for less than a year. She says her Jeep is accented in pink, and admits she actually used to dislike pink. After seeing it on her Jeep she says it is now her favourite colour. Her favourite mod being either her headlights or her fender delete. She hopes to attend as many Jeep events next year, as she loves learning from other Jeep owners.

10 Liz Conti

Via Liz Conti

Liz has been building her 2015 Sahara that she named “Jenny” since she bought it. Jenny is Liz’s first Jeep, and says she has had a hand in everything done to her jeep, including her 4” lift that sits on 35’s. Liz’s favourite mod is her Motorbuilt stubby bumper that she actually won on an online contest.

As for the future, Liz hopes to upgrade her gears so Jenny can have 37’s, but she also wants to make sure she can continue to daily drive her Jeep.

In addition to building her Jeep, Liz has a massive Funko Pop collection, she currently has over 300 and counting!

9 Jessi Smith

Via Jessi Smith

Jessi is currently building her 2008 model that she bought less than a year ago, but only started building it a few months ago. Jessi got her love for Jeeps at a young age, as her dad owned a few nice CJs and is the reason she always wanted her own Jeep, and she knows her dad was proud when she did. Jessi currently has a 2” lift with 35” tires, which she also mentions is her favourite mod due to the increase in her performance, and the fact that she can hear them when she rolls down the pavement. She hopes to eventually to go bigger with her lift, so she can fit 37’s on her rig.

8 Maggie Wick

Via Maggie Wick

Maggie Wick’s jeep is now technically an antique as it’s a 1986 CJ7, and is also the oldest Jeep to make this list. Maggie says she’s a member of a Florida Keys Jeep Club that consists of all old endangered Jeep models like hers.

Maggie gives full credit of the build to the previous owner who is a huge Jeep enthusiast.

She has no plans on adding any modifications to her Jeep as its already perfect in her eyes. Her favourite mod being her GM355ci roller motor that she runs with open headers.

7 Jerica Brandt

Via Jerica Brandt

Jerica has been building her 1999 Wrangler she named “Knucklebuster.” Her jeep wasn’t even running when bought it back in 2014, taking her 11 months just to get it get it in driving condition. Knucklebuster’s laundry list of mods included Jerica says her favourite mod is hands down her suspension, which she calls a “franken-lift.” Her custom suspension is made from 5.5 Iron Rock Off-Road long arms with triangulated rear, Rock Krawler triple rate springs and Fox Shocks. Jerica hopes to upgrade her steering in the future, in addition to re-gearing her axels and hopefully a new roll cage.

6 Krista Kunkel

Via Krista Kunkel

Krista is currently building her three Jeeps that she owns, and has been for over a decade now. It all started with her 1998 TJ, but she also owns an LJ and daily drives a 2017 JK. Krista says her TJ is her baby as she’s owned it the longest, and she even has it tattooed on her body. She’s currently on 35’s with Clayton long arm suspension, rear coil overs, double shear steering, upgraded fenders and armour and a custom built front bumper. Krista considers herself a Jeep collector more than anything and hopes to eventually add a MJ a LJ to the family.

5 Jessica Bienkowski

Via Jessica Bienkowski

When Jessica bought her Jeep back in 2016 it was Navy and the tub was rotting out. She replaced the tub and decided to respray her Jeep Plum Crazy Purple dressed with a custom lace hood; which is one of the favourite things about her rig.

She also colour matched her BDS suspension long arm kit; which is her favourite mod on her rig.

As for the future, Jessica plans on swapping her rear to an 8.8 with a spartan lunch box locker, and upgrading her fenders, driveshaft and custom roll cage but she says the list is really endless.

4 Sara Plog

Via Sara Plog

Sara is currently building her 2014 Sports she has named Lovell. Sara has wanted a Jeep ever since she was three after she got her first Jeep; a yellow ride-on version that is. Sara says she can’t take credit for all her mods as the previous owner did a lot of the mods she was already planning on doing herself. If she had to choose her favourite it would be her exhaust. Future plans for Lovell include a new bumper and winch, lockers and quick disconnects, but mainly Sara hopes to make more time for off-road events.

3 Tiffany And Brittanie

via revkit.com

Tiffany and Brit are the co-founders of CrawlHer, a female Jeep enthusiast club that brings women from all over the country together. Both rigs are heavily modded but if they had to choose their favourite mod, Tiffany would say it’s her Kevlar and Britt said it’s her bestop sunrider. Both of the ladies Jeeps are 2016 Wranglers that they have both been building for two years. They will be both doing a full overhaul on their rigs this month to get ready for SEMA.

2 Catie Birabent

Via Catie Birabent

Catie daily drives her 2014 Sahara named Cloud 9 that she has been building for over four years. Catie says one her favourite mods is her custom built HID projector that has a Maltese cross.

She explains that it ties together her whole theme meant to honour all first responders and all the people serving, her husband being her biggest inspiration for her build.

She currently has 37” Nitto Grapplers, Mopar deadlock wheels and a 4” Teraflex lift, fully adjustable upgraded suspension and big brakes in addition to a plethora of other mods.

1 Chantel DeNicolo

Via Chantel DeNicolo

Chantel purchased her 2017 Unlimited last year that she has named Marshall. Chantel’s favourite mod is her colour changing headlights, but she also loves her CB radio because it’s so practical and the way the antenna looks drilled through her back bumper. Marshall's future plans will include a 3.5 or 4” lift on 37’s, with upgraded bumpers and a fender delete. Chantel wants Marshall to look aggressive, yet not look over modified. This machine is definitely capable of going over some pretty serious terrain.

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