Watch The World’s Fastest Tractor Break The Guinness Record With 1,000 HP

This JCB Fastrac has a custom motor with 1,000 horsepower. Watch it break the Guinness World Record for tractor top speed here.

JCB Fastrac

The world’s fastest tractor is back at it with another record attempt that will shatter the previous top speed.

Welcome back to Elvington Airfield in North Yorkshire, England. The last time we were here, we got to meet the world’s fastest tractor: A JCB Fastrac that had been heavily modified by record holder and insane speed demon, Guy Martin.

Under the hood of the Fastrac is a 7.2-L diesel 6-cylinder engine with 1,000 hp and 1,843 lb-ft of torque. It has been heavily modified from stock with a litany of enhancements, including new valve seats, fuel injectors, piston cooling, and twin turbochargers. The first turbocharger is actually an electric model that goes ahead of the traditional turbocharger for an extra boost. It also eschews the usual CVT for a 6-speed manual transmission taken straight out of a long-haul semi-truck.

Back in June, the JCB Fastrac reached a top speed of 103.6 mph, but Guy said at the time that he believed the tractor could go faster. He was right.

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Four months later, Guy returned to Elvington with the same Fastrac as before but with even bigger dreams. This time after mashing down the throttle, Martin achieved those dreams and smashed his own record by over 30 mph.

Since this is an official Guinness World Record, the record attempt had to be performed as an average speed going both ways along the track. It was a cold and foggy day at Elvington, but that seemed to just spurn the Fastrac on as it reached a top average speed of 135.191 mph.

"For a tractor, it goes like billy-o," said Guy of his massive ride. We’re not sure what that means exactly, but we’re sure it has something to do with speed. Perhaps we'll see him return in another four months for yet another record attempt. How fast can this tractor go?

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