19 Sick Rides And The WWE Divas Who Drive Them

It’s been a long road to respect for women in WWE. For far too long, the company hired and pushed women solely on how they looked rather than what they were like in the ring. Actual matches were about five minutes long and too many battles involved the ladies in rather risqué costumes.

But in the last few years, a “Women’s Revolution” has taken place to change things. The NXT brand has been notable for focusing on serious, hard-hitting ring action rather than costume battles. That’s led to the main brands of Raw and SmackDown each having a women’s championship that’s taken seriously. Sure, some ladies are still given a push because of their beauty but others have bucked the trend to become major stars.

Of course, WWE is still a public company and they do their best to focus on some major stuff for their ladies. The Total Divas show showcases the women outside the ring and how they get along in everything from travel to their personal lives. A surprise has been how many of the women are serious car buffs. Many admit using their first WWE paychecks to land some nice rides and modern social media gives them a chance to show them off nicely.

WWE Network has introduced the series Ride Along, which shows stars driving together and the women bonding while driving in their vehicles. Some ladies definitely boast better garages than some of their male counterparts. Here are 19 WWE Divas who own some of the slickest cars.

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19 Brie Bella


It’s harder to find a better natural gimmick for wrestling than identical twins. At first, Brie and Nikki Bella used their looks to help their career. The obvious trick would be one twin taking a beating then switching places with the other to score a surprise win. The ladies have risen up, with Brie having a long reign as Divas champion. They’ve also become hits on both Total Divas and their own spin-off, Total Bellas. Brie has cut back on her in-ring work due to raising a family with Daniel Bryan but still possesses a great love for nice cars. That includes an Audi R8, a Lamborghini Aventador, and a Ferrari to match her sister. Brie has now leaned toward SUVs and other family cars for her daughter but can still break out a nice ride if she has to.

18 Naomi


Trinity Fatu was a former cheerleader for the Orlando Magic and a backup dancer for Flo Rida before giving wrestling a try. At first, she was just pushed on her looks but managed to adapt her dance experience into some good wrestling. As Naomi, she really took off with her entrance dressed in Day-Glo lit outfits. She’s also gotten attention for being married to major tag-team star Jimmy Uso. It makes sense Naomi’s cars are as bright and energetic as she is. Her Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR is colored green to match her usual ring attire. There’s also a Kia Stinger GT that gets her some high speeds. Thanks to Total Divas, Naomi’s fame has risen and showcased how she brings the glow to anything she does in the company.

17 Lana


Like many “foreign” heels in wrestling, Lana is actually from the USA. Catherine Joy Perry was born in Florida and currently resides in Tennessee. She took off by teaming up with her real-life husband, Rusev, as his "advisor" of sorts. Fans took to her ice queen demeanor and she became rather popular. Lana has been showcased on Total Divas with her fun attitude and she and Rusev have won fans over with some fun antics. In her downtime, Lana drives an eco-friendly Prius with a famous tabloid photo of her pumping her own gas in an intriguing outfit. Her social media pages showcase the Cadillac convertible her husband bought her that she loves to drive around. It seems to run in the family, as Rusev gave Lana’s dad a Nissan Versa for Christmas in 2018. Like her dad, Lana can appreciate a fun ride.

16 Bayley


While not the knockout beauty of other ladies in the company, Bayley has become a huge fan favorite. She took off in NXT with her exuberant attitude, complete with hugging fans at ringside. Bayley could back it up in the ring as her feud with Sasha provided some of the best matches (male or female) of 2015. Bayley has continued to find success on the main roster as her joyful persona is infectious. It makes sense her collection isn’t as ultra-flashy as other ladies but there's still some good stuff such as a Hyundai Santa Fe, a Toyota Camry, and a 2006 Nissan Murano. The leader of the “Hugger Section” of WWE doesn’t flaunt her wealth yet still boasts a garage that fits her love of life.

15 Alexa Bliss


For a woman barely standing over five feet tall, Alexa Bliss has made a huge impact in WWE. She actually had the early gimmick of a fairy princess blowing dust at fans. Bliss shifted that to an arrogant heel and soon caught on majorly. She’s had multiple runs as champion while doing some terrific promos and facial expressions that make fans love to hate her. Bliss often gets cracks from her fellow workers on how her small size means she can’t drive as well as them. However, Bliss is a gearhead and has even done videos on self-repair for cars. She owns a BMW 3 Series and a Jeep Compass. Her prize possession is a classic DeLorean straight out of Back to the Future that fits her small frame. Bliss has long surprised people with her toughness and how big motor fans can come in small packages.

