10 Builds That Just Stole Our Wallets (10 More That We Couldn't Even Give Away)

Building your own car, modifying it, and constantly changing up the look of your ride is something that brings great joy to almost every car enthusiast. There's nothing more satisfying than wrenching on it yourself and seeing the fruits of your labors as you step back and admire your hard work. Equally satisfying is rolling up to your mechanic and seeing your car sitting there with a bunch of new work done, ready for you to get behind the wheel and enjoy to the fullest. A new set of rims, spiffy bodywork, and beefy engine modifications fill us all with excitement, and it is wonderful to see what unique changes other enthusiasts have made to their cars. We start off with ten of the nicest builds to give your eyes some pleasure.

On the flip side of this, the good things about everyone having unique taste can also be the bad things - what looks amazing to one person may look bad to someone else. An off-roading enthusiast would balk at a stanced car in the same way that the stance enthusiast would recoil at the sight of a lifted truck. While there are many differences of opinion in the car community, it is these differences that make for interesting builds and lively debate. However, there are also fouls committed by enthusiasts that are totally egregious and objectively bad looking. Just about everyone will be able to agree that the last ten builds that we are showing you are not attractive at all.

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20 Great - Sweet Subie

via YouTube

This Subaru WRX STI looks like it is one of the best-modified cars out there. It has all of the necessary components to make it a beautiful ride: the suspension is lowered so that the tires fill the gap just right, the custom rims are sleek, and the engine clearly has had some work done.

This build came together perfectly to make a car that is functional and super quick, yet has a beautiful look to it that is accomplished by a well-matched combination of bronze rims and glossy gray paint. We’d sure love to take this car for a spin.

19 Great - Cleanest Honda Out There

via Reddit

This Honda S2000 is a highly coveted car that is now out of production, and an air of exclusivity adds to its desirability. The owner installed a hardtop roof which likely means that they use this for serious track use rather than just for looking good.

The big spoiler adds traction by pushing the wide rear wheels onto the pavement, making for a modification that is both functional and attractive. The lowered suspension makes for a more aerodynamic body that fits well with the custom rims and makes for a more aggressive look. This car inspires confidence and envy with ease.

18 Great - King Of The Trail

via CloudLakescom

This modified Jeep Wrangler has got to be one of the meanest off-road vehicles that we’ve ever seen. It is ready for anything that comes its way, and it will either go through or over any obstacle.

This Jeep has some classic off-road components, such as a lift kit, a roll cage, and a plate to protect the front of the undercarriage. Big lights make for a commanding presence, and you know that this Jeep is not limited by weather or darkness. As soon as you hop behind the wheel your blood is sure to get pumping, and we’d love a chance to do so.

17 Great - This Makes Me Sing

via Singer

Singer is a famous company that modifies and restores old Porsches, albeit with modern mechanical components. This one has remained relatively simple, with tight suspension and a plain front end.

A steel roof rack adds a sense of personality to the car, making it look peppy and adventurous. It may be surprising to see a rear drive Porsche on the snow, but Porsches have been known to make good snow cars. Their engines are in the rear, which places more weight above the wheels and therefore added traction. This modified Porsche would be at home on a track or driving to a ski resort.

16 Great - Retro 'Vette

via SpeedHunters

This retro Corvette looks impossibly beautiful, like something out of a video game. The deep red paint goes so well with the black rims and kit pieces, which makes for a powerful combination.

This Corvette had some engine work done, which keeps it on pace with modern sports cars even though it doesn’t look the part. A lowered suspension makes for a more aerodynamic and stable ride. Wide rims with sporty tires make for a car that is easily able to put power on the road and provides increased grip on the track. You’d have to try hard to find fault with this car.

15 Great - Great Things, Small Packages

via Reddit

The old adage that states “good things come in small packages” applies perfectly to this racing green Mazda Miata. This is one of the best-driving cars ever produced, which lends itself nicely to modifications.

It has bolted on fenders that accentuate the curves of the car’s body and give it a wider, more aggressive stance. The rims are simple yet bold, and the dark gray metal fits quite well with the dark green paint. This Miata has the hardtop roof, which isn’t really preferable because there is joy in dropping the top on a convertible, but at least the owner will be safe.

14 Great - Wagon Our Tails

via Reddit

This beautiful BMW wagon is the perfect intersection between practicality and fun to drive. While you’ll have room for your passengers and their cargo, you’ll also be able to drive hard and fast. The lowered suspension plants the car, increasing its stability and greatly improving its looks.

The rooftop box makes the BMW ready for adventure, and it fits with the sleek look of the car. The bright blue paint and the striking custom rims add a feeling of uniqueness to this wagon, and it’s simply stunning. While this car may not have engine modifications, it is still super fast on the road.

13 Great - US Muscle

via Reddit

This Mustang looks imposing and powerful thanks to the modifications that the owner has done. The lowered suspension and custom rims give the car a low and wide stance, which both makes it stable in turns and makes it look more aggressive than it did in stock form.

The hood scoop would imply that some serious power has been added to the Mustang’s big V8 engine, giving it an edge on the racetrack and on the dragstrip. Glossy black paint makes the Mustang look classy. A subtle front splitter and side skirts make for a more aerodynamic and aggressive car.

12 Great - Straight Out Of A Movie

via Reddit

This old Ford Ranger is one of the cleanest and sharpest out there. If you needed to race through the desert Fast and Furious style, then this is the ride you should choose. A protective plate shields the engine and undercarriage while improving the approach angle, meaning that this truck can easily get over any terrain.

Big tires coupled with an offset and raised suspension allow for more articulation over obstacles. Atop the roof are enough lights to illuminate a stadium, and no matter the weather you’ll be able to see well. Although not a traditional truck, this Ranger gets the job done.

