5 WWE Stars That Own Nicer Bikes Than The Undertaker (And 15 With Better Cars Than Hulk Hogan)

Both cars and motorcycles are prized possessions of quite a few WWE stars. We will look at the big names to have valuable cars or bikes today.

Every wrestler has the ultimate goal of becoming a WWE legend to reach the pinnacle of success in the wrestling industry. Top stars in WWE make the most money in the entire wrestling industry that allows them to get the reward for putting their body on the line every week for the show.

Wrestlers at the top of their sport get to spoil themselves with bigger purchases for traveling. Most WWE stars have at least one impressive car in their garage. The top stars will have even more temptation to get involved in the automobile game with collections they don’t even drive.

Motorcycles are popular in the wrestling community as well. WWE would allow The Undertaker to ride to the ring with his preferred bikes as part of his entrance in the early 2000s. WCW even used to have PPVs at Sturgis for bikers to come in a huge party atmosphere.

Both cars and motorcycles are prized possessions of quite a few WWE stars. We will look at the big names to have valuable cars or bikes today. Hulk Hogan used to be the king of owning incredible cars in the wrestling world and Undertaker has always been synonymous with the motorcycles. Today’s stars are however taking this to the next level. Find out what they are riding and driving when enjoying their downtime in life outside of the ring. These are five WWE stars with better bikes than Undertaker and fifteen with better cars than Hogan.

20 Owns great motorcycles: Baron Corbin

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Baron Corbin is one of the most disliked heels in WWE which means he’s doing something right. The spot on the main roster has helped Corbin make enough of the big bucks to continue a passion of his outside of the ring.

Corbin is a huge lover of motorcycles and has revealed the Harley Davidson products are among his most ideal, but he does love customizing when he has the time. WWE even showcased Corbin on a motorcycle when trying to add depth to his character in NXT by showing his real personality. Corbin did reveal in an interview with Cultaholic that riding to the ring on a bike at least once would be a fun goal.

19 Owns great cars: John Cena

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The wrestler with the greatest car collection would have to be John Cena. WWE has seen Cena spend 2005-2015 as the face of the company for a legitimate decade. The longevity of Cena is unlike any other wrestler and it led to him becoming among the most financially successful stars in WWE history.

Cars are the top passion of Cena and it shows with his collection. The Plymouth Superbird, 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger, Ford Mustang, and many other cars are all in Cena’s home. Cena used to show them off on the Bella Twins YouTube channel when he was dating Nikki Bella. Any car enthusiasts out there will love Cena’s collection and it’s among his greatest possessions.

18 Owns great cars: Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair is arguably the most successful female wrestler in WWE history, and she is still in her prime. The career of Flair has seen Charlotte following the footsteps of her dad Ric Flair in creating a tremendous legacy in a short time.

Ric was known for spending big money on extravagant clothes, homes, and automobiles throughout his career. Charlotte does not spend as wildly as Ric does, but she does own quite a few cars. One car that was confirmed in an ESPN interview featured Charlotte owning a Porsche much like her dad did. We can only assume her other cars are at that standard as well.

17 Owns great cars: Dave Bautista

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Movie star Dave Bautista is looking to have one more run in WWE before he ends his wrestling career, but he already has a legendary career. Bautista would spend most of his career in the main event picture before leaving to start the next chapter in Hollywood.

The success in both WWE and the movie industry allowed Bautista to delve into his passion for a car collection. Bautista decided to start collecting white cars specifically due to the unique look. Some cars owned include Mercedes Benz SL 500, the Hummer H2 and countless others. Bautista likely is adding more unknown cars to his collection following the success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of the Avengers.

16 Owns great cars: Kevin Owens

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The rise to the top of WWE took many years of hard work on the independent circuit for Kevin Owens. Past challenges of not even being able to pay his heating bill led to Owens appreciating the earnings from WWE even more than the average wrestlers. Owens still wears t-shirts and shorts, but he does find one way to use his money for self-enjoyment.

Cars are a passion of Owens as he shared on fellow WWE employee RD Evan’s podcast. Owens revealed he loves Dodge Challengers as the main car of choice. His wife has posted pictures of the cars usually in bright colors like yellow, green and red. Owens stated he often sells his older cars when he purchases the updated ones.

