10 WWE Stars With Full Garages At Home (And 10 With Nothing Inside)

The life of a WWE star isn’t the easiest. Sure, it comes with a lot of fame and with that fame comes fortune. However, these WWE employees are working their tails off, night in and night out. Unlike other sports organizations, WWE has no time off, like a circus act, the company keeps going year round.

For the performers, this can be difficult as the time at home isn’t the easiest. Some WWE stars are lucky to have three days at home, that’s considered a great week for a WWE star. Most get two days at home before it’s off to another show.

With that in mind, some WWE stars might not be inclined to buy expensive cars. What’s the use if you really can’t use them? WWE stars are typically in planes or using rental cars – for that reason, even for some of the highest earners, buying a car might not be of the utmost importance. In this article, we’ll include ten examples of past and present WWE stars that don’t have much in the garage.

On the flip side, we’ll also include those that have a passion for cars and decided to fill their garages with top tier vehicles. Some love to restore muscle cars while others just buy various vehicles for personal pleasure. We’ll discuss WWE stars with huge garages, and those with empty ones. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

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20 Not Much – Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

via IG

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella definitely have the money to fill up their garage, however, they choose to spend their fortunes wisely. The couple has few cars in the garage and one of them includes the environmentally friendly Honda Fit. Bryan posted a photo of the ride to his IG account and surprisingly, although it might look tight, it was ample cargo space in the back, enough to fit a couple of plants.

Aside from that, the couple maintains a low profile when it comes to big spending habits. Who can forget Bryan losing it on Brie during an episode of Total Bellas for buying a $30,000 painting – that’s almost double the price of the Honda Fit!

19 Full Garage - The Undertaker

via IG

With all that money made from WWE, Undertaker bought himself more than a couple of rides. As revealed on Michelle McCool’s IG account, the couple has a driveway filled with cars like a couple of Ford pickups, including the Raptor along with a summery Jeep.

Along with the slew of cars, Undertaker also has more than a couple of motorcycles including a Harley. Now that he has a lot more time off from the grueling WWE schedule, the Deadman’s likely cruising in these rides a lot more frequently.

18 Not Much - Finn Balor

via Twitter

Unlike most WWE stars that live out of California or Florida, Balor chose to live in the populated city of New York. As one can imagine, getting around with a car isn’t the easiest. Balor has the perfect solution opting for his bicycle or taking public transportation like the subway. In fact, Balor was spotted by a fan in the NYC metro a couple of years back. He even posted a photo alongside his mother in the subway most recently.

He does have a picture with a Mini Cooper above but chances are he used the ride during a vacation. Finn doesn’t have much in the garage and he’s definitely okay with it.

17 Full Garage - Braun Strowman

via IG

When he’s not in the ring, chances are Braun’s paying a visit to Titan Motorsports. The big man purchased a slew of vehicles from the shop. His current personal collection includes the Buick Grand National (which was recently restored), a blacked out Toyota Supra, all white and sparkling Corvette, blacked out Jeep SRT8 and of course, a pickup, a white Dodge 2500.

Thankfully, that Smart Car was only a rental and not a permanent ride. However, he does have a small scooter that just looks wrong for the big man.

16 Not Much – Bret Hart

via Twitter

Residing out in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Bret’s living a quiet life nowadays away from the spotlight. He made a lot of money during his WWE and WCW career, the paychecks continue to pile up thanks to his various meet and greets.

However, the cars aren’t pilling into the garage. Hart was never a car or bike kind of guy (doesn't use bikes since his accident). He does own a 2016 Lexus LS 460. Bret went the extra mile working out an endorsement deal with the Lexus of Calgary branch. Though aside from this purchase, Bret’s garage seems pretty empty.

15 Full Garage - Corey Graves

via IG

WWE commentator Corey Graves has quite the garage as evidenced by his IG account. Both he and his good friend Baron Corbin have an appreciation for current and past muscle cars. Corbin himself as a stunning Lincoln fully restored.