14 Trish Stratus


Debuting in 2000, Trish Stratus was pretty much just eye candy for WWF programming. But a bit of training transformed her into one of the best female workers of her time. While incredibly beautiful, Stratus also backed it up with incredible matches and she's always popular with fans. She held the Women’s title six times before retiring in 2006. Stratus has made returns to WWE to show the younger gals how it’s done. Talking to Auto Trader, Stratus has admitted a love for SUVs such as the Porsche Cayenne, along with products from Mercedes and Cadillac. She currently has a Range Rover as she balances motherhood with running a yoga studio. She has also indulged in a Camaro and a purple Ford Mustang that she still holds onto. Even if she doesn’t wrestle that much anymore, Stratus still has a love for action inside of her.

13 Paige


The movie Fighting For My Family shows how real life can be more amazing than wrestling. The daughter of two wrestlers, Saraya-Jade Bevis followed in their footsteps to join WWE. She was the first NXT Women’s champion and held the Divas title as well. After a long absence, Paige returned to WWE in 2017 for what was supposed to be a huge comeback. Sadly, a serious neck injury at a house show forced her to retire. Paige continues to work for the company as the “general manager” for SmackDown, with fans still loving her goth look. She loves to show off her Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG with its huge unfolding doors. Then there’s also her BMW i8, which is a good ride too. Paige may no longer wrestle but still boasts some of the slickest cars of any WWE lady.

12 Asuka


Kanako Urai broke out in her native Japan by taking on the establishment. That’s not hyperbole, either, as she became famous for a massive tirade on the conditions of female workers. In 2015, she joined NXT as Asuka and quickly rose up the ranks with her great skills. Her reign as Women’s champion was an incredible 510 days and it took nearly three years before she suffered her first loss in the company. Unlike other ladies in the company, Asuka prefers to be more private with her life and doesn’t share as much on social media. She has been seen to have some nice cars. These include a Ford EcoSport, a Mercedes A-Class, a Kia Rio, and a Hyundai i20. Asuka doesn’t show them off like her co-workers but it shows that she’s taken to this life rather well by spending her cash on some nice rides.

11 Charlotte Flair


In his prime, Ric Flair was known as the greatest wrestler alive. He lived the character of a man always dressed in the best suits and the best cars. Charlotte not only inherited her father’s wrestling skills but his love of the high life. Like her dad, she’s a “limousine-riding, jet-flying” gal yet has quite a few sets of nice wheels. These include a Lamborghini Huracan, an Audi A3, Chrysler 300, a Mercedes-Benz GLC, a Hyundai Sonata, and even a Mini Cooper. WWE’s Ride Along will sometimes try to have other ladies fighting to ride with Charlotte, as she always boasts some of the best vehicles. Even the Nature Boy himself has to be jealous at some of the rides his daughter has been able to go around in, with a style her dad could never match.

10 Maryse


Before entering WWE, Maryse Oullet was already showing off as a Miss Hawaiian Tropicana model. She took off in the company, holding the Divas title twice and being a great arrogant heel. After a long absence, Maryse returned in 2017 to back up her real-life husband, the Miz. They even have their own reality show focusing on their family life. Maryse and her husband share a love for great cars and that hasn’t changed with parenthood. This includes a Mercedes-Benz S550 and Lambo-doored 2013 Audi R8. She even takes a spin in Miz’s customized Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with its massive tires. The duo has added an SUV for family outings, yet this collection shows Maryse is more like her high-flaunting character than she might seem.

9 AJ Lee


A lifelong wrestling fan, AJ Lee landed a job with WWE in 2009. She rose up with a spunky attitude that made her look like a tomboy. A famous, costumed battle royal had her dressing as Kitana from the Mortal Kombat games and even doing some of the moves. She had a record reign as Divas champion while famously slamming the entire “Diva” mentality of the company. Indeed, Lee was a precursor to today’s “Women’s Revolution” in the company. She left in 2015 on rough terms and has since become acclaimed for her work in charities. Having made almost $14 million in wrestling, Lee has plenty of cash to spend on her cars. She owns a Ford Fusion SE, a Nissan Rogue SL, and a Mercedes. Lee enjoys being a “geek gal” more than a wrestler, which adds to her appeal.

8 Nikki Bella

via wrestling forum

The other half of the Bella Twins has achieved a bit of infamy in mainstream media. For a few years, Nikki dated John Cena, easily WWE’s biggest star. In 2017, right after winning a match at WrestleMania 33, Cena proposed to Nikki in the middle of the ring. However, the duo suddenly broke up in 2018. Given how the Bella sisters became huge stars on Total Divas and social media, Nikki has plenty of cash to spread around. This includes a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Bentley Continental GTC, two Lamborghinis (Diablo and Murcielago), and a Range Rover. The Diablo was a gift from Cena while the rest were purchased by Nikki herself. She may have lost her man but Nikki still possesses a garage to die for.

