13 WWE Stars Who Used Fake Cars On Television (And 6 Who Actually Used Their Real Rides)

Vince McMahon loves to splurge especially if it means increased ratings - wrestling fans have seen countless examples of that in one form or another in the past. Over the years, we’ve seen lots of sports cars, bikes, trucks and anything else you can think of on WWE programming, only to be completely destroyed by a certain wrestler. Talk about a waste of money huh? Heck, even most recently we saw Braun Strowman “tip over” a semi truck and even an ambulance. The company loves to use cars as props. As you’ll see in this article, in most cases the wrestlers don’t actually own the rides. That’s a big-time plus given what we’ve seen happen to these rides on WWE programming in the past.

However, in some rare instances, we did see WWE stars use their actual rides – in a lot of cases, fans might not even have noticed. In this article, we’ll even showcase a ride that was given as a gift to another wrestler following its appearance at WrestleMania. We’ll include other examples including planes, car, and bikes that were all owned by somebody in the WWE. In one case, the wrestlers actually caused damage to the ride. That must have been painful to watch for the owner!

Enjoy the article folks as we take a look at 13 WWE stars that used fake rides on television and 6 that actually used their real rides. Like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Let’s get started.

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19 Real - Triple H & Stephanie’s WrestleMania Motorcycle

via Cage Side Seats

Triple H always has the top entrance come WrestleMania. At WrestleMania 33, he showed up on a motorcycle with Stephanie riding in the back. Wrestling fans awed at the entrance and motorcycle used. Just months later, Hunter gifted the exact same motorcycle to Stephanie, she posted to IG discussing how grateful she was about getting the gift;

“Thank you WWE Universe for all the birthday wishes today! I’m so blessed and grateful to have so much love in my life!!!! Check out my b-day gift from @tripleh! He wanted me to have a “little memento” from #WrestleMania!”

18 Fake - Alberto Del Rio’s Bentley

via WWE

Vince McMahon had a lot of faith in Alberto Del Rio. Of course, this was the case a couple of years back as he’s no longer with the company today.

During one of his entrances, Del Rio made his way to the ring with a stunning Bentley Continental with a worth in the six-figure range. At that point, the company was all-in on the Del Rio persona. Although he was making lots of money at that point as an upper card talent, the ride was not his and just used for the purpose of his on-screen character. Though in truth, he could probably afford the actual ride.

17 Fake - John Cena’s WrestleMania Muscle Car

via WWE

It was only fitting that John Cena made his way to the ring riding in a classic Ford Mustang as WrestleMania took place at Ford Field in Detroit. Although Cena does have a plethora of muscle cars, this one is not in his collection and was strictly used for the purpose of the show.

It would have been quite the spectacle to see Cena riding in with one of his real cars. He could have even gone the sports car route riding in with his Ferrari or green Lamborghini. Maybe he’ll choose this path in one of the upcoming WrestleMania events.

16 Real - The WWE Plane

via WWE

In the later parts of the 2000s, Degeneration-X reunited. Of course, it wasn’t like the original but HBK and Triple H still managed to give the fans some memorable moments. One of them took place when the duo invaded the WWE plane during an episode of RAW. This wasn’t a fake plane with the WWE logo slapped on it but instead the actual WWE plane that’s usually kept in Stanford.

It was a great segment and what made it that much better is the fact that it truly was the private jet the company still uses regularly today – especially by McMahon himself.

15 Fake - Big Show’s Pro Star Semi Truck

via WWE

Nope, Big Show doesn’t own a semi-truck but he does own something that looks rather similar. Just a couple of years back, Big Show bought himself his own RV along with a personal chauffeur taking him to all of the events. On the inside, Show’s ride is incredibly spacious and quite luxurious.

He doesn’t own the semi-truck that he showed up to RAW with a couple of years back, though in truth he did look pretty legit while he was driving the ride. The veteran’s likely a lot more content with his luxurious motor home... Maybe he’ll switch to the semi-truck once he calls it a career (probably not).

14 Real - Eric Bischoff’s Motorcycle

via WWE

Eric Bischoff had an infatuation with dumping some of his personal favorite things onto WCW programming. Who can remember that live KISS concert that absolutely tanked in the main event segment? Even if it didn’t draw views, Bischoff still managed to sneak some of his passions into the shows.

Another example of that was motorcycles. Bischoff even held a free WCW show Road Wild at a motorcycle rally. He brought a limited edition NWO bike to an episode of Nitro to kick off the show. The bike wasn’t a onetime thing and it actually recently sold on eBay to the highest bidder.

13 Fake - Dean’s Red Pontiac

via WWE

It was inevitable. Ambrose turning into a villain was expected by the WWE Universe. He took things to the next level during an episode of RAW during November of 2018 setting his Shield vest on fire... During the segment, a red Pontiac just sat in the background leading some fans to believe it was actually Dean’s car.

Now it is possible that the ride was a rental, especially due to the fact that Dean has simple tastes despite all the wealth he’s been able to accumulate. Nonetheless, rented or not he doesn’t own the car. It is sad that Dean drives a Hyundai Santa Fe outside of the ring.

12 Fake - WCW Monster Trucks

via WWE

WCW was trying a little too hard during the mid-'90s. Now we can appreciate a pro wrestling company using innovative tactics but having a monster truck match took things a little too far. Wrestling fans don’t exactly turn on WWE or WCW programming to see monster trucks colliding.

WCW used Hulk Hogan and Big Show themed monster trucks putting on a Sumo monster truck match. None of the wrestlers actually kept the rides and ironically, Hogan’s ride is still in existence today. It was sold to another monster truck driver who completely modified the ride – though the bicep part is still intact.

11 Real - Undertaker & His Bikes

via YouTube

Most fans know him as The Undertaker. Though, throughout his lengthy career, Undertaker also used different gimmicks. One gimmick wrestling fans look back on fondly was his run as a badass biker using different motorcycles for his entrances.

Believe it or not, a lot of those motorcycles were actually Undertaker’s personal bikes. He still owns a lot of motorcycles back in his Austin, Texas garage. Who can forget Undertaker blazing down the WrestleMania entrance way with his stunning motorcycle? That was an entrance Undertaker fans won’t forget. During his time away from the ring, Undertaker spends a lot of time working and riding on his bikes.

10 Fake - J & J’s Cadillac

via WWE

Who can forget J & J security featuring Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury? They provided Seth Rollins with the backup that he needed – Seth was so grateful that during an episode of RAW, he decided to gift them a red Cadillac. A brand new ride as well.

Of course, this was all a work. Despite the mint condition of the ride, Brock Lesnar destroyed the car while it just sat there on the entrance way. Talk about a waste of money? WWE literally bought a brand new Cadillac only to see Brock completely destroy it. We wonder if it was salvaged after the segment or totaled for good – probably totaled.

9 Fake - JBL’s Limo

via WWE

Yup, that’s right folks, it was all part of the gimmick. JBL turned into an upper card heel essentially out of nowhere with his new character. WWE went all-in with the experiment even giving JBL his own transportation when making his way to the ring.

The limo wasn’t JBL's and basically just WWE renting out the limo in whatever town they were in and slapping some JBL stickers on it. However, as for the limos that were completely destroyed on live TV, we believe those were purchased by the company – hopefully at a cheaper price point.

8 Fake - Swagger’s Polaris ATV

via WWE

Had this been Stone Cold Steve Austin, we might be led to believe that he actually owned the ride. Austin has plenty of ATVs on his ranch – he also rode several ATVs to the ring during his run as the RAW General Manager.

Swagger took a page out of Austin’s book hitting the ring with a gorgeous Polaris ride. It was a bit odd to see Swagger come out with this ride given it really didn’t represent his gimmick. Perhaps Vince just ran out of ideas and saw one lingering backstage? Who knows with McMahon! Nonetheless, it isn’t a ride in Swagger’s collection – it was all show.

7 Real - Chuck Palumbo’s Motorcycle

via WWE

Chuck Palumbo looked to be a breakout star with WCW. He had the look to thrive but once he made it to WWE, he quickly became an afterthought as a tag team wrestler. The company tried to salvage his gimmick with a biker persona. Although it was a cool idea, fans just weren’t buying into it.

Looking back, what made the gimmick that much cooler is that fact that Chuck actually owns a custom bike shop, CP Kustoms. He makes and modifies bikes and cars. Unfortunately, the character just didn’t catch on with wrestling fans and he was out the door shortly after.

6 Fake - Eddie’s Low Rider

via WWE

He was known for his wrestling talent, infectious personality and well, his cool low riders that he brought to the ring during several episodes of SmackDown and PPVs. There truly was only one Eddie Guerrero. He is remembered to this day as one of the very best of all-time.

While he was with us, Eddie almost had a different low rider on a weekly basis. Some might have thought that Eddie owned these rides – however, for the most part, that wasn’t the case and WWE would usually rent the prestigious low rider cars just for the purpose of the show. Though as you’ll see a little later, a wrestler purchased an actual low rider as a tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero.

5 Fake - Vince’s Limousine

via WWE

Both then and now, Vince McMahon is shown on WWE television entering the building in a limousine. In some cases, that might have been his actual limo. However, in the angles that the limos were destroyed, clearly, those were rides purchased by the WWE prior to the show.

Nowadays, McMahon always has private ground transportation once he gets off his private jet. However, the biggest difference today is the fact that he’s usually rolling up in a blacked out SUV, like an Escalade. Rarely does he use a limo unless it’s for a significant event.

4 Fake - Cena’s Old School WrestleMania 22 Ride

via WWE

During his WrestleMania 22 entrance, John Cena came out in style once again with an old school ride. CM Punk was actually an extra during his entrance, this was prior to Punk’s WWE fame.

Cena took on Triple H in another marquee WrestleMania match. Again, the ride wasn’t actually his. Although Cena loves classic cars, his taste is more catering towards classic muscle cars. Cena has a stunning Plymouth ride with an insane worth. Looking back, maybe he should have used that ride instead? Nonetheless, he was victorious on the night closing out another WrestleMania event.

3 Real - Batista’s Eddie Guerrero Tribute Car

via YouTube

November 18th, 2005 was one of the most emotional SmackDown episodes of all-time. The show kicked off with a tribute to Eddie Guerrero as Batista made his way to the ring with a car Eddie would be seen riding in.

The tribute went even further. Little did fans know but Batista actually owns the ride. He would further the tribute years later by creating a special Eddie Guerrero design on the back of the blue low rider. The end result was truly spotless. It just goes to show how much Eddie meant to the career of Batista and several other WWE stars.

2 Fake - Chavo’s Golf Cart

via WWE

We’ve seen some bad gimmicks in the past. We’re not sure what the WWE was thinking when they turned Chavo into Kerwin White. The gimmick just didn’t work and it was scrapped shortly after its debut. Dolph Ziggler even worked as Chavo’s caddie, to think a caddie would go on to win the WWE Championship years later...

As part of the gimmick, Chavo would enter the ring on a golf cart. The wrestlers likely had a blast with it outside of the ring backstage. Of course, it was a prop purchased by the WWE prior. Chavo and his Kerwin White gimmick was all a shoot and an idea that just didn’t work.

1 Kurt Angle’s Milk Truck

via WWE

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Kurt Angle didn’t actually own a milk truck. Nonetheless, he provided wrestling fans with one of the most memorable moments in RAW history when he made his way to the ring with the red truck. Angle sprayed the WCW faction.

He put the cherry on top of the segment when he chugged bottles of milk. Angle would re-enact that moment during his Hall of Fame speech chugging two milk cartons. Even though it went all over his suit, Angle looked completely unfazed. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a similar moment once again in the future?

Sources – WWE & YouTube

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