15 Owns great motorcycles: Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy is currently having another impressive run with WWE and has earned the legacy of having a legendary career in the wrestling industry. Hardy is known for the most dazzling displays of daredevil moves often jumping off tall ladders and falling through tables.

There have also been injuries for Hardy outside of the ring due to his passion for biking. Hardy missed some time during his Impact Wrestling career after crashing his dirt bike on his personal track at his compound. The motorcycles of Hardy are impressive with a few Harley products and some more bolder picks with bright colors. 2008 featured Hardy bonding with a Make-A-Wish child visiting him at a WWE event over an interest in his motorcycle collection.

14 Owns great cars: The Miz

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The Miz and Maryse own a big house in California and have a decent number of cars to go along with it. Years have gone by with Miz continuing to have a great run of success. Miz likes to enjoy the finer life after a tough start in WWE before reaching this stage as a fixture and veteran in the company.

The star of Miz’s garage is his Jeep Wrangler unlimited. Miz decided to get his customized with Metal Cloak suspension, Heise LED Lighting and other things to make it ideal for him and Maryse. A friend of Miz inspired this purchase as he was impressed with the Jeep Wrangler, but he wanted customized features to put it over the top. The couple continues to add new cars to their collection.

13 Owns great cars: Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns became one of the biggest stars for the current era of WWE by main eventing four consecutive WrestleMania events in a row. A battle with leukemia has Reigns stepping away from the ring with the intent to return when he’s able to compete again.

One of the passions for Reigns outside of the ring is his car collection. Roman owns quite a few outstanding automobiles like the Lamborghini Huracan, Toyota Fortuner, Range Rover, Corvette Z06 and the family car of a Mercedes Benz SUV. Basically, Reigns has a choice of nothing but tremendous cars in his garage.

12 Owns great cars: Bray Wyatt

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Bray Wyatt got into hot water when some of his purchases became public news. During his divorce, it was made public knowledge that Bray was spending huge money on cars rather than the settlement. Items like jewelry, horseback riding and automobile purchases would show just how much Wyatt was spending.

The Dodge Challenger SRT was the biggest purchase to add to his car collection at the time. Wyatt is a mysterious wrestling character that does not buy into superficial things, but he certainly does enjoy the better cars in his real life. The car collection is reported as his biggest spending outside of the ring and the Dodge Challenger SRT alone already proves that.

11 Owns great motorcycles: Shane McMahon

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The wrestling style of Shane McMahon sees him taking incredible risks often jumping from extremely tall heights before falling on his opponents. Shane is the daredevil of the McMahon family and it shows outside of the ring with his love of motorcycles.

The collection of Shane features quite a few elite bikes. McMahon has shared social media posts expressing his love for The Ronin from a preferred shop of his in Brooklyn named Larry Motorcycles. One of the bikes in Shane’s collection is actually named after his wife as Sweet Marissa to show how much the bike means to him.

10 Owns great cars: Randy Orton

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Randy Orton has held down a top spot in WWE for many years now. The evolution of Orton from his young days in 2003 to a top legend today has seen him in many different stages. One constant is that Orton has remained a relevant player in WWE and has the finances to back that up.

The car collection of Orton is among his most extravagant possessions today. Orton tries to keep his personal life quiet, but a couple of cars have been shown in years past. The Hummer 2 Dub was the pride and joy of Orton for a few years to show just how expensive his purchases have been.

9 Owns great cars: Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy is not a wrestler most would expect to reach a list like this, but he has been performing at a high level for about two decades now. The money management by Hardy has allowed him to develop a car collection in addition to his huge house.

There were videos from Matt during his heel run outside of WWE bragging about his wealth including a look at some of his cars. Hardy owns a yellow Corvette and a black Cadillac Escalade as two of his most prized automobiles. The belief of Hardy is that he can start spoiling himself with great cars since he’s already saved enough to live a happy life.

8 Owns great cars: Rusev and Lana

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The couple of Rusev and Lana have been a fixture on WWE television for a few years now. Both wrestlers fell in love in NXT and became a paired act together on-screen as well as in real life. Rusev and Lana own a great home in Nashville and have started to turn towards the garage as their big project.

