6 WWE Divas That Drive Beaters (And 14 That Drive Better Cars Than The Men)

Rewind five years ago and the thought of the women closing out a WWE show was a pipe dream. However, today, it is a reality.

Rewind five years ago and the thought of the women closing out a WWE show was a pipe dream. However, today, it is a reality. The women seem to be doing it better than the men. Not only are they closing out shows but they might also main event WrestleMania for the first time in history. The division has come a very long way and the female athletes deserve every bit of credit for this drastic shift.

The women don’t earn as much as the men just yet but the tide seems to be turning. Ronda Rousey is now one of the top earners and according to speculation, the others might see a salary increase as well. Even though some aren’t making millions, they’re still making great coin in the six-figure range. In the article, we’ll take a look at some of the wrestlers that spent their hard earned dollars on some great luxury rides. In some cases, you can even say they have better rides than their male counterparts.

On the flip side, we’ll also include women that really aren’t that concerned when it comes to the cars that they drive. After all, WWE stars are constantly on the road riding in planes, Ubers, taxi cabs, and rental cars. Why even bother with a fancy car?

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are six WWE Divas that drive beaters and 14 that drive better cars than the men. Let’s get started!

20 Beater: Becky Lynch – Pickup With Paddle Board Attachment

via Instagram

At the moment, there isn’t a WWE Superstar with a greater crowd reaction than Becky Lynch. With all this momentum, Lynch might be the first-ever female to main event WrestleMania alongside Ronda Rousey and Charlotte. Until then, she’ll continue to thrive on both RAW and SmackDown.

She’s regarded as, “The Man,” in the ring but outside of it, she lives an easygoing life. Lynch doesn’t need a Ferrari or Lambo, the former Women’s Champion is doing just fine with her old school pickup that features a paddleboard attachment on the back. When she’s off the road, Lynch is riding the waves.

19 Better Than The Men: Natalya – BMW i8

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At the age of 36, Nattie continues on with World Wrestling Entertainment. Clearly, she’s more than just a talent and a valuable locker room leader, with the WWE since 2007.

With the company for over a decade, clearly, the multi-time champion has amassed some fortune. Out of the ring, she recently spoiled herself and husband Tyson Kidd, buying the stunning BMW i8. Even the male locker room might be envious of this purchase. Given all that Tyson has gone through in the last couple of years along with Nattie’s contributions, they definitely merit this car and more.

18  Better Than The Men: Maryse - Mercedes SUV

via WWE/ Instagram

With the birth of Monroe Sky Mizanin, both The Miz and Maryse were forced into several lifestyle changes. One of them was moving from the California area and finding a new home in a quiet Austin, Texas location.

That wasn’t all. Maryse also felt the need to change her vehicle given the fact that she’s now a soccer mom. Maryse expressed great joy via Instagram showing off her new Mercedes SUV, “There’s a new soccer mom in town!!!” For the time being, she’s using the car as her daily rider - Maryse's definitely putting the miles on the car given that she’s currently off the road taking care of the couple’s child.

17 Beater: Brie Bella – Honda Fit

via Instagram/WWE

Brie Bella is now appearing sporadically on WWE television. She has a lot of her focus on the Bella empire, whether it be on reality TV or her other companies. Away from the ring, she loves to live a quiet life alongside husband Daniel Bryan and daughter Birdie. The couple is all about environmentally friendly concepts. Therefore, they opted for the Honda Fit, a car that has great fuel economy.

Given Daniel and Brie’s wealth, it is a bit of a surprise that they opted for this ride. They definitely deserve some praise for calling this beater their daily driver.

16 Better Than The Men: Alexa Bliss – BMW SUV From Winter Park

via YouTube/Auto Trader

It lands in the exclusive car section, however, Alexa might tell us otherwise. She referred to this ride as a dud via Twitter due to her dealership's poor work. Here’s what she had to say, “After getting my car “ fixed “ for 4 days at the dealership ... one hour into picking up my car .. My car has flooded full of water & steering has gone out ... that’s REALLY SAFE ... THANKS, BMW.”

Flooding and faulty steering definitely isn’t a good thing and we can sympathize with Bliss. How many times have we left the garage only to see the same problem emerge once again?

15 Better Than The Men: Carmella –Cadillac XT5 Crossover

via YouTube

Carmella has come a long way climbing up the WWE ranks rather quickly. She entered the company with no prior experience in 2013. Yet, in 2016 she was already thriving on the main roster. She would ultimately capture the Women’s Championship, an accomplishment that seemed unthinkable just months prior.

The 31-year-old is currently at the prime of her WWE career. She’s also earning quite the pay, which means she can afford some fancy rides. As evidenced by Total Divas, Carmella was captured driving around in a stunning Cadillac XT5 Crossover – a ride that isn’t short on cargo space.

14 Better Than The Men: Nikki Bella – Range Rover

via Hawt Celebs

Perhaps Nikki Bella caught the supercar bug from John Cena. We’ll feature a stunning exotic supercar a little later from Bella’s garage. She was also caught riding around in a red Ferrari just a couple of months back, though it was a rental.

Her daily rider seems to be a stunning black Range Rover. She drives the car on Total Bellas while back home in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. TMZ also caught the former Divas Champion taking the ride out for a spin on numerous occasions including various shopping sprees. She can definitely afford this ride and much more given her wacky schedule.

13 Beater: Bayley – Red Honda Civic

via YouTube/WWE

Bayley doesn’t care about material things such as fancy cars, she had one desire since her earlier days and that was to make it with the WWE. At the age of 29, she could say she succeeded in living the dream and then some.

During WWE’s Breaking Ground special, we caught a quick glimpse of Bayley’s daily rider which was an old red Honda Civic. That’s not a car most would expect a WWE star to drive but in fairness, she was under a developmental salary at the time with NXT. Despite the limited earnings, Bayley became a legend for the developmental brand and arguably the greatest female wrestler in NXT history.

12 Better Than The Men: Lana – Blacked-Out Maserati

via Instagram

Lana perhaps gets the top honor for best ride on this list. It might not be the fastest of the bunch nor does it contain superior horsepower to something like Mickie’s Dodge Charger (which we’ll feature a little later), nonetheless the class of this ride speaks for itself.

Lana posted a photo of the car via Twitter, boasting all the wealth she’s been able to accumulate alongside her real-life partner Rusev. It was meant to be a shot at former WWE Superstar Sumer Rae – yet she got everyone’s attention with this fantastic ride.

11 Better Than The Men: Stacy Keibler – Lexus RX

via Hawt Celebs

Former WWE star Stacy Keibler had quite the run with World Wrestling Entertainment. Despite her limited skill-set, Keibler was a hit with the WWE audience thanks to her infectious charisma and personality.

Following her WWE career, Stacy stayed active appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Along with lots of other gigs, Keibler was able to afford the finer things in life. Perhaps because of the birth of her child, Keibler went with the Lexus RX, which contains lots of room on the inside. She also needs some added leg room given her near six-foot frame and signature, long legs.

10 Better Than The Men: Sasha Banks – Lincoln MKT

via WWE

Similar to Bayley earlier in the article, Banks was less concerned about cars and fame and more intrigued about making it in the wrestling industry. She fulfilled this obligation and more becoming a household name. Nonetheless, she still splurged on a car, a good looking Lincoln MKT. She used the ride during a photo-shoot and was spotted by the WWE cameras.

Had it not been for that moment, we would have never known what her ride of choice was given the private life that she wishes to live outside of the ring. Remember folks, if you see Sasha at the airport, keep on walking.

9 Beater: Ronda Rousey – 2005 Honda Accord LX

via Armbar Nation

Credit to Rousey as she sold her beater for a massive profit – of course, her stardom has everything to do with that. She put the car up on eBay with a starting bid of $14,400. In most cases, nobody would put a bid that high on such a car. Though since it was Ronda’s - the bidding reached a winning bid of $21,300, not bad for a car with 156,098 miles on the dash.

Not only did she sell the ride as is but she also added some personal touches signing various parts of the vehicle and even including some of her memorabilia.

8 Better Than The Men: Ronda Rousey – BMW SUV

via Twitter

From the Honda Accord from a more than a decade prior to a good looking BMW SUV. Despite the upgrade, Rousey appreciates the simpler things in life. Like some of her other counterparts, Ronda doesn’t have crazy spending habits despite all of her fame and fortune gathered from her legendary UFC career and current WWE run.

We don’t expect that to change and we also expect Ronda to stick with the SUV type of ride given that she plans on starting a family away from the ring sooner rather than later. Given her future plans, getting rid of that Honda was a good idea.

7 Better Than The Men: Mickie James – Dodge Charger

via Instagram

The WWE roster is familiar with this ride. The likes of Corey Graves, Baron Corbin, John Cena, Kevin Owens, and Hulk Hogan have a serious appreciation for muscle cars. In truth, that’s just naming a few.

Mickie is also devoted to muscle cars, that’s evidenced by her Dodge Charger. She even had the car shipped to her new location when moving to a different area code - that just goes to show how much the car means to her. At the age of 39, the vet is showing no signs of slowing down. We assume she’s doing the same out of the ring (not slowing down) with her daily rider!

6 Better Than The Men: Stephanie McMahon - Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ Blacked Out

The hardest working couple in the wrestling business has to be Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Not only are they back on TV, at least an episode per week of RAW, but they’re also just as active if not more outside of the ring. Stephanie is the Brand Ambassador promoting the company on a global stage. And oh, as if that isn’t enough she’s also taking care of three daughters.

Given her hectic lifestyle, both McMahon and Triple H need something spacious for the kids. The couple has a massive luxurious RV for traveling purposes but for daily usage, the Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ is the way to go for the couple.

5 Beater: Lita – Chevrolet Malibu

via Pinterest

Lita was a trailblazer in the sense that she got things done in the ring as opposed to the norm back then. She mesmerized fans with her signature Moonsault for so many years. Rightfully so, she was inducted into the Hall Of Fame back in 2014. A decision we can all agree was much merited given her accomplishments with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Out of the ring, she’s a simple gal with modest spending habits. Lita prefers low key rides like the Chevrolet Malibu, a ride she was seen in prior to a WWE show. It might have been a rental but regardless, Lita had no problem whatsoever driving around in the outdated ride.

4 Better Than The Men: Lana – BMW

via Instagram

Yup, that’s right. Not only does Lana enjoy the perks of her Maserati but she also has a flashy BMW as her daily rider. That’s quite the duo, some might use the BMW as the exclusive car but for Lana, it seems to be fitting as a daily type of vehicle.

She’s riding around in the BMW back in Nashville, Tennessee. Most wrestlers reside in the Florida or California area, though these two decided to go off the grid. At the very least, she won’t get as much attention when driving around in her luxurious rides. One can imagine what it would be like for Lana living in California!

3 Better Than The Men: Trish Stratus – Range Rover 2015 Sport

via Auto Trader

A Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus cemented her legacy as one of the very best of all-time. These days she’s appearing sporadically on WWE television. When she’s away from the ring, Trish is happily driving her two kids around in a white Range Rover Sport from 2015.

The dealership in Toronto posted a photo of Trish alongside her new ride. Without a doubt, the price tag was well worth it given the comfort alone that this ride provides the driver and its passengers. Maybe she’ll purchase an upgraded version soon enough.

2 Beater: Lita – Smart Car

via Instagram

We once again include Lita. This time, the situation dealt with a rental car. While out in the California area Lita wanted to hit the waves. The only problem, her surfboard was bigger than the actual car itself! Here’s what Lita had to say about her Smart Car rental, “When your surfboard is bigger than your @getaround car. #longboard #carsharing #smartcar.”

So maybe next time an SUV might be the better choice, even if that means spending a little more time finding parking in the crowded California area. When a surfboard is bigger than the car that is not a good sign...

1 Better Than The Men: Nikki Bella – White Lamborghini

via Instagram

We promised more from Nikki Bella earlier in the article and we’re delivering on that promise. Whether or not this was an actual purchase or renal is unknown, however, what is noteworthy is that Nikki went to look at this ride out in the Scottsdale area, where she lives. Sister Brie also stated that Nikki might be going through a mid-life crisis, which makes us believe she might have bought this ride and not just rented it out.

Regardless, the ride perfectly suits Nikki and it can also rival any car in her ex’s garage, John Cena. Maybe she made the purchase to get his attention? Probably not...

Sources – Twitter, Instagram & YouTube

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