Graves, on the other hand, has a pair of stunning blacked out rides including a vintage Cougar and Challenger. Corey is also a big bike guy, the WWE commentator has a couple of vintages motorcycles in his collection – though he used them a lot more in his younger days. When he’s finally off the road (works on both RAW and SmackDown), Corey’s enjoying these rides.

14 Not Much - Ronda Rousey

via Just Jared

Like some other WWE stars, Rousey really isn’t into material things. In fact, she hung on to a 2005 Honda Accord for about a decade till she finally sold it at auction. The ride sold for $21,000 with Rousey keeping some memorabilia and signatures in it as well.

She upgraded since with a white Audi SUV but aside from that, her garage appears to be pretty much empty. Husband Travis Browne has an F-350. Aside from, the couple is more than content with what they have. They also travel a lot so there really isn’t much use for an entire garage filled with luxury cars.

13 Full Garage - Kevin Owens

via IG

KO definitely loves his muscle cars. While he was out with a recent injury, according to his wife Karina, Owens decided to add to his collection;

“I feel like I post a picture like this every year. Nothing better to cheer him up when he’s injured than a new car #dodgechallengersrt.” The yellow ride is quite the looker. However just months prior to the purchase, Owens bought another stunning muscle car, a red SRT Demon. Given that his garage’s filling up quite quickly recently, we can only expect this trend to continue.

12 Not Much - Becky Lynch

via IG

The Man Becky Lynch doesn’t need an expensive ride! Oh no, she’s doing just fine on top of the WWE mountain as the current Women’s Champion on both brands. At the moment, no WWE star is hotter than Lynch.

With increased popularity comes inflated paychecks. Who knows, maybe Lynch might decide to expand her garage. At the moment, however, the only snippet we got of Lynch’s personal ride is her pickup that comes with a paddleboard attachment, perfect to ride those Cali waves.

11 Full Garage - Batista

via Sportskeeda

Batista has quite the collection filled with luxury like his white Bentley and Mercedes along with some great supercars. Dave also has a slew of motorcycles. Photos of his rides look like an expensive dealership, in truth.

Perhaps the most impressive of all has to be Dave’s tribute low rider to Eddie Guerrero which was fully customized. The 1964 Chevy Impala has a stunning tribute design to Eddie Guerrero on the back end of the vehicle. You really can’t put a price tag on such a sentimental ride.

10 Not Much - Ric Flair

via Twitter

Back in the day, Flair was truly living the jet flying, styling, and profiling gimmick. Not only did he have a slew of cars but heck Flair even admitted that he would buy a brand new suit for every show – now that’s some serious dedication to a gimmick.

Unfortunately for Flair, lots of personal separations behind the scenes emptied out his wallet a little bit. However, Flair seems to be back on his feet nowadays. His garage is a lot smaller compared to what it used to be. Among his notable rides is a BMW. He also rented a fabulous Rolls Royce for his recent wedding.

9 Full Garage - Rey Mysterio

via IG

Mysterio might have the best collection among the current active roster. Rey has a trio of white beauties including his Audi R8, BMW, and Mercedes G-Wagon. As if that all wasn’t enough, Rey was also gifted a Raptor pickup by his wife, the F-150 2018 version with the full luxury package. Yea, Rey’s living the good life.

In addition, Mysterio also has a couple of bikes – he even bought one of his choppers from former WWE star Chuck Palumbo’s custom shop. Mysterio likely isn’t all that bored out in San Diego when he’s off the road.

8 Not Much - Mick Foley

via YouTube/Pinterest

You can tell just by looking at Foley that he really isn’t a car guy. Back in his earlier days in the business, Mick would pinch every penny from sleeping in his car to eating cheap fast food on the daily. Heck, he would even bunk with fans from time to time as well.

That said, we shouldn’t expect much from his garage. Foley has the funds for it, though he chooses to spend his money elsewhere like by creating a special Christmas room in his home. In terms of the cars in his garage, Foley drives an old red minivan. As evidenced by Holy Foley, Mick might have to upgrade soon given the car’s old age and state.

