5 WWE Divas That Travel Like A-Listers (And 10 That Are Old School)

“I’ve been fortunate enough in my career in World Wrestling Entertainment to travel all over the world — literally. I feel like I know every airport like the back of my hand. I’m certainly very fortunate that my job affords the opportunity to see the rest of this beautiful world, but travel isn’t easy, though. In fact, it’s one of the most demanding parts of my career as a Superstar.”

Those are the words of WWE veteran Natalya via her interview with the Calgary Sun. Yes, the life of a WWE Superstar seems like a glamorous one, however, the road life can tell a different story.

Forget about luxury cars, a lot of the Divas on this list are usually riding around in Kia or Honda rentals. That’s the norm given that most Divas are obligated to rent their own ground travel. In order to cut cost, some choose to ride in groups – a wise decision in terms of saving dollars.

On the flip side, some Divas have perks in their contracts. Take Ronda Rousey, as you’ll see in this article, she has a big advantage when it comes to the road life in comparison to her peers. We’ll also look at others that travel in style whether it be on private jets or in the fanciest cars.

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15 A-Lister - Ronda Rousey

via WWE

Back home, Rousey really doesn’t have an A-list garage despite the massive fortune she has been able to gather in the last couple of years. She’s kind of old school as husband Travis Browne drives a Ford F-350 while she uses a white Audi SUV as her daily rider.

While traveling with WWE, it is a different story. Rousey was given the best perks when she inked her WWE deal. As if the $1.5 million yearly salary wasn’t enough, according to Sportskeeda, Rousey was also given travel completely free of charge. Talk about A-list treatment, only a handful of WWE stars get this perk and none of them are Divas like Rousey.

14 Old School - Michelle McCool

via IG

You would think the Undertaker’s wife would have the best travel options available. However, like her husband, McCool isn’t interested in these types of luxuries. Just a couple of weeks ago during WrestleMania weekend, McCool was caught riding in the normal class like everyone else alongside her husband, no need for first class or private jet accommodations.

The same goes for the couple’s garage. They can afford the best of the best but instead, the garage is filled with vehicles like a couple of Ford pickups, Jeeps and a couple of modest motorcycles.

13 Old School - Sasha Banks

via WWE

Sasha is pure old school when it comes to her travel tendencies. She rides around in a rental for ground travel and uses commercial flights when flying. Like so many others, Sasha is spotted a lot by WWE fans at various airports, though you’re being warned, she isn’t the biggest advocate for fan interaction – she’ll even blast you for it via Twitter.

As evidenced by WWE.com, Banks doesn’t need a flashy ride, even when it comes to photo-shoots with the likes of Muscle and Fitness Magazine. She showed up in a Lincoln MKT, a car with a worth of just above $40,000.

12 Old School – Alexa Bliss

via IG

Unlike Ronda Rousey or some of the other WWE stars, Bliss doesn’t have any special A-list accommodations written in her contract. She’s pure old school traveling on commercial flights and using rental cars for ground travel. Like a lot of the other WWE employees, Bliss usually buddies up with another talent to cut the cost of the rental car.

Out of the ring, she didn’t have the greatest experience with her BMW. She tweeted about it last summer; “After getting my car “ fixed “ for 4 days at the dealership ... one hour into picking up my car .. my car has flooded full of water & steering has gone out ... that’s REALLY SAFE ... THANKS, BMW.”

11 A-List - Maryse

via WWE

Contract perks tend to kick in for those that have a certain amount of longevity with the company. Given that Miz, Maryse’s husband joined the company back in 2004, he’s now starting to enjoy some of those contractual benefits. One of them includes travel and accommodations completely taken care of. The same works for Maryse, no need to book a hotel or accommodation and no need to expense it, WWE has it all taken care of, now that’s some A-list treatment.

Not only that, but as evidenced by Miz and Mrs, the couple also has private ground travel on the regular – not to mention they have a stacked garage when they feel like driving which includes brands such as Jeep, Audi, and Mercedes.

10 Old School - The IIconics

via YouTube

Peyton Royce might have posed in front of a stunning white Rolls Royce, however, the reality is, she’s riding around in economical cars alongside her partner, Billie Kay. One of the cars Peyton used in the past was a white Honda Civic. She also used a GMC truck alongside partner Billie Kay during the WWE Network episode of Ride Along. The girls seemed pumped to try the ride, it must have been a big upgrade compared to what they’re used to.

Given that they recently joined the main roster, they’ll be traveling the old school way for quite some time.

9 Old School - Lana

via IG

When we think of Lana, we really don’t think of old school. She has the fanciest clothes and quite the garage which features a stunning BMW ride along with the prestigious Maserati.