They currently own a gorgeous Maserati that they drive all over town with when going out to dinner on their rare off nights. The couple also has a convertible that Lana posts about via social media. Rusev and Lana even recently purchased a Nissan car for Lana’s dad this past Christmas.

7 Owns great cars: Dean Ambrose

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There are rumors that put the future of Dean Ambrose in question. Even if Ambrose is leaving WWE as most expect, he was a huge star for the promotion between his beginning in The Shield and his singles run as the WWE Champion to start the brand split for SmackDown.

Ambrose is known for being frugal and saving his money, but he did make a couple of big purchases for cars. The main car purchase for Ambrose and his wife Renee Young was a Porsche luxury car. Ambrose reportedly enjoys having a few reliable cars, but the private nature of his personal life leaves the rest to up for speculation.

6 Owns great motorcycles: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

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Triple H is the biggest rival to The Undertaker when it comes to owning great motorcycles. The twenty-five-year wrestling career and the role as the next in line to run WWE after Vince McMahon makes him among the wealthiest Superstars in WWE history.

Triple H has invested in his love of motorcycles by purchasing a few throughout the years. A custom Triumph Thunderbird Storm was one of his most prized possessions for many years. Recent years have featured him incorporating bikes into his WrestleMania entrances. Triple H even gifted his wife Stephanie McMahon a V8-powered Boss Hoss three-wheeler for their entrance together at WrestleMania 34.

5 Owns great cars: Shinsuke Nakamura

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Shinsuke Nakamura made a bold decision to join WWE by leaving his family and everything he knows back in Japan. The transition to the new company, country and language have been met with ups and downs. Nakamura wanted one strong run in WWE before it was too late in his career.

The great pay to come from WWE allowed Nakamura to make one incredible purchase. Nakamura did not want to buy a home or make any huge commitment to living in the States long term, but he did manage to buy the Mazda Demio Skyactiv. This was the Car of the Year in Japan a few years ago and Nakamura felt it was ideal for him.

4 Owns great cars: Braun Strowman

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The rise of Braun Strowman has allowed him to become one of the top stars in the wrestling industry today. Strowman rose quickly to see both his popularity and finances improve dramatically from his time in the Performance Center to a main roster success story.

The love of cars has seen Strowman purchase quite a few in a short time. Braun revealed on Instagram that his dream car has been purchased in the form of the Buick Regal Grand National. The desire of Strowman is to work on the car to make it more of his own during his limited off days outside of the squared circle.

3 Owns great cars: Corey Graves

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In-ring injuries and multiple concussions led to WWE transitioning Corey Graves out of the ring and into the commentary role. Graves did a great job in NXT right away and has become a fixture on the main roster following the brand split. WWE loves Graves enough to have him call both Raw and Smackdown every week.

Graves has found joy in his new role and gets to make a great living for it as well. The perks of thriving in WWE is allowing Graves to begin planning his car collection. Graves revealed on his Culture Shock talk show that he has a few cars. A couple of his standout cars include the 68’ Mercury Cougar and Dodge Challenger. The collection will continue to grow as Graves is set up for a long career in WWE.

2 Owns great cars: Seth Rollins

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The lifestyle of Seth Rollins is rather quiet after he moved from Florida to his home of Iowa to settle down in a familiar place. Rollins purchased a home and lives close to his relatives. Most assume he lives a quiet life, but one noteworthy interest is his love of great cars.

Rollins owns a stunning black Lamborghini that certainly will catch the attention of people in any state, let alone Iowa. The 2016 Tesla was another purchase of Rollins to add to his collection. He certainly likes to mix it up. Rollins is scheduled to appear in the main event of WrestleMania 35 against Brock Lesnar which will likely deliver a payoff worthy of getting another great car.

1 Owns great motorcycles: Rey Mysterio

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Rey Mysterio is not one of the wrestlers most fans would predict to have a motorcycle collection. However, the iconic masked wrestler does love vehicles of all kinds. Mysterio owns many great cars and motorcycles, but the custom nature of some of his bikes stand out for all the right reasons.

WWE featured Mysterio in an online video looking at multiple Harley Davidson Nightster models with different colors and customized features. Mysterio loves having his name, mask or personal references added to the bike to give it a personal flavor. Rey has quite a few others in his collection as he wants to continue adding to his garage as he continues thriving in WWE.

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