11 Great - Go Anywhere

via Reddit

This adventure build is a little more toned down than the Ranger, but this Subaru Forester still kicks butt. It is the turbocharged model, which means that it is nice and speedy over asphalt. The owner added some modifications that improve the Forester’s performance off-road and improve the looks of the car – firstly, the big tires use their thick tread to give the car more grip on dirt and snow.

A brush guard protects the bumper and a set of lights will help to better illuminate wherever the Forester is. The cargo basket adds a sense of adventure and practicality to the Forester.

10 Bad - Why...

via Reddit

This Camaro build has us confused and asking a lot of questions. First of all, the most obvious error is the owner’s choice of rims. The bad lightning bolt is not a good look at all, especially when it is colored green.

As you can see on the side of the car, this Camaro’s rims are 32 inches wide, which is way too big for pretty much every vehicle. Besides making the car look bad, they also hinder its ability to drive quickly and therefore invalidates it as a sports car. This Camaro is just a flop and is not close to being a good build at all.

9 Bad - Vomit Chrome

via Reddit

Apparently, there is some unspoken agreement amongst those with poor taste that all Camaro types must be modified to be as ugly as possible. This poor car has been turned to garbage by this pearlescent wrap job, which does not look good at all.

The rims look like something out of a comic book – they are way too wide, thin, and the design is clunky. The mesh grill doesn’t look good either, nor does the body kit that accentuates the rear fenders. The thin tires lend themselves to an uncomfortable and bumpy ride and an astounding lack of traction on anything but dry roads.

8 Bad - Broke Its Legs

via Reddit

The owner of this Nissan Silvia started in the right direction, but went off the rails quickly. The red paint, bronze rims, and yellow tinted headlights all would have looked great if the build was changed around a bit.

The stance and camber are absolutely ridiculous. This car is so low that it would literally be impossible to drive over any small obstacle in the road. The camber makes it look as though a very large passenger has stepped in, snapping suspension components. The camber also severely limits traction, which is unfortunate because the Silvia is supposed to be a great driver’s car.

7 Bad - Stay In Europe!

via Reddit

The Fiat Multipla is lauded as one of the worst looking vehicles in history, and no amount of modifications by the owner will make this car palatable. The stance makes no sense at all, and lowers the Fiat to a ride height that is practically unusable.

If the full number of passengers that this van can take decide to hop in for a ride, they’ll strain the shocks and make the Multipla scrape on the road. The glossy gray paint eases the harshness of the body lines to the eye, so at first glance it isn’t awful to look at. However, the owner should have put effort into a different car.

6 Bad - Too Low To Drive To Golf

via Reddit

The owner of this Volkswagen Golf has been modified to be almost impossible to drive, meaning you can’t drive to the golf course! The camber is ridiculous, and lowers the traction of the Golf to unreasonable levels. If there is even the slightest bit of rain or snow, your usually-capable hatchback will be sliding all over the road.

The rims aren’t particularly attractive; they look like big chrome bowls. There is too much surface area on these rims, and they don’t do a good job of complimenting the design of the VW. Lastly, the rusted hood wrap is just bad.

5 Bad - Not-So-Minivan

via Reddit

This minivan looks awful, and it resembles something straight out of Transformers. It has a bumblebee-like wrap job that screams bad, as yellow doesn’t really fit minivans. The black headlights don’t add to this either, as tinted headlights can obscure visibility.

That may not be such a bad thing because then we won’t have to see it again.... The stance and camber have gone way too far. The undercarriage practically sits on the ground, damaging parts and throwing sparks. The camber makes the minivan look as though someone stepped on it, which is about what it deserves.

4 Bad - Trade This For The S2000

via Reddit

The stance on this does not look good at all, especially on this plain commuter car. The ride height is bad, and any bump in the road could rip your exhaust right off. The camber doesn’t do it any favors either as it limits traction, which makes no sense for what should be a commuter car.

The finicky bolts that adorn the edge of the rim look cheap and tacky, which seriously detracts from the Honda’s looks. With some restraint, this Honda could have been something special.

3 Bad - This Is Just Wrong

via Reddit

This Dodge Challenger is a perfectly fine car on its own, but these bad modifications have seriously ruined the look of this US sports car. Lambo doors only belong on one car – on Lamborghini types!

Putting this on any car but a Lambo shows a serious lack of style, taste, and restraint. Coupled with the cheap looking rims, this Dodge is a total flop. If you own this car, you can drive around town with no problem at all. However, the second you park and open the doors to get in or out of your car, you’ll look pretty odd.

2 Bad - Chrome Is Crazy

via Reddit

The chrome wrap looks real bad. It is not a tasteful mod at all. Think of mods you’d see in a Grand Theft Auto YouTube video – exuberant aero kits, lambo doors on all cars, and yes, chrome wraps. If it’s something you’d see in a video like this, it was likely made by a teenager, that’s probably the only demographic you’re going to end up impressing.

In addition to being bad looking, this wrap is also unsafe for drivers on the road. Glossy paint is reflective enough, but this chrome reflects sunlight wherever it goes. This can blind other drivers and cause crashes at no fault to them.

1 Bad - Can't Pick Up Anything

via Reddit

There are several problems with this SEMA-ready show truck. Firstly, the suspension is far too low for the truck to haul or tow, which is expressly what a truck is for. The rims look spindly and don’t fit the imposing and aggressive look of the truck’s body.

The body of the tuck is actually nice, and the muscular fenders add a bit of nastiness to the appearance of this ride. It’s a shame that the owner picked the wrong suspension and rims because this could have been an excellent work and adventure vehicle.

Sources: Reddit

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