10 Wrestlers Who Are Major Motorcycle Enthusiasts

It should come as no surprise that many top wrestling stars are actually major motorcycle enthusiasts—here are 10 notable WWE motorheads.

Wrestlers often earn incredible amounts of money, and, because of that, they are able to afford some of the finer luxuries in life, with cars and motorcycles often being at the top of the list for most of them.

While many wrestlers focus on buying the latest sports cars or vintage vehicles—industry titans such as John Cena and The Miz being known as major car enthusiasts—some wrestlers are more inclined to buy motorcycles instead.

Within this list, we will look at 10 wrestlers who are major motorcycle enthusiasts, from big-time collectors to some who even customize and create their own bikes.

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10 Baron Corbin

He might be one of the most hated wrestlers on the WWE roster right now, but many motor enthusiasts might change their opinion of the former Raw General Manager when they learn that he is a major motorcycle enthusiast.

Corbin is known for collecting skulls and bones, but he is also a collector of motorcycles and cars, being a real lover of Harley Davidsons in particular, which seems to be what he picks to collect the most.

With Corbin rising constantly in the world of WWE there is no doubt that he will continue to grow his bank balance at the same time, meaning more bikes are set to appear in his collection.

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9 Shane McMahon

Considering how much of a daredevil Shane McMahon is, it shouldn't come as too much of a shock that he loves to ride motorcycles as a way of living on the edge just a little more than he already does with his in-ring style.

However, people might be surprised to know just how much Shane O'Mac loves motorcycles. It's to the point where he is actually a part-owner of Brooklyn based company known as Indian Larry Motorcycles.

The company is a custom bike shop that can customize and alter any and all bikes, with Shane owning a custom-made chopper from the shop, which he even helped to customize himself.

8 Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is well known for being a major adrenaline junkie; all of his wrestling history will point towards that, but it isn't just highflying spots and crashing through tables that the Charismatic Enigman loves to do to get his blood pumping.

The WWE legend is a major motorcycle enthusiast, particularly dirt bikes, with Hardy having his own dirt bike course built into his backyard, allowing him to jump on and practice whenever he wants.

Hardy does stunts and tricks on his track and did once break his leg in an accident, which is actually one of the only serious injuries that he has had through his career.

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7 Triple H

The Game loves all aspects of the rock and roll lifestyle, from listening to the likes of Metallica and Kiss to being a major leather-wearing motorcycle enthusiast—which is one of the many reasons why Triple H has remained so popular throughout the years.

Triple H is known for his lavish WrestleMania entrances, which are often over the top and full of design. Many of his entrances have included motorcycles, which Triple H being able to give a nod to one of his major passions.

While he might not own a massive collection of bikes like some others on this list, he is able to showcase his passion on a larger scale than most due to his power in WWE.

6 Eric Bischoff

He might not be a wrestler, per se, but Eric Bischoff has had and continues to have a major influence on the wrestling business, and he is certainly a massive motorcycle enthusiast.

Bischoff's passion for motorcycles dates back to when he was the leader of WCW, with Bischoff creating the WCW Hog and Road Wild PPV that was free for bikers to attend.

He is also a major collector and has customized several bikes, with one of his prized possessions being a customized black Harley Davidson—although he ended up selling it away on eBay.

5 Alundra Blayze

The WWE Hall Of Famer is one of women's wrestlings most controversial figures, and certainly, someone that everyone remembers well, and she is another person who loves motorcycles.

Blayze's love for vehicles is well known, as she is an executive with the Major League of Monster Trucks and even owns one herself, having competed in freestyle monster truck competitions in the past.

But she also has a love of motorcycles and owns a collection of dirt bikes which she often whips around down the steep hills and jumps.

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4 Goldberg

Goldberg just looks like a dude who should be riding motorcycles, although you would like to think he doesn't smash his head off a door before he goes to ride it, as he does before every wrestling match.

Goldberg is a big motorcycle fan and is a proud owner of two customized choppers by Jesse James himself, with one being all matte black and the other having a custom paint job with flames burning on the sides.

Goldberg likely would have used a motorcycle in his wrestling gimmick if he could have, and it certainly wouldn't have looked out of place.

3 Rey Mysterio

Another top WWE Superstar who loves motorcycles is Rey Mysterio, who has an incredible collection of motorcycles in his garage, from an OG Chopper that was fully customized to Rey's liking to a Harley Davidson Nightster.

Rey has plenty of personal touches to his bikes that allow people to know they belong to him. From having a painted mask in the middle of one of his bikes to having 619 written on them.

Mysterio has always been passionate about motorcycles, and his collection is certainly large enough that he can pick and choose what he wants to ride each day.

2 The Undertaker

They always say that the best characters in wrestling are those which are just the people behind them turned up to 100, and that is exactly what the Big Evil version of The Undertaker was.

The Deadman is a major motorcycle enthusiast, so having the opportunity to bring that into the world of WWE was something that he likely loved doing, but that wasn't just for show to entertain fans.

Taker and his wife Michelle McCool both love motorcycles, with the pair owning an impressive collection that is mainly compromised up of Harleys.

1 Chuck Palumbo

Even though Chuck Palumbo isn't the biggest name in the history of wrestling, he certainly is the biggest motorcycle enthusiast, with Palumbo not only loving collecting different bikes, but also working on them.

Palumbo actually owns his own company, CP Kustoms, which he has focused on completely since retiring from wrestling. The company is located in San Diego, California, where he and his team customize different bikes.

Considering his connections in the wrestling world, Palumbo has worked on several bikes for other wrestlers, with the likes of Rey Mysterio and Dave Bautista having bikes created by the former WWE and WCW star.

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