10 WWE Stars Who Ride Around Like A-Listers (And 10 Who Are More Like B-Listers)

WWE wrestlers have the toughest job in the world when it comes to the travel schedule. The superstars must drive and fly all over the world to keep up with the dates in places that want to see the WWE shows each weekend. Most weeks will feature a wrestler traveling for five days with four show dates often taking place, including the television for Raw and/or Smackdown along with a monthly PPV.

Wrestlers often tend to try to live their best possible life when it comes to traveling. Many of the top names will attempt to have a great time during their trips in a car, motorcycle or airplane.

The wrestlers to travel like A-Listers have the best options for incredible rides on their time in between or to shows. Not everyone will have that same desire as some wrestlers truly want to settle for a more modest lifestyle. There many superstars that ride like B-Listers with cars or transportation options more akin to the average person despite a celebrity lifestyle.

We will look at both sides to see just what goes into the thinking of these wrestlers. The ones with great traveling options go all out to make the most of their success. Meanwhile, others will prefer to save and find a comfortable cheaper option during their time in transit. Find out just which wrestlers have the dream lives and which live like the average person. These are ten WWE stars that ride around like A-Listers along with ten that ride more like B-Listers.

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20 Travels like A-Lister: Kevin Owens

via: twitter.com

Kevin Owens had a long road to WWE that featured a lot of sacrifice on the road to getting his dream job. The success for Owens has allowed him to spoil his family and reward himself for the hard work paying off with great WWE success. Owens only spoils himself with one major incentive and that’s his car collection.

An interview on RD Evans’ basketball podcast featured Owens revealing he is a huge fan of Dodge Challengers and frequently upgrades to the newer models. His family is his main priority and he has taken steps towards allowing them to travel lavishly for family trips. Owens rented a tour bus in 2018 for the family to travel around the country for family time in between his WWE events.

19 Travels like B-Lister: AJ Styles

via: wwe.com

AJ Styles has a reputation of being among the most budget-savvy wrestlers on the WWE roster. The long run in Impact Wrestling and other promotions led to him saving most of his money. Styles believed he would never make it to WWE, but the dream gig would land his way late in his wrestling life in his late 30s.

The new wrestling home for Styles has allowed him to finally step up his car collection with the Kia Optima and Ford F-150 truck as his best vehicles. Styles admitted on a Talk N’ Shop podcast that he still prefers driving in the less extravagant cars in his hometown of Gainesville, Georgia.

18 Travels like A-Lister: Matt Hardy

via: wwe.com

The incredible wrestling run of Matt Hardy has seen him find success just about everywhere over the past few years. Hardy is back in WWE and has found success with a new unique character. WWE has him taking some time off to rehab from injuries and contribute in a backstage role as a producer.

Hardy has enjoyed a happy life after making great money in the wrestling industry. It allows him to treat himself to a great home on his private property along with quite a few different vehicles. Matt’s best cars include his yellow Corvette and black Cadillac Escalade.

17 Travels like B-Lister: Finn Balor

via: instagram.com

Finn Balor is one of the active wrestlers in WWE with zero interest or passion for cars. The decision to join WWE had Balor learning to drive for the first time when signing the deal and moving to Florida. Balor’s lessons were taught by the iconic wrestler Dusty Rhodes when he was teaching Finn at the Performance Center.

The lessons did not inspire Balor to start buying cars as he moved to New York shortly after making the main roster. Balor enjoyed traveling around on the subway and using public transit rather than owning a car. The photo shows Finn even riding the subway when his mom was visiting him for Summerslam weekend in 2017.

16 Travels like A-Lister: Charlotte Flair

via Pinterest

One of the biggest beliefs from Ric Flair during his legendary run in professional wrestling was to invest money in his lifestyle. Ric felt that driving expensive cars, wearing expensive clothing and living like a celebrity was pivotal to fans viewing him that way as a performer.

Charlotte Flair is apparently following in the footsteps of her dad at least when it comes to traveling. The multiple cars owned by Charlotte are expected to be all impressive, but the only one confirmed is a gorgeous Porsche. WWE has even allowed Charlotte to use their private jet for promotional tours more than most other wrestlers on the roster.

15 Travels like B-Lister: Natalya

via: motortrend.com

Natalya has been a fixture on the WWE roster for over a decade now. The history of the Hart family allowed her to continue the family tradition as the niece of Bret Hart and the daughter of Jim Neidhart. Natalya lives and travels with her husband and fellow WWE employee Tyson Kidd.