7 Full Garage - Hulk Hogan

via IG

Hulk has quite the collection. He even put two of his rides out in his Hogan beach shop in Florida. Those rides include his nWo bike along with his Hulkamania Dodge Viper used in WCW.

He has lots of other personal rides, those his favorite might be his recent purchase, the Dodge Demon. He discussed his new ride via IG; “Put new wheels and tires on the Demon, same as Kevin Owens, we both took the 18inch drag radials off and put new Mopar wheels with 20inch tires with tread on them, ready for the rainy season in Florida.”

6 Not Much – Kevin Nash

via IG

Kevin Nash entered the wrestling business for the money. We credit Nash for admitting to this. He went from a low paying job as a bouncer to wrestling megastar making the big bucks. He even got extra millions for working as a booker with WCW. The guy isn’t short on cash.

Despite all of his fortune, Nash still enjoys the simpler things in life like his old school Ford Bronco. Nash posted a picture of the ride claiming that not only does it still run but that he uses it on the regular as his everyday rider. Aside from that ride, we haven’t heard any other mention of his other cars.

5 Full Garage - Goldberg

via IG

For those that love muscle cars, Goldberg’s garage is absolutely heavenly featuring top tier rides such as the Challenger, Demon, and Charger. Goldberg also has a slew of classics including his rare 429 Super Boss Mustang, a car he rarely takes out but when he does, man does it ever sound like a thing of beauty as evidenced via his IG account.

Along with the muscle cars, Goldberg has a bunch of bikes including a vintage Harley Davidson. Bill admits that he spends hours in his garage restoring some of his favorite cars and bikes.

4 Not Much - Trish Stratus

via Auto Trader

She went from the reception desk at a local gym in Toronto to global fame with WWE. The Hall of Famer forged quite the career – she decided to retire in 2006 opting to start a family.

She did exactly that, Stratus now has two children away from the spotlight. In terms of vehicles in her garage, Trish is more than content with one ride, a white Range Rover. Unlike WWE’s Nikki Bella who was seen in a slew of different rides, Trish seems to be more than okay with just the one ride.

3 Full Garage - Stone Cold Steve Austin

via IG

Austin has more than enough space on his massive Tilden, Texas ranch. It seems like he’s trying his very best to fill up that massive driveway lately. On a weekly basis, Steve’s posting a picture of a new car that he recently purchased.

Along with a slew of classics, Austin recently got his hands on the Ford D-150 SC pickup. Here’s what Austin had to say about the ride via his IG account; “This morning I got on the Mean Streets of Los Angle Eze in the @roushperformance F-150 SC. I headed down the 405 to Long Beach to check this truck out. First time I have driven a supercharged 5.0. The engine makes 650hp and 610lb/ft of torque. Saying this truck is a blast to drive is an understatement.”

2 Not Much - Triple H & Stephanie

via IG

Triple H might have gifted Stephanie the couple’s WrestleMania ride but don’t be fooled, the couple really doesn’t have time to waste their fortune on cars and bikes. In truth, the couple is hardly home with Triple H running operations with NXT and working with both RAW and SmackDown. The same goes for Stephanie who also has a hectic schedule.

Instead of buying cars, they get the luxury treatment with a private jet while on the road along with private ground travel. The couple usually gets driven around in a blacked out Escalade or GMC Yukon. Given the lives they live, buying a slew of new cars just doesn’t make sense.

1 Full Garage – John Cena

via YouTube

Cena might have the most impressive collection – especially for those that love muscle cars. It all started with an old school Jeep Wrangler, a car he still maintains today. His collection has definitely evolved since, his current rides include; 2017 Ford GT 2009, Chevy Corvette ZR1, 2006 Dodge Viper, 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350, 1970 AMC Rebel ‘The Machine, ’70 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird, ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona, 1970 Buick GSX and 1969 Chevrolet Camaro COPO 427 (Sources, Shear Comfort).

Interestingly enough, Cena uses these rides for both business and pleasure. John is known to sell some of his rides in order to turn a profit. It isn’t all about play - just ask Ford...

Sources – Twitter, IG, Shear Comfort & WWE

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