7 Becky Lynch


“The Man” is currently one of the hottest stars WWE has. The Dublin-born Rebecca Quinn overcame a neck injury to break out in NXT. At first, having to put up with Irish clichés (even dancing a jig), she remade herself into the “Lasskicker” with a good style to win fans over. Lynch joked online that it took until 2013 for her to get her first US-built car. She’s making up for lost time with some nice rides that she shows off a bit more. That includes a Nissan Altima, a Chevrolet Impala, and a Kia Optima. Her prized possession is a black Dodge Charger that she actually drives to shows. Lynch has become a massive star on social media and in WWE and her car collection shows how “the Man” stands out from the pack.

6 Natalya

Via motortrend.ca

Part of the famed Hart Dynasty, Natalya is the daughter of the late Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. She won huge respect by being taught by Stu Hart, whose “Dungeon” is infamous among wrestlers for its brutal training methods. Nattie has shown her toughness in the ring and can still hold a title and engage in some nice feuds. She learned to drive in the infamously rough winters of Canada and thus enjoys a good tough car. Her prized possession is a 2011 Volkswagen CC, which she praised to Motor Trend for its durability. She also has a Mercedes-Benz GL 450, a BMW i8, and a Land Rover Freelander 2. Natalya is always a highlight on Total Divas showing off her rides and enjoys mixing her “tough gal” persona with a love for some flashy stuff.

5 Sasha Banks


When your cousin is Snoop Dogg, it should be no surprise you take on a high-living lifestyle. Sasha Banks broke out majorly in the NXT brand with her persona as a “bling-laden” diva with amazing outfits. She backed it up in the ring with great matches and flaunting her rich ways off. That’s not too far from the real Banks, who also enjoys some nice rides. Indeed, her prized black Escalade has been used for some of her fancy ring entrances and fits her perfectly. She also has a Cadillac CTS, a BMW, and a Mercedes (which is fitting, as Mercedes is her real first name) and has been showcased with a few bikes. While she’s more down-to-earth outside the ring, one look at her car collection shows who “the Boss” really is.

4 Ronda Rousey

via New York Post

There were a few doubters when the biggest female star in MMA moving to pro wrestling. But Ronda Rousey has been silencing them big time. She’s made the transition to WWE wonderfully and boosted up business. A dominant champion, Rousey also does some good promos to showcase her power. Rousey was already known for being a major car buff (she even cameoed in Furious 7) and has used her wealth to attain a great collection. Among the rides in her garage are a Corvette Stingray (which she drove in her cameo in the Entourage movie), a Honda Accord LX, BMW X6, and a Ford F-350. Given her big paydays from both UFC and WWE, Rousey can afford some sweet rides and lives up to her new “Hot Rod” nickname pretty well.

3 Alundra Blayze

via Monster Jam

Better known for years as Madusa, Deborah Miceli was a top-level female worker. In the early 1990s, she became Alundra Blayze, the major champion for WWF. Miceli became infamous in 1995 for showing up on WCW Nitro to literally dump the Women’s title belt in a garbage can. She’s mostly retired today but does make the occasional WWE appearance. In 1999, Miceli shifted gears to work in the Monster Trucks circuit and did a good job. She’s notable for her massive pink truck (called, naturally, “Madusa”) and even served as VP for the Major League of Monster Trucks. Also a motorcycle buff, Miceli showcases that while she was hard-hitting in the ring, she has just as much of a powerful attitude hitting the road.

2 Carmella


Her entrance theme starts off spelling “Fabulous” and Carmella lives up to that description. She started off as a hairdresser to the nutty Enzo and Cass and graduated to being their manager. On the main roster, she became known for her flashy outfits and moonwalking entrance with the catchphrase “Mella is Money.” To the surprise of many fans, she won some major matches and had a run at the title. Recently, Carmella has dyed her hair and taken on a funnier attitude to win fans over. Her cars match her spunky attitude with a BMW X1, Lexus IS, and Audi R8. The “Princess of Staten Island” can always be counted on to provide laughs and her car collection showcases a garage fit for such royalty.

1 Stephanie McMahon


“The Billion Dollar Princess” can be a polarizing figure among wrestling fans. She sometimes comes off as a spoiled brat who only works because her dad owns the company. But Stephanie has also pushed WWE in charity work and truly wants the women in the company to be taken seriously. Even motherhood hasn’t slowed her down, as she’s still flaunting a major lifestyle. Obviously, given her high position in the company, Stephanie has an entire fleet of limos and even a couple of private jets at her disposal. Her personal cars include a Bentley Continental, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, and a Jaguar XF. As the heir to this billion dollar company who’s married to star-executive HHH, it makes sense Stephanie tops the other works in a prized collection of automobiles.

Sources: WWE, Motor Trend, and Wikipedia.

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