10 Worst Cars German Manufacturers Have Released In 2019

Planning on buying a new German-made car? Avoid these ten duds at all costs.

Throughout automobile history, German manufacturers have been at the top of the pack for producing luxury and sports cars. Makes such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen are hugely popular all over the world. While most of their vehicles have been reliable, comfortable, and up-to-date, there have been some unfortunate (although understandable) slip-ups this year. Of course, keep in mind that there are still fans for most of these car models listed below. They just simply couldn’t compare to the other models released this year. Keep on reading to learn about the 10 worst cars released by German companies in 2019!

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10 Porsche Panamera GTS

Porsche has been known for decades to come out with the newest and greatest in both sports cars as well as luxury rides. However, while some people love the new GTS, some areas just don’t stack up. Although the car was redesigned, the exterior looks a bit odd with the hugely circular headlights and the strange overall shape. Focusing on convenience details, there are a few major flaws with this car’s performance. The infotainment system, for one, trails behind the high-tech products of the competitors. Furthermore, the rear is quite cramped with only two seats and the car overall really isn’t worth its phenomenal price tag.

9 Mercedes-Benz SLC Class

As another highly regarded luxury car company, plenty of car enthusiasts had high hopes for the Benz 2019 lineup. Although most of the featured cars exceeded our expectations, the SLC Class roadster clearly fell short. On the outside, it’s a decently classy and sleek little vehicle, but it isn’t anything spectacular. 

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As to the interior, reviewers have reflected that it’s very cramped and features a tiny trunk, even for a roadster. Plus, the materials and technology held within this little guy seem to be terribly outdated for Mercedes. For a price tag of $50,000, you might as well check out the 2020 Toyota Supra sports car instead.

8 Audi A4

While the Audi A4 isn’t absolutely terrible, it is definitely on the lower spectrum of German-produced cars that released in 2019. Although users like it for its spacious rear and trunk as well as for its general style, the A4 has some interior flaws that definitely makes you rethink its worth. 

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For one, not only does the transmission hesitate, you also can’t upgrade it for a smoother ride, as it is the only one offered. Owners also complain of tire noise and the lack of feedback from steering. If you want a car with similar specs but a much lower price tag, check out the Genesis G70, also released in 2019.

7 BMW 5 Series

BMW is known for their high-tech innovative features and bold exterior design, but the newest 5 Series seems a bit plain to be in the luxury car category. Sure, it’s comfortable enough and includes certain safety technologies, but it isn’t even much of an upgrade from the previous model and definitely isn’t worth the price tag. 

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The exterior has that shiny new car vibe, but it has a normal sedan shape and doesn’t feature anything exciting like BMW cars normally would. Furthermore, interior materials are said to be lower-quality and there still isn’t enough legroom. You could get a more comfortable car with similar looks and tech inclusions for half the price from Honda or Toyota.

6 Audi Q5

While the Audi Q5 looks pretty nice on the outside, we’re seeing only minimal changes from the year before, and a few flaws that make the vehicle less than worth it. The exterior is pretty standard for a normal compact crossover. On the inside, owners have complained about aspects such as tiny cargo storage spots as well as awkwardly placed cupholders. 

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Overall, the car just isn’t as convenient as other crossovers, and the Audi manufacturers missed a few key pieces of design. Furthermore, the customers are less than impressed with the single-engine option offered with the vehicle. Again, overall not a terrible car, but on the low end of the new releases.

5 Opel Corsa

A lesser-known German automobile make is Opel, known for both commuter and higher-end vehicles, although less popular in America in comparison to the other major name brands. Usually, Opel cars are relatively safe, reliable, and long-lasting. The new 2019 Opel Corsa has more issues than a few minor flaws, however. 

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In fact, the company had to recall a number of vehicles this year due to the cars being “insufficiently robust.” The model is said to contain a much higher than permitted nitrogen oxide level, and could prove to be dangerous under high speeds. While it’s good news that they found the problem, the mediocre design and major flaw does put the car on this unfortunate list.

4 Mercedes-Benz E Class

A second Mercedes-Benz was found less than satisfactory in comparison to the other models in the lineup this year. The Mercedes-Benz E Class may look like a sleek sedan on the exterior, its mediocre features really isn’t worth upwards of $100,000-price that it’s listed under. 

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Owners have also reported issues such as low brake pressure and a stiff suspension system. While it’s not a failure by any means, fans expected just a little more from the famous E Class. Perhaps it is due to the fact that the other German vehicles were absolutely spectacular this year that this one ended up on this list.

3 Volkswagen Passat

Although the Volkswagen Passat is less costly than some of the sedans listed above, it still has flaws that discourage customers from purchasing. While owners like the quick engine, they’re very disappointed with the less than impressive touchscreen-dash, the slow transmission, and unimaginative design. Overall, there isn’t much that’s new or impressive about the Passat. While it’s somewhat affordable at around $30,000, there are still models from other companies that feature the same or better specs for less money. Furthermore, its loud road noise and difficult software remain disappointing to owners as well. If you’ve got the money to afford this car, we recommend that you look to Toyota or Honda instead.

2 BMW X6

The BMW X6 has more than a few issues stocked up, both inside and out. Unlike other BMW models, its design detracts from its usefulness and frankly isn’t all that special anyway. Specifically, the sloping roofline does little to improve the car’s exterior, but cuts into the trunk space instead. Furthermore, it causes there to be extremely limited headroom in the back, subsequently leading the model to be unsuitable for tall people. As if that wasn’t enough, a good number of the 2019 models were equipped with easy-to-break rear upper-control arms that increase the chance of a crash! Although BMW has recalled these vehicles, it’s much safer to invest in something more useful.

1 Volkswagon Tiguan

Finally, the last disappointing vehicle on the list is the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan. While the new model features plenty of room for storage, there are still major flaws that make the car one of the less desirable out of the lineup. For starters, the Tiguan has a very mediocre fuel economy, making it expensive to drive and maintain. Secondly, the vehicle’s engine isn’t as sporty as fans had hoped, with a very subpar speed and acceleration time. Owners have also complained about the wheels and suspension causing a bumpy ride. Overall, the cons outweigh the pros for this car, and it’s better to invest in a Dodge or Toyota SUV if you want quality over style.

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