The couple has been known for their 2011 Volkswagen CC. The outdated car is not one associated with celebrities, but Natalya finds comfort in it. Given the history of her family, Natalya understands the nature of the wrestling business and wants to save without spending on huge cars. The pet cats of Nattie are the only ones to get spoiled in the Neidhart/Kidd household.

14 Travels like A-Lister: Randy Orton

via: twitter.com

The long stint of success for Randy Orton in WWE has seen him thriving for over fifteen years now. Orton has never left WWE like The Rock, John Cena or Batista, so he has been able to rack up his money by remaining in the company extending major contracts.

The traveling of Orton has allowed him to treat himself and his family. Orton owns many great cars with his Hummer and Cadillac Escalade towards the top of the list. The road schedule of Orton also leads to better traveling as he is one of the few wrestlers to own a private tour bus for complete comfort when riding from city to city.

13 Travels like B-Lister: Mustafa Ali

via: instagram.com

Mustafa Ali is one of the newest stars to the WWE main roster. The past few years in WWE have seen him on the cruiserweight brand known as 205 Live. Ali got called up to end 2018 and received a new contract perk for better pay that comes along with working the main roster WWE schedule every weekend.

Daniel Bryan insulted Ali in a promo on the latter’s first night on Smackdown by insulting him for driving an SUV. Ali owns an outdated SUV that was ideal for his wife and children to travel around Chicago with. The raise that comes with working on the main roster may see Ali finally update his car, but he’s still on the B-List for now.

12 Travels like A-Lister: Brock Lesnar

via: wwe.com

The comfort for his traveling is the most important part of Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract. Lesnar returned to the company after a long absence as an even bigger star thanks to his run in UFC. The leverage allowed him to get WWE to fund his private plane trips to avoid the annoyance of going to the airport for every show.

Brock also reportedly owns a few extravagant cars, but no one can get a view of them since he lives on his own farm. The move to a farm in Canada ensured that Lesnar would not have to interact with many people. Brock lives like an A-Lister without worrying about people catching many pictures of him when traveling.

11 Travels like B-Lister: Dean Ambrose

via: pinterest.com

Dean Ambrose is among the most unique personas in the WWE today both in the ring and backstage. The approach to wrestling from Ambrose allows him to think outside the box. WWE reported that Ambrose is planning to leave the company after his current contract ends with other outlets claiming he is just unhappy there.

Ambrose has budgeted his finances by not spending too much on big items. Renee Young and Ambrose own a home in Phoenix and have a couple of affordable cars. Ambrose’s favorite is apparently the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. The couple used to have a Porsche, but it is believed that it has been sold.

10 Travels like A-Lister: John Cena

via: youtube.com

The wrestler with the most impressive car collection in WWE would have to be John Cena. It is the biggest passion of Cena outside of the ring and Hollywood movie sets. He loves to purchase extremely valuable cars and collect them by always improving upon it.

Cena was the highest paid wrestler on WWE’s roster for most of a decade which allowed him to own so many great cars. Some of them include the 1970 Plymouth Superbird, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and limited-edition Ford Mustang car. Cena also travels in private jets rather than going commercial to cover the A-List experience on both the road and air.

9 Travels like B-Lister: Ronda Rousey

via: nypost.com

Ronda Rousey is arguably the biggest name in WWE. The former UFC legend made the jump to WWE and has become the centerpiece of the women’s division with the hopes of making history main eventing WrestleMania. Rousey developed a reputation for not traveling like a superstar during her rise to fame.

Most of Rousey’s rise to the top featured her driving a 2005 Honda Accord. Ronda lived in the car during a short time before becoming a major star in the sports world. Rousey has upgraded to better cars, but she is not the celebrity known for getting the A-List vehicles for her driveway. TMZ cameras have also caught Rousey at airports on a few occasions flying like the rest of us.

8 Travels like A-Lister: Sheamus

via: playerswiki.com

Wrestling fans sometimes forget how long Sheamus has been on the main roster in a prominent role. Sheamus instantly won the WWE Championship in 2009 just a few months into his debut. The run of Sheamus is still going today as he’s been raking it in for the past decade.

Sheamus has developed an impressive car collection throughout the years as one source of spending his millions. Some of the standout brands that Sheamus enjoys is getting the updated models of BMW and Mercedes. Sheamus also owns a model of the DeLorean car based on the hit film Back to the Future.