However, when it comes to the travel life, Lana along with Rusev are completely old school. They fly in the commercial class surrounded by us regular folks – Lana posted several selfies while on flights in the regular class heading back home to Nashville. The couple isn’t picky when it comes to rental cars either – they were spotted in a practical Nissan SUV most recently, that really doesn’t scream out A-List.

8 Old School - Paige

via Pinterest

If anyone knows a thing or two about old school traveling, it is Paige. The WWE star got her start in the business as a 13-year-old. As if that wasn’t enough, she was already touring the globe at that age, trying to scratch every penny in order to make it to the gig. That’s the tough C-list life a Diva endures before making it to the big league. You’re lucky if the salary given by the company covers your gas.

Things are a lot easier nowadays, though she’s still old school riding in commercial flights and renting vehicles like the rest of the WWE employees.

7 A-List - Stephanie McMahon

via Zimbio

It only makes sense that WWE’s Brand Ambassador has first-class accommodations on the regular. And, it also helps that she’s Vince McMahon’s daughter.

Both Triple H and Stephanie might not have much in the garage but their travel accommodations are unmatched. Given that the couple is constantly on the road, they have a private plane – never mind waiting for a commercial flight like the rest of the talent. They also have private ground travel wherever they land, Stephanie always gets picked up at the airport in a private SUV whether it be a Cadillac Escalade or GMC Yukon.

6 Old School - Mickie James

via Richmond Times

The only time Mickie James got private transportation was during her WWE return at the NXT TakeOver event. Aside from that, the veteran is like the rest of the Divas taking commercial flights along with renting average looking cars.

Out of the ring, she was involved in a scary incident with her red Mercedes. According to Wrestle Zone, the WWE star was rear-ended by a young texter. Here’s what James had to say; “This is why we don’t text & drive people! Big thanks to the little 17-year-old girl who rear-ended me today! My poor bumper.” At least it wasn’t a rental...

5 Old School - Natalya

via YouTube

“You never know when you’re going to face a delay on the runway due to a mechanical issue, bad weather or an unruly passenger. And YES, I’ve experienced all of those. Then let’s talk about long lines, bad flight attendant jokes and losing your passport! Been there, done all of that, too!”

Those were Natalya’s words with the Calgary Sun. Yes, traveling can be fun but it is also very stressful, especially when you aren’t given the A-list treatment. As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, Nattie has also lost her luggage several times before, now that’s not the A-list treatment; “I’ve lost my luggage so many times, I’m convinced there’s actually a place called Parts Unknown and all of my lost luggage is there!”

4 A-List - Charlotte

via Twitter

Unlike some of the other WWE stars, the company shows preferential treatment towards Charlotte. One example, she got to ride privately in WWE’s private jet, something only a handful of WWE stars can say they’ve actually done before.

In addition, her boyfriend Andrade Almas was kept on the same brand in order to make her travel life easier. Almas was shipped to RAW initially, which would give them different travel schedules. However, due to Charlotte’s status in the company, the decision was overturned and he was kept on the same brand as his girlfriend. Now that’s some A-list love by WWE (let’s not forget she even recently took time off for a vacation down south with first-class accommodations).

3 Old School – Bayley

via IG

It only makes sense that an old school wrestling fan drives around like an old school soul. Back in her NXT days, Bayley was using a red Honda, not the flashiest ride for a WWE star. She really hasn’t upgraded in terms of her rental choices, Bayley often opts for the economical rides – like lots of the other Divas she also uses the buddy system which cuts the cost.

Not only that, but Bayley also does a lot of walking when she’s on the road. She loves to visit local coffee shops or whatever else the attraction might be in the area. Bayley isn’t getting to those destinations with A-list treatment or rides.

2 Old School – Becky Lynch

via Pinterest

Similar to Paige earlier in the article, Becky did a lot of traveling as a teen barely making any money. In fact, she even left the business briefly working as a flight attendant in order to pay the bills.

Although she is the top Diva in the company, Becky stays true to her humble beginnings, according to Wrestling Forum, she uses a Kia Optima as a rental car. Lynch also has an old school Ford pickup back at home with a paddleboard attachment on the bag. She might be an A-list talent in the ring but we can’t say the same for her traveling life.

1 A-List - Nikki & Brie Bella

via YouTube

The Bella twins know all about that A-list lifestyle. When you become that popular, luxury car brands are basically giving you their cars to test drive – at least Nikki admitted to this on the recent season of Total Bellas.

As if that wasn’t enough, the twins always have private ground travel. As seen on Total Bellas, both Brie and Nikki usually have a private chauffeur when they’re in a different town – that isn’t the norm for WWE Divas who are usually slumming it with Kia or Honda rentals. Ferrari, Range Rover or Lamborghini seems to be the norm for the twins instead.

Sources – YouTube, Wrestle Zone, Twitter & Calgary Sun

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