7 Travels like B-Lister: Mick Foley

via: twitter.com

Mick Foley is historically known for being the cheapest person in the wrestling business. The odds were against Foley becoming a top WWE star due to his look. This influenced Foley to save his money rather than making big purchases like most of his peers.

Wrestlers like Steve Austin, Bob Holly and X-Pac have revealed that Foley would pick the cheapest option possible whenever they were getting rental cars. Foley only even considered cheap family-friendly vehicles for his personal life. He even still flies commercial to save money to this day. Foley is not a wrestler most would assume is a legend when looking at his lifestyle.

6 Travels like A-Lister: Big Show

via: theworldorbust.com

The moniker of the “World’s Largest Athlete” by WWE sums up why Big Show must travel like an A-Lister. An athlete of his size struggles to utilize automobiles made for the person with an average size. Big Show decided to start investing money into his comfort after he made enough and felt secure with his status in WWE.

The decision would come for Big Show to get a tour bus for his trips on the WWE schedule. Big Show was one of the first wrestlers to make it a habit for the entire year before John Cena, Randy Orton, and CM Punk followed suit. He also likes traveling on private jets since leg room and comfort would be impossible for him in most commercial flights.

5 Travels like B-Lister: Naomi and Jey Uso

via: wwe.com

The couple of Naomi and Jey Uso have been together for many years now. Jey and Naomi get to travel to the same shows since both wrestlers remain on the SmackDown brand together from the start of the brand split until early 2019.

Neither wrestler is known for spending on expensive items. The couple owned family-friendly cars like SUVs throughout the years. Naomi and Jey’s fanciest car purchase was probably the Dodge Journey and that is even modest for two world-famous WWE superstars. The parenting life of Jey having a child from a prior relationship is the main reason why they don’t spend easily on big items.

4 Travels like A-Lister: Rey Mysterio

via: wrestlenews.net

Rey Mysterio has been a fixture in the wrestling industry for almost three decades now. The success in WCW made Mysterio a superstar in the wrestling world. WWE, however, took him to the next level as a celebrity and made him a very wealthy man with many years of top star figures.

Mysterio owns quite a few incredible cars and bikes in his garage. There are too many to keep track of, but Mysterio did show some of them off to WWE cameras in the past. His favorite cars include his BMW and Mercedes-Benz collections. Rey also has an incredible bike collection with various Harley-Davidson Nightster models customized by fellow former wrestler Chuck Palumbo.

3 Travels like B-Lister: The Undertaker

via: pictame.com

The Undertaker owns many great cars and motorcycles, but he does travel like a B-Lister in terms of one aspect of the job. Many of the legends in WWE use private jets to fly to the shows. Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, John Cena, and The Rock are wrestlers to have confirmed investing in such a perk.

Undertaker did not develop any interest in having such a flying experience. The part-time status of Undertaker will see fans snapping pics of or with him at the local airport of the city the WWE show is in. Undertaker is likely too late into the game to care about the private jet experience like some of his peers.

2 Travels like A-Lister: Triple H

via: wrestlingnewssource.com

Triple H is arguably the most important person in WWE today since he is getting set up to replace Vince McMahon as the person running the on-screen portion of the company. The lifestyle of Triple H already shows he doesn’t mind living the high life based on the way he gets around.

Triple H owns many great cars and motorcycles in his home located in Connecticut. Some of the cars include the Range Rover, Mercedes Benz SL600 and the Lamborghini Huracan. The flying experience for Triple H sees him flying exclusively with private jets now. Triple H mostly uses the WWE plane to fly around for the business reasons of meetings or international appearances.

1 Travels like B-Lister: Daniel Bryan

via: youtube.com

No top wrestler cares less about big purchases than Daniel Bryan. The wrestling character of Bryan currently has him speaking out against consumerism and he feels that way in his normal life as well. Bryan has been a top name for WWE, but he doesn’t like to spend his wealth on cars.

The subcompact Honda Fit is the main car of Bryan and his wife Brie Bella. We have seen footage of Bryan preventing Brie from trying to get them an A-Lister car on the Total Divas and Total Bellas reality shows. The environmental beliefs of Bryan also play a role in him not wanting to upgrade to a better car.

Sources: WWE, Sportskeeda, Celebrity